Whenever I am asked if invisible dog fencing really works, I often remember three of my hardest cases fondly. These dogs, and so many others, remind me why I love my job so much. Because of invisible dog fencing and following our recommended training protocol, these three dogs were able to live happy, healthy lives with the pet parents that loved them, giving them their freedom to be outdoors to run, play and explore as dogs so enjoy doing.

~ Deborah Holmes, Oregon Dog Fence
Pet Stop Professional Pet Fence Systems


Dominick was a beautiful Mastiff/Pit Bull mix that loved people, and was as sweet as could be – as long as he was on his own property. Once he left the confines of his own house or yard, his fear responses kicked in, and he became uncontrollable.

Dominick had already been reported twice for chasing and biting people while off property. If he escaped again and bit a third person, he was going to be euthanized by the authorities. His owners were quite distraught at the possibility of losing this beloved member of their family. I knew him as this big, sweet dog and couldn’t imagine him being the dog they described.  

I had set up the system around the entire perimeter of the property to provide maximum coverage, and then began working with Dominick and his owners. This sweet dog learned quickly and learned well. After three short and focused training sessions with Dominick, I was comfortable that he was making the connection and his owners could continue training him to respect his new boundaries.

Dominick was the first dog we contained back in November of 2003; such a special dog for me. I never had to go back for retraining, and the owners never had to worry again about losing Dominick or having him put down. He lived his life happy and safe from his own fears in his own environment.


“Zuri and Brindi”

When I met Zuri, a Lab mix, and Brindi, an Australian cattle dog, at their home out in the country, they were in a desperate situation and their pet parents were worried sick.

Their closest neighbors had accused Brindi and Zuri of escaping the property and coming next door to kill their chickens. There was no fencing where they lived and their owners had purchased an Innotek retail pet containment system that wasn’t working.

Even though no carcasses or any other evidence had been found on their property, Brindi’s and Zuri’s owners had been notified by the local board that if another incident occurred, their dogs would be seized and euthanized.

Knowing that their dogs had never exhibited any behavioral problems like this before, the pet parents went into arbitration with the board and their neighbors to save their dogs. That’s when they called me.

I sent a letter to the board explaining what we were going to do, a little bit about Pet Stop Invisible Fencing and what it can prevent, and asked for them to hold off on making a decision about Zuri and Brindi until I had a chance to work with them.

We then installed invisible fencing around the entire perimeter of the property and worked with Brindi, Zuri, and their owners to make sure the dogs knew the limits of where they could go.

Once everything was set up, the board members and the neighbors came to watch as we demonstrated that the two dogs would stay on their own property and not wander away looking for mischief.

Today, Brindi and Zuri are still leading happy, healthy lives out in the country with the two people who love them best.


A more recent case illustrates how trauma can change a dog’s behavior – almost always for the worse.

Scout, a little Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, escaped out of his front door one day, ran into the street, and was hit by a car. The veterinarian wasn’t sure he could be saved, and Scout had a long, hard recovery. But the tough little guy made it.

Physically, he was healed. But emotionally and psychologically, Scout was traumatized by his experience.

This friendly dog now barked hysterically at strangers and anyone who came to the door. He wouldn’t let anyone he didn’t know near him. His pet parents were worried that his psyche might be permanently damaged by his accident.

When I got to his home and was introduced to Scout, we seemed to make an instant connection and he accepted me right away. His owners were surprised at his reaction, but it worked to our advantage.

Because of Scout’s emotional issues, we decided to teach him slowly, using a training system with 6 built-in levels that allows for traumatized and frightened dogs to make gradual adjustments. Scout’s pet parents wanted to be totally responsible for his training, so we worked together to teach them how to use positive reinforcement techniques and GentleSteps training to ensure positive results. Scout’s pet parents were successful in applying these core training techniques on this little precious little dog without me training him onsite.

Scout still lives in the same house, but hasn’t escaped out the front door, or out of the yard, since we installed the Pet Stop invisible pet fence. Not only has his confidence been restored, he no longer treats every stranger like they’re coming to take him to the pound.

Just these few examples of how Pet Stop’s Pet Fence System works to help dogs lead healthier, safer lives, makes me want to get up and go to work each day. When animals are your passion, as they are mine, you do whatever you can to keep them with you as long as possible.