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Using an eccollar to train a dog-is this cruel?

Question by joanie: Using an eccollar to train a dog-is this cruel?

Best answer:

Answer by Skimmy
No. Worse comes to worst, your dog dies. Dogs are delicious.

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What should I do, career choice? Please answer?

Question by Kayla: What should I do, career choice? Please answer?
I need to decide on what I want to be later on as a job. I’m going into 9th grade next year, and my ideas are pretty spread out.
1) I want to be a dog groomer, and work with my moms friend at her shop
2) or, I want to be a orthodontic assistant, like the person who adjusts the braces an takes molds and xrays

I love animals, but I also think I would like my 2nd choice. What doyou all think I should do?

Best answer:

Answer by Cry Baby Obama
Google is known to be one of the best companies to work for. Fortune Magazine has ranked Google as the best employer in 2008, and the fourth best employer in 2009. With great perks such as free food, babysitting, massages, haircuts, laundry service, yoga classes and volleyball courts, it’s easy to see why this company is loved by its employees. Work for a great company by applying for a job at Google.

Difficulty: Easy

Navigate to

Choose your location of employment under “U.S. locations” or “International locations.”

Browse openings in your selected location. Available jobs are categorized by department and underlined in blue. Click the department that you are interested in to view listing of jobs.

Click on a job that appeals to you to view the job description.

Click “Add to Job Cart” to apply for the job. Enter your information in the given fields, upload your resume and click “Submit.” Your application has been sent to Google.

Read more: How to Apply for a Job at Google |

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A few nice dog stuff images I found:


Image by Rhys Asplundh


Image by The Instant Classic™
(pronounced dick-bay)

How do I get my dog recognized as a hearing dog?

Question by Kyle: How do I get my dog recognized as a hearing dog?
I have a profound bi-lateral hearing loss that requires the use of hearing aids, and I’d like to have my dog officially recognized as a hearing dog so he’s afforded the special privileges that come with it. My dog is an undisciplined moron who has received absolutely no training as a service animal, but I love him dearly and think it’d be cool to be able to take him wherever I go. How do I go about doing this?

Best answer:

Answer by Dogzzz
You train your undisciplined moron to alert you to sounds and to be able to pass a public access test… then, he can be your service dog.

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Hartz® and PETCO to Offer Limited Edition Angry Birds Halloween Toys for Dogs

(PRWEB) September 30, 2012

Hartz® is proud to announce its continued partnership with PETCO and Rovio® Entertainment, creator of the global phenomenon Angry Birds™ . While pet parents around the country continue to download the game onto their smartphones and tablet devices, canines country-wide will finally be able to join in on the fun thanks to the new line of Halloween-themed Angry Birds™ plush toys dressed in their spookiest costumes.

Although this is officially the second release featuring the Hartz® Angry Birds® line of toys, this special offering will only be available for a short period of time beginning in October, 2012. All of the fan-favorite Angry Birds™ characters are included in the collection and each 4-inch toy comes equipped with a built-in squeaker.

This year’s release features the Red Bird dressed as a vampire and the Blue Bird outfitted in a mummy costume. Additionally, the egg-shaped White Bird will be showing off a pirate costume while the Green Pig will be showcased as a scary ghost. Each of these toys provide a wonderful way for pet owners to celebrate Halloween with their four-legged friends while presenting them something to chew on and enjoy long after the holiday is over.

This special Halloween promotion, which officially kicks off in participating stores in late September, can be enjoyed by heading to the hanging displays in the pet toy aisle in PETCO stores. Considering the boundless popularity of the Angry Birds™ characters and the fact that there are no plans for the collection to be reissued, the toys are expected to sell out fast. Pet owners and Angry Birds fans longing to give their companions a fun and engaging squeak toy should head to PETCO and enjoy this offering while supplies last.

About Rovio® Entertainment

Rovio® is an industry-changing entertainment media company headquartered in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds™ franchise. Angry Birds®, a casual puzzle game, became an international phenomenon within a few months of its release, and is now the number one paid app of all time. Following this success in mobile gaming, Angry Birds® has expanded rapidly in entertainment, publishing, and licensing to become a beloved international brand.

About Hartz:

We offer over 1,500 products (more are breeding all the time!), with products catered to dogs, cats, parakeets, canaries, parrots, cockatiels, finches, goldfish, tropical fish, reptiles, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. For a full look at our product lines, including Hartz Flea Control please visit Hartz’ website.

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Guard Dog out to ward off any protesters

A few nice guard dog images I found:

Guard Dog out to ward off any protesters

Image by adrianol


Image by nickjohnson
Guard Dogs!

How can i help my cat to lose weight?

Question by Tori: How can i help my cat to lose weight?
She is indoor cat. She has some toys to play with, but she hasn’t been playing with them since we have gotten a new puppy. The puppy constantly chases her about 10 feet to her Pedestal that she urgently climbs up too, and is isolated until the puppy takes a nap. I have tried playing with her and getting her to move around the house when the dog is put away, but she just wont do anything what do i do?

Best answer:

Answer by draco42night
Stop giving her too many treats. Switch her cat food from wet to dry holistic food. And let the puppy chase her enough to get her moving. lol!!

Nah jk. Teach your puppy she’s part of the family. Not a chase toy otherwise youll have that problem forever. And if your dog is 90+ lbs and chasing a cat through your house you’ll have problems.

Yes stop giving her wet food. Wet food is really bad for cats AND dogs it helps them get plaque on their teeth, and BECAUSE they are always EATING SOFT MUSHY crap they usually loose teeth as they get older and have Gums problems later and it gets them FAT. You should only feed a HIGH quality soft cat food as a TREAT. a Teaspoon to go with dinner and such.

PLEASE do not get encouraged by people to feed your cat soft food as breakfast lunch and dinner. Usually the cats weight is 30+ lbs. =)

Rememeber they have water for hydration and youre trying to help your cat LOOSE weight. That’s why I said try a holistic dry food. It might cost a bit more but she will fill up with healthier food AND she will poop less because her body will digest the better food much better. So you save on kitty litter AND you help your cat =) win win.

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