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Should I charge these people!? They have hurt my family ++ Pets :'(?

Question by VampireDiaries/Transformersfan217: Should I charge these people!? They have hurt my family ++ Pets :'(?
Alright. I have a BIG problem with my neighbors. We had very friendly neighbors that helped us after our house burnt down, invited us over for dinner etc. There is a husband a wife two kids and two old grandmas. I live on 5 acres and have 7 dogs but two are puppies that are being sold. We’ve always just let our dogs out and they’d run up the mountain and play up there. They don’t actually run away… Just run around. Sometimes they go down our driveway and up the neighbors driveway to visit the neighbors, we didn’t care and they didn’t care. There was no risk there. For about 4 months the neighbors Rottie was sent away. He told us “Yeah my rottweiler just came back from guard dog training.” Once again the neighbors dogs were barking. My sister threw a rock at a giant mill and made a big bang sound and scared the dogs away. Afterwards for no reason our neighbor walked down the property line with his 100 pound rottweiler and bent down. My dogs all went nuts! My dog and their dog got in a fight. It ended up that the neighbor lied and said my beautiful dog bit him. He had a scratch from the barb-wire… Well the police came up dah dah duh…. Nothing happened. My dads a hunter once the dog was in OUR yard attacking OUR dogs and he fired a gun in the air. Guess what the neighbor said? That my dad threatened to kill him. My dads guns get taken away and the cops pointed a gun at me and my cousins head. Different day. My sister and my baby rottweiler and my 3 year old yorkie/maltese were up the back. The neighbors dog ripped my dog through the fence and ripped his muscle ripped his hide away from his skin or something and the vet bill 1,243.88$ . The animal control comes up and tells the neighbors to keep their dogs locked up. Neighbors continued to let their dogs out. Next time. My two puppys went to the neighbors with the other dogs that always used to go over there to say hi (This is the first time they’ve been there since the first thing that happened). Only the two old ladies were home. We heard our puppys yelping. We run down the road and one of the old ladies is holding her rottie over top of my little dog. We looked up the driveway and an old lady was holding her two dogs collars almost pulling them down making my small dog scream. I yelled “Get your ugly mutts off her!” My dad was already trying to get over the fence. Karmin (my cousin) jumped over with no caution and grabbed the puppy. The old lady kept yelling “TRESPASSING!” but she still got the dog. Also the old lady lied and said that there was a dog fight…. Honestly a dog fight? With a 5 pound yorkie/maltese and a 100 pound rottweiler? We had two puppies and the second one (Little Black) wouldn’t come back. My sister and her boyfriend went up there and asked them where our puppy was.. They yelled and screamed at her and she just left. My black puppy came back after dark but I’m pretty sure they had here and just threw her over the fence. My sister got a peace bond put against her so she couldn’t talk to the old ladies. The old ladie was peering through the fence and my mom said some stuff to her and they said it was my sister and she went to jail for the night. SHOULD I DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!?
I forgot to say two of my dogs were poisoned in my yard.

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Answer by Ariana Macknight
I say SUE THEM!!!
What they have done to your family in horrendous, and you have every right to sue them, after they had said false statements to the Police and severely injured your poor little dogs.

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Learn How to Keep a Dog Tick Free

Learn How to Keep a Dog Tick Free

Dogs and in general all pets tend to spend more of their summer time outdoors. In case of dogs, it is very important to be careful about parasites, bugs and micro organisms that can harm them while they get their whiff of fresh air. Precautions are necessary to keep these dangers away. One of these pests that can cause a lot of nuisance and damage are the ticks since they carry diseases. Avoiding the ticks is of prime importance than curing at a later stage.

Why Ticks?

Ticks tend to stick to warmer temperatures, CO2 and movement. Ticks do not transmit through the air. Their motion is limited to crawling. They transmit themselves by climbing up taller structures or plants and drop onto any living and moving human or animal. The danger of diseases or kinds of diseases transmitted by ticks depends upon the country and culture, therefore the cure of after effects of ticks and ticks itself varies from country to country. The danger of having ticks on your dogs body begins once the tick bites. The bite itself is painless and unfeeling but the place of bite might get infected in no time. Consulting a veterinarian is advisable for treatment which normally involves oral antibiotics. If your pet dog is diseased due to a tick bite, there is a risk of infection spreading due to your dog salivation on or biting another pet. The most popular disease spread by a tick bite is the Lyme disease but not the only one.

How to keep ticks away from your pet dog

The best way to avoid ticks is to avoid walking your dog in the midst of vegetation during tick season. Always keep the vegetation around your house trimmed.  Certain preventive medication products are also available. More information can be gathered from your veterinarian about suitability of these to your dog in respect to age and area. Do not use medications without consulting and proper instructions must be followed in using this kind of medication. Please remember that these medications are suited for a single class of pets only, meaning that tick prevention medication for dogs is for dogs only and should not be used on cats or any other pets.

Removing Ticks

When your dog comes back from outdoors make sure to check him carefully for ticks. They are normally found in warm areas, under the arms, in the ears, between the toes and in the folds of the skin. If you find any, remove them safely. Do not touch the tick, use a alcohol swab, then pull it up slowly with tweezers. Make sure not to leave any parts of the tick sticking to your dog. If you are unsuccessful contact your vet.

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If you are intersted to learn more about dogs please read how to eliminate unwanted behaviors


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Freckles Crib Bedding is Introduced by Baby Supermall

Elgin, IL (PRWEB) November 21, 2005

Baby Supermall, an internet retailer of baby products, announced the introduction of a brand new line of crib bedding by Freckles, an Australian manufacturer of bedding products that is launching its products to U.S. consumers beginning in December 2005. Previously sold almost exclusively in Australia, Freckles’ nursery bedding collections include quilts, crib bumpers, dust ruffles, sheets, and a host of nursery décor accessories. Freckles merchandise will initially be available through internet retailers and baby specialty stores.

Freckles baby bedding represents a colorful and playful addition to the nursery décor marketplace, providing an interesting alternative to consumers. They use bright colored fabrics in daring combinations to create crib bedding displaying various nursery decorating theme ideas. The thematic approach to crib bedding has been embraced by most of the major crib bedding manufacturers in the U.S., but few have ventured into the bright colors and color combinations that Freckles is presenting. Four crib bedding collections – Butterfly Garden, Farmyard, Flower Power, and Spot the Dog – are being launched in December 2005. More crib bedding offerings are expected in early 2006, along with a similar line of twin bedding. Nursery decorating themes addressed by their product line will include: ladybugs, farm animals, floral bedding, and noahs ark.

Robert Meier, President of Baby Supermall, commented: “We hear from many people each month who are looking to enter the infant bedding market through our website. None have impressed us as much as Freckles. Their product is unique and exciting. They share our strong commitment to quality and customer service. And they have the experience and professional qualifications necessary to quickly become a major force in the crib bedding market. We are proud to be the first in the U.S.A. to introduce consumers to Freckles.”

Baby Supermall is an internet retailer of nursery furniture, crib bedding, nursery décor accessories, and other baby products. Freckles joins Baby Supermall’s other major brands of crib bedding, which include:

Glenna Jean

Brandee Danielle


Lambs & Ivy


Crown Crafts

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Cool “dog Steps” images

A few nice dog steps images I found:

leaping up the last few steps

Image by MBK (Marjie)
When younger, Touille would just run up the entire set of 16 steps really fast. Then as she aged, she started falling back down. So now she hops up one step at a time, until she gets about four steps from the top. Then she leaps up the last group two steps at a time.

little dog waits at top

Image by MBK (Marjie)

Dog In The Winter Sun

Image by william c hutton jr
Maryville TN, January 1971, Tri-X, Mamiya-Sekor 500TL, Mamiya-Sekor 55mm 1:2

Dog nutrition requires quality dog food

Dog nutrition requires quality dog food

A new owner of a puppy can be easily confused with the availability of commercial dog food in shops and online. Dog nutrition is the most important area and has to be just right in order to keep a pet in good health all their lives. Some manufacturers of dog food are in the habit of using low quality, cheap meats and other ingredients; this is to save them money they are not full of the nutritional content required to keep a dog healthy.

Some of the ingredients to watch out for on the list of ingredients are corn filler, crushed peanut shells, corn meal or corn gluten and should be avoided. However, there are dog products online that give owners of dogs all the information that is require about their balanced dog food, manufactured to aid a dogs digestive tract.

A puppy fed on portions of balanced dog food that aids dog nutrition will soon grow into a strong and healthy adult dog; you will see the result with his high energy levels, his glossy coat, clean teeth and bright shining eyes. At Hills Pets we have a wide range of balanced food available online; ‘Science Plan’ is manufactured to a high standard, and has quality ingredients that are balanced for a dog that requires essential meat proteins, good fats with essential amino acids.

When you are feeding a dog is nutrition has to change at each stage of his life; dog nutrition for a puppy needs extra vitamins and minerals to aid quick growth into an adult. An adult dog requires healthy balanced food and added vitamins that will keep his body and energy levels in good order.

A senior dog that is starting to slow down requires balanced food that is easy to eat and not upset his digestive system, once again his balanced dog food requires the correct essential vitamins and minerals to keep him in good health.

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