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Secrets To Dog Obedience Training. How To Solve Over 25 Dog Behavioural Problems

Secrets To Dog Obedience Training. How To Solve Over 25 Dog Behavioural Problems

Dog obedience traing can be difficult when not carried out correctly. How do you stop a dog from doing something you wish he or she wouldn’t do? It isn’t always easy, especially when the dog sets its mind to doing it. Here are some suggestions to help you change the dog’s bad habits and improve your dog obedience training.

Dogs will constantly do what works for them. Any behavior that your dog displays, positive or negative, he/she does it because it gets them something they want. If its bad behavior that you don’t like or appreciate- think about what they get out of it and then take that away from the dog- the bad behavior will stop or change. Dog obedience training always starts with the right step. For instance, dogs generally jump up on people when they come home because they get some form of attention. Remove the attention and they will stop jumping up on you. You can remove the attention by saying “NO” with a firm voice and leave the room (closing a door works especially well) Don’t hit the animal. Wait a few seconds and try to re-enter the room – repeat until the dog gives you a different behavior. Reinforce the new behavior by entering the room and giving the dog the attention he seeks.

Dogs don’t generalize well and they are very context specific. That means that they can’t make leaps of understanding the way people do. We look at a paper tree and see it as a tree. We look at a real tree and see it as a tree. We see a tree on TV and see it as a tree. These are generalizations. Dog’s don’t think that way. To your dog they are 3 very different things and they can’t all be trees. A dogie example: you teach your dog to sit with a cookie but you always practice in the kitchen. Now you KNOW you have taught your dog sit and you take your dog outside where your husband is and try to get your dog to sit and he looks at you like you have 2 heads! Dog’s are very context specific and they don’t generalize well! Your dog only recognizes the command sit means SIT when he is in the kitchen. You have to teach your dog sit in 3 to 5 or more locations before your dog realizes that the command “sit” means the same thing EVERYWHERE! Sit in the kitchen is not the same as sit in the yard which is not the same thing as sit at the dog park and so on, this is how your dog thinks.

Determine why your dog is repeating the unwanted behavior. What is your dog getting for this behavior? Is it your attention, good or bad? Is it turning into a fun game for your dog? Again remove what your dog gets from the bad behavior and the bad behavior will change. If you have purchased your dog as a puppy, dog obedience traing early on is best advised to bring annoying habits under control

Sometimes you need to look at your own behavior. Do you leap to the dog’s beck and call by yelling at it or cajoling it to stop? Maybe this is exactly what pooch wants from you. Even angry attention is attention – your dog craves to be noticed and part of the pack. If you only notice or give attention when your dog is acting up – you are responsible for “training” him to be bad.

Remove the behavioral stimulant. Once you determine what your dog is getting for its unwanted behavior, you can remove the action or attention that stimulates the behavior.

If you have adopted your dog as an older dog with habits that seem to be set in stone. Relax, they are not. Remember dogs are very context specific and that works to our favor. The dog now has a new pack and a new home and if you set the limits and expectations immediately when the dog arrives at his new home, he will learn. Sometimes when you are dealing with a hardwired behavior like a border collie that is herding the neighborhood kids instead of sheep, you cannot easily counter train that out. It it so much easier to manage the situation, rather than try to train him out of it, by keeping him away from running kids.

Remove any possible physical stimulants. If there are certain objects, toys, plants etc. in your house or garden that appear to “set off” your dog, consider removing them, at least until the dog loses its obsession with the object. This might take some detective work, or it may be incredibly obvious! Give them a toy that they like, that they will spend an hour playing with. Get a plastic easter egg, fill it with treats, then put it in an even larger egg. They will spend hours trying to get the treats out.


Always reward the dog for good behavior. When your dog behaves in a way you do want, such as laying down instead of barking, reward him or her. He or she will be much more likely to repeat the desired behavior and less likely to repeat the “bad” behavior. When incentives for bad behavior are withdrawn and incentives for good behavior are introduced consistently, the dog will soon learn the preferred response. As stated earlier dog obedience traing comes with having the right knowledge.

Tone down your behavior by not showing aggressiveness. Avoid yelling, cajoling or responding in any manner that gives the dog signals that you are excited, playful, dog-focused or really angry. Whilst you may feel very irritated, even angry, the dog may misinterpret this for playfulness or “joining in”. Resist the temptation. Ignoring and silence is better than yelling – clean the mess up later after you send the dog elsewhere.

If your dog is running away from you and hiding you have a lot of work to do to redevelop your damaged relationship with your dog. Your dogs trust in you has been damaged and it will take a lot of consistency and positive reinforcement training on your part to mend the broken relationship and turn it into something fabulous!

Further Tips That May Help In Dog Obedience Training

Enroll your dog in an obedience class to open the lines of communication. Your dog will be much better behaved if you learn how to communicate what you do want, in addition to what you don’t want. There is also online assistance in dog obedience training which is listed below.

Use treats for good behavior.
Research “clicker training” or “Positive Reinforcement training” on the internet. This is the “method” of teaching that dolphin trainers use to teach them all those wonderful behaviors.
If you want to go further than dog obedience training, you might like to consider a “dog listener” who can communicate with your dog and try to see what is causing the unwanted behavior.
Make them a toy that they can use.

The methods listed above are a good source of information for helping anyone in dog obedience training who may currently be experiencing some issues with their own dogs. Many people these days are resorting to training their dog from online assistance which greatly aids in convenience of time and being able to carry out dog obedience training from home as well. This is a worthwhile avenue if you want the convenience of dog obedience training from home


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Breast milk’s coming out of my breasts – but I’m DEFINITELY not pregnant! Could it be a false pregnancy?

Question by Kanna: Breast milk’s coming out of my breasts – but I’m DEFINITELY not pregnant! Could it be a false pregnancy?
Yes, I’m lactating, but I’m not pregnant. I haven’t had sex, I’m taking birth control, and I got multiple blood-pregnancy tests done in case I was date-raped at a party, or something. (Although I think I’d know, and I don’t party, but I’m not sure.) Plus, it’s been six months since it started, I still have not experienced any pregnancy symptoms , and I have very regular, extremely heavy periods, like normal. (Seriously, if you pay attention to my cycle, you can tell what day it is by the day I start! It’s creepy!)

The reason this is concerning me is because, before now, I only excreted tiny beads of milk. Now I’m letting out jets! It’s getting to the point where I wake up and find milk soaking into my nightgown. I’m afraid to tell my mother, because she might make the assumption that I DO NOT WANT HER TO MAKE. (Long story short – I’ve sort of got a baby, and I don’t want her to think that I have another one on the way. I’ll explain that later.)

However, my breasts are now wrinkled and stretch-marked. I feel disgusting. My bras are all ruined; I’ve had to start scrubbing them by hand, so they don’t stain and start smelling like rotten milk. Every time I see, hear or even smell a baby – the talcum powder, you know – I start spurting. Sometimes, I bleed, and my breasts sometimes feel rock-hard. (And sometimes, green stuff comes out – but not often.) It HURTS, and my bras don’t fit anymore.

Should I tell my mother? Is it possible that I had a “false pregnancy”? (It happens in dogs, but I don’t know if it can happen to humans. Plus, I think the cycle stops.) (The reason I think this is a possibility is because my sister-in law and my brother both died in a car accident, leaving me with a baby that literally was not more than three weeks old at the time. I agreed to take care of my brother’s daughter once I got out of college, am planning on paying my mother as much as I can for her in the interim, am planning on staying home while in college – it’s within walking distance – and will take her in once I am financially solvent enough to.) (It was pretty much either me or foster care – and although I didn’t want a baby right now, I took one look at that little girl and decided that it was my life’s duty to protect her. Sappy and weird, but nonetheless true.)

I don’t want to FEED her my breastmilk, because I don’t know where it came from – and it could be made of something OTHER than milk, if you catch my drift. Plus, if that green stuff is… ahm, what I think it is, I might be subjecting her to something that’s unsafe. (I’m buying formula now – and we’re planning on starting her on solids .) Are there doctors I could talk to about this confidentially? Should I tell my mother? (I’m seventeen right now, so…)

Also, the legal issue: I can’t LEGALLY adopt her until I turn eighteen. (She’s in my mother’s custody right now.) She’s not related to my mother – she’s sort of my half-niece, because her father was my half-brother – and adoption was the route my mother wanted to take. I begged her to let me take care of the baby, and she agreed, only because there are girls who were far less responsible than me who raised a child semi-successfully. (I’ve actually got $ 20,000 in a bank account, and could feasibly support myself if I needed to, if I decided not to go to college. However, my mother has agreed to let me.) I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my child, so… please help me.
Yeah, I know that you can have a period while pregnant – but I’ve also had multiple blood-pregnancy tests come back negative. So, no, I’m not pregnant. Plus, six months, no swelling other than the boob area, no “kicking” feeling, and most importantly, NO SEX = no chance of pregnancy.

Best answer:

Answer by Tarkarri
This sounds like a reaction to hormones, both from the birth control and the fact that you emotionally see this child as yours.

Many mothers who have someone else surrogate for them pay a fortune trying to get just this to happen.

It would probably be perfectly safe for you to breast feed.

See a Dr, there are medications that you can take to help suppress the lactation if you choose to not breastfeed, although this is an option that you may choose to consider.

Not medically relevant, but if this story is true, you are a wonderful person and this is a good thing you are doing!

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Dog Treadmill – A Review

Dog Treadmill – A Review

A dog treadmill can be a great addition to your dog’s exercise regimen. If you believe a short jog around the block or a short 10 minute play session in the backyard is enough, think again. A dog treadmill can be used for a wide variety of training and exercise purposes.

Looking for dog treadmills is a smart idea if you want to keep your dog in top shape. Believe it or not, many of the winners of the more known dog shows use treadmills to keep their dogs in top shape for the show.

They can also be used for gait analysis. The animal needs to go at a specific pace during the show, so when you use the machine, you can set it to that speed and then tell how well the dog’s gait is at that pace. This will help you determine whether or not you have a dog that is capable of taking home a medal, and thus if it’s worth it to enroll them in the show or not.

Of course, they are mainly used for keeping your dog fit. If you live in an area where it gets old outside and you want to keep your animal in good condition, this is the perfect method.

A dog treadmill can also be used for sporting dogs as well. They are perfect to use when the weather outside is not ideal. Almost any type of sporting event dog can benefit from a dog treadmill. Treadmills are also great when helping to recover from an injury. Consult with your veterinarian first, but now people are starting to realize that the faster you get the joints and muscles working after injury, the faster the recovery.

Many people think they can use a human treadmill for their dog’s training, but they don’t work for several reasons. Human treadmills can become full of dog hair and malfunction. Also, humans have a shorter stride than dogs, so having the proper length of treadmill is important, otherwise the dog will have an abnormally short gait.

Before beginning a dog treadmill exercise routine, be sure to talk to an experienced trainer who can set you up with a proper schedule to ease your dog into the workout. At first your dog will likely not even want to stand on the treadmill, but after walking your dog over and around the treadmill a couple of times your dog should stand on the treadmill. Also, when first starting the treadmill up, be sure to stay near the head of the dog to help control him and to give him reassurances.

A dog treadmill that is quality made costs about the same price as human treadmills. A dog needs a quality treadmill that will not feel shaky to the dog.

For obvious reasons you want your dog to be safe and out of harms way when he is exercising so there are a few things that you need to do in order for his workout to be an enjoyable yet safe one. For starters always make sure that you send your dog out to the toilet before he starts exercise.

Secondly try to create a soft landing zone behind the treadmill. Dogs have quite a short attention span and may forget that they can’t just stop for a rest.

Thirdly keep a careful eye on your dog while he’s exercising. He may overheat, get tangled up, want to stop, be exhausted, the list is endless. With you there watching him all of these things will be eliminated. Don’t forget that your dog needs a warm up and cool down just like we do when working out so make sure you put this into his program.

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Dog Abuse/slaughter

Dog abuse and slaughter is wrong. Kill boxes are also wrong look it up on youtube it a horrid thing. Please suscribe and help. make people aware. Fix your pets i know its cool to have puppies but at this point when your dog has puppies your killing about 3 other dogs per puppy. In your state or province alone. ADOPT! SPCA LOCAL SHELTERS ANYTHING. A Question i am asked alot. Why should they live? Go ahead ask me that question. Its a foolish one but ask it. Ask alot of question actually. Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one un expended effort that might have saved the world.
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