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Herm Sprenger Extra Hook Links for Dog Training Collar, 2-1/4-Mm

Herm Sprenger Extra Hook Links for Dog Training Collar, 2-1/4-Mm

  • Safe, practical and easy to use
  • Highest quality raw materials make Herm Sprenger German chain products superior
  • Superb craftmanship

For professional training or every day use, the quality of Herm Sprenger chain products is unsurpassed.

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 4.89

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Northville Dog Parks – dogs of all sizes

Dogs of all sizes, from 8 pounds to 100 pounds, playing together in Northville, Michigan’s dog parks.

Australian Cattle Dog Behavior & Training Tips

Australian Cattle Dog Behavior & Training Tips

Have fun training and understanding your Australian Cattle dog with these fun and interesting tips and tricks! 1. The Characteristics of a Australian Cattle Dog Puppy and Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Australian Cattle Dog Puppy 4. Are Rawhide Treats Good for Your Australian Cattle Dog? 5. How to Crate Train Your Australian Cattle Dog 6. When Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Dog? 7. When Your Australian Cattle Dog Makes Po

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 11.69

How do I reset a Sanyo TV without a TV remote?

Question by RedSporks: How do I reset a Sanyo TV without a TV remote?
I had a remote and changed it to Video 1 (to watch a DVD),
Dog destroyed the remote,
Menu has no option to go back to normal channels,
No buttons on the Tv to reset or to change from Video to Tv,
I have no money for a new remote.
Im sick of the blue screen.

Does anyone know how to Reset a Sanyo TV?
Its just an average 90’s tube television.
Hey John, No one likes you.

Best answer:

Answer by John
With a Universal remote with a “Video” button?

Give your answer to this question below!

Blue Island IL Cutest Dog Contest Winners at TGIF in 2009.

Greg Lochow President of the Blue Island IL Chamber of Commerce presents awards to the Cutest Dog contest winners at a TGIF Picnic event in Blue Island IL.
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The Top 5 Barkiest Dog Breeds

westiesWhich dog breeds bark most?

That’s a tough question to answer because every dog is different. And, it also depends on your definition of a dog that barks “a lot.”

Dogs bark for number of reasons. They can be bored, lonely, or hungry; or they may need to go outside or want to play with you; or they see a stranger, another dog, an animal,…..or a piece of paper. Not all barking is bad, of course. For watch dogs, barking is a necessary behavior, and not an annoyance.

Generally, dog breeds that bark the most are not limited to the little “yappy” dogs. Dogs that bark come in all sizes and shapes; too much barking can be attributed to the lack of training.

Below you will find the five dog breeds that bark more than most:

1. Beagles. Bred for hunting, beagles are known for barking at anything that moves. In fact, Snoopy may be the only beagle who doesn’t bark that much.
Read More: All About Beagles

2. Wire Fox Terriers. Another hunting breed, a bored Wire Fox Terrier is a barking Wire Fox Terrier, particularly if left outside for long periods of time.

3. West Highland White Terrier. Barking is one of the Westie’s favorite means of communication, so if you want your Westie to keep it down, you’ll need to focus on teaching him what’s appropriate.
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4. Miniature Schnauzer. Like many dogs, Miniature Schnauzers are smart. This breed can quickly figure out how to manipulate his pet parents by barking to get what the wants!
Read More: All About Miniature Schnauzers

5. Toy Poodle. Toy Poodles are believed to be one of the most easily trainable breeds, which will come in handy because they also love to bark.

Dogs of any breed are going to bark, and some will bark more than others. Figuring out why your dog barks will go a long way towards training him to bark less often, or to stop barking when you tell him to stop barking.

Getting Businesses onto Page One on Search Results

Getting Businesses onto Page One on Search Results


Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 07, 2013

Search engines, ranging from Google and Yahoo to Bing have become one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet today. Most people, when searching for local businesses or services, turn to the Internet first and type a selection of keywords into a search engine. For example, if they are looking for a local dog trainer, they might type in the words, “dog trainer Miami” or the words, “specialist dog trainer south Florida”, and then browse the results. People will choose keywords in a random order, sometimes “wedding photographer Miami” and other times “Miami photographer wedding”. These nuances should to be taken into account in order to help get a website coming up on page one of a search. If a business does not come up on page one, it does not stand much of a chance of competing against other local service providers. It is imperative that local businesses make it onto page one of any search engine. However, most business owners do not know how to improve their standing in search listings. Many companies invest heavily in having a website built, but unless that website is seen by new potential customers, it is not achieving its maximum potential.

Telx Web, a Miami web design company, announces new customized local search optimization solutions for companies wishing to build their local profile and subsequently be found first by potential customers. Most business owners these days are fully aware of the need for a website, but many do not have an understanding of how that website is going to be found by potential customers. When looking for web designers in Miami, Telx Web will most likely come up on the first pages of the search results, as a result of Telx Web’s expert SEO strategy. The very fact that Telx Web comes up near the top of local search listings is a good indication in itself of how successful Telx Web’s search engine optimization strategies are. When a business chooses to have a bespoke website built and managed, it is prudent to use the same company for a fully comprehensive package that includes search engine optimization strategies. As well as a team of highly skilled designers, Telx Web has search engine optimization experts who know how to implement the customized strategies that will get a website to the top of a local search engine’s listings. Telx Web can provide a complete package to its clients. As an affordable SEO company, Telx Web offers full web design and SEO services to local companies in Miami. Many businesses that have made an initial search of keywords for “web site design Miami” have ended up choosing Telx Web to take care of their entire Internet marketing needs.        

Telx Web is one of the most successful search engine optimization companies in Miami. For more information about all their website services including design, content management systems and bespoke SEO solutions, call toll free: 1800 7070.WEB (932) or visit

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