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What are some raw meats, vegies etc I could feed my dogs (see details)?

Question by Wyatt’s mama: What are some raw meats, vegies etc I could feed my dogs (see details)?
as a “treat” a few times a week to supplement their kibble?? I’ve heard alot about the “raw food dog diet” but no recipes to be found.. Also, I’ve heard raw eggs are good for dogs and then that it causes a vitamin deficiency….???

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Answer by bakfanlin
For Veggies, most dogs like raw potatoes, carrots and apples.
Go to
there are several recipes for home made dog food and treats

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Q&A: Feeding dogs a non-dog food diet?

Question by : Feeding dogs a non-dog food diet?
My mother takes her “table scrap diet” very seriously. Her dogs get egg and yogurt mixed in with their dog food. They also get left over steak, vegetables, spaghetti, sauce, etc. Her dogs basically get fed everything she doesn’t eat. I’ve heard about the “raw food diet” and I’m wondering if this might actually be good for them?

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Answer by Cougar Death
wonderful diet

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Obesity – Weight Loss Diets for Dogs + 10 Bonus Articles!

Obesity – Weight Loss Diets for Dogs + 10 Bonus Articles!

Obesity – Weight Loss Diets for Dogs + 10 Bonus Articles!

Plus as an added Bonus: 10 Feature Articles


Table of Contents

1. Dog Obesity Statistics
2. Exercise for Weight Loss in Dogs
3. How Much to Feed Your Dog
4. How To Tell If Your Dog Is Over Weight
5. Low Calorie Treats For Dogs
6. Medical Reasons For Obesity
7. Obesity and Diabetes in Dogs
8. Obesity and Your Dog’s Joints
9. Obesity and Your Dog’s Skin
10. Obesity in D


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What the Commercial Petfood Industry Isn’t Telling You

What the Commercial Petfood Industry Isn’t Telling You

(PRWEB) November 9, 2004

Your dog’s health is being compromised by the commercial petfood industry.

Dog health should be of significant concern to those involved in the commercial petfood industry. But it’s not. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of petfood manufacturers are keen to use the cheapest ingredients possible in order to keep consumer prices down and profits up. And dog health is suffering enormously as a result.

Cheap ingredients include large quantities of grain and small quantities of meat and meat byproducts. Most dogfood manufacturers have no qualms about using the meat of diseased carcasses, and parts of animals that the human meat processing plants would otherwise throw out. Then it’s processed and overcooked in such a way that no nutrients remain. And to try to fool the buying public that it’s good for your pet, the package will boldly advise you of all the added vitamins and antioxidants.

Dogs need vitamins, minerals and antioxidants just as much as you and I. And as with humans, the vitamins which do the most good are the ones that occur naturally in your dog’s diet. A dietary supplement is a good thing for pets and humans alike, but the primary nutrition should come from the diet. Most commercial petfood contains very little nutrition and a lot of worthless and even damaging fillers.

Even the brands which market themselves as “premium” dogfood leave much to be desired. They may contain a slightly higher proportion of meat than their lower priced counterparts, but very few contain anything faintly resembling human grade meat, very few contain any vegetable matter, and almost all are made up primarily of grains.

Take a look at the ingredients list on your pet’s food. Take a careful look. A favorite tactic of petfood manufacturers is to list a meat product first, and then list two, three, four or even five grain ingredients. It makes you think the main ingredient is meat or chicken. But if you add up the quantity of all the grains, you’ll realise that there’s barely any meat or chicken at all.

For the full story on what’s really in your pet’s food, see

Your dog’s natural diet is raw meat including bones, with some raw vegetables, herbs and fruit.

A dog’s natural life span, depending upon the size and breed, should be 20 to 25 years. How many dogs do you know in that age bracket? Neither do I.

Why? The number one reason why your dog’s life is shorter than it should be is commercial petfood.

There are other reasons, too – the drugs we give our dogs every year in vaccinations, and every time they’re sick – cortisone and antibiotics can cause significant unwanted side effects. The chemicals we give our dogs and put on their skin to keep worms and fleas and other parasites at bay. And even pollutants such as chemical weedkillers, and petrol fumes play a part.

But the number one early killer of our dogs is commercial pet food.

For further information see

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Is my Bichon Frise too heavy?

Question by ——: Is my Bichon Frise too heavy?
She’s eight years old and weighs 17 pounds.
Twice a day we feed her 1/2 c of “science diet” dog food with a handful of frozen green beans.

Should we cut back on her food or walk her more? She has knee and joint problems already and I don’t want her weight to make it worse.

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Answer by Ann
Yes, she should be around 9-13 lbs. You should walk her at least every other day and switch the food. Science Diet is an awful food and because your dog is getting older, she needs a healthy food like Innova, Blue Buffalo, Wellness. Science Diet is full with corn, fillers, fake meat, and so much more which dogs cant digest. I don’t know why Science Diet makes it when they can’t digest it :((

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The High Maintenance Bitch (Owner’s Manual): It’s Not About Being a Dog, It’s About Being a Bitch

The High Maintenance Bitch (Owner’s Manual): It’s Not About Being a Dog, It’s About Being a Bitch

Sister and brother team Lori and Ryan Pacchiano founded High Maintenance Bitch in 2002. Their goal was to create a line of fashionable clothing, accessories, furniture, grooming products, and more for the chic canine. The Pacchianos’ success uncovered a previously unnoticed obsession among socialites — and socialite wannabes — with making their four-legged companions as stylish as they are. Utilizing their fashion and humor sensibilities, the authors have prepared this witty guide

List Price: $ 14.95

Price: $ 15.95

Flint River Ranch Fish & Chips – Trout and Sweet Potato Dog Food – 20lb Bag

Flint River Ranch Fish & Chips – Trout and Sweet Potato Dog Food – 20lb Bag

  • 100% Fresh, Oven-Baked, All Natural Healthy Dog Food Diet
  • 100% Nutritionally Balanced and Ideally Formulated for Dogs of All Life Stages, Including Puppies
  • Human-Grade Proteins & Amino Acids to Ensure Your Dog or Puppy’s Healthy Growth & Wellness
  • Absolutely No Animal By-Products, Chemical Preservatives (Ethoxyquin), or Unhealthy Fillers
  • American-Owned and Made in the USA with No Ingredients from China

Flint River Ranch Trout & Potato Dog Food is an ultra premium grain-free dog food diet specifically formulated for dogs with an intolerance or sensitivity to wheat, corn, eggs, chicken, and/or soy — five of the most common allergens in dogs. The Flint River “Fish & Chips” healthy dog food diet utilizes all natural trout and sweet potato as its primary ingredients.Flint River Ranch Trout & Sweet Potato wheat-free all natural dog food is packed full of healthy protein, vitamins, and essential min

Price: $ 41.99

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