Automatic Pet Feeders

We're There When You Can't Be!

Discover an easier and healthier way to feed your pet. You can't always be there when your pet is hungry. An Automatic Pet Feeder is the fast, easy way to feed your pet. These pet feeders are dishwasher safe which makes for a quick and easy clean-up. 

It's every pet owner's dream you want to be able to meet friends for dinner on the way home from work without worrying about your dog who has been inside too long, or who is outside in the rain or snow.

Wouldn't you like to skip the hassle of taking your pet to the kennel or finding a teenager to drop by to provide care when you head to the mountains or lake for the day?

And we'd all like to see our pets enjoying the great outdoors without wandering away from their own yard to risk injury or upsetting neighbors.

It's all possible now.

This feeder is one incredible product. A high quality 3 meal dog feeder with new and improved features. Choose from multiple time settings. Feed every 8, 12, or 24 hours. It has a recordable message to call your pets to eat. "Lets Eat". Now your can record your own special message or call for your pets to hear before they eat. It is battery operated and the feeding bowls are dishwasher safe and comes with complete easy to use instructions. Just make your selection below. The unit is 12" in diameter and each compartment will hold up to 2.5 cups of your pets favorite food.

Pet Safe 3 Meal Pet Feeder features:

  • Digitally record your pet's mealtime message! 
  • 3 compartment rotating dish for meals up to 3 days
  • Rotating serving dish brings food to pet
  • Electronic timer selectable to one or more meals per day
  • Battery powered, nothing to wind up
  • Sanitary, rugged, polypropylene construction 
  • Eliminates over eating
  • Dishwasher safe serving dish