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Kitty’s Dog Training Video

Kitty’s Dog Training Video

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A Revolution for a Man’s Best Friend

Petrodex Tooth-Hugger Brush

Omaha, NE (PRWEB) January 21, 2010

They say that dog is man’s best friend, but in the case of health care, this is often reversed. For years, medical technology developed for human care has been modified to solve pet health issues. From oncology treatments to remedies for deteriorating knees, the transfer of technology from humans to canines has exploded over the past two decades. When it comes to dental care for dogs, however, few major breakthroughs have happened in that time. But that all changed when two human dental experts – Janet Wehrli, a veteran dental hygienist and Dr. Gene Wagner, DDS – realized that they could put their knowledge to use for our four-legged friends. Revolutionary results followed.

A Dental Hygienist, Soldiers in Iraq, and Your Dog’s Teeth

When she began working in dental hygiene nearly 30 years ago, Janet Wehrli never imagined that her career would go to the dogs – literally. She used the extensive knowledge she had gained in her career and her understanding of the chemistry behind tooth decay to develop a gel that can remove plaque and tartar rapidly at home. The gel, delivered in a tray that stays in the mouth for a few minutes to treat the teeth, did more than simply clean. As the first test subject, Wehrli observed a rapid, noticeable effect on her teeth.

Later, she realized that this gel also protected teeth from plaque for longer periods of time. She turned to Dr. Floyd Knoop at Creighton University School of Medicine, a distinguished professor of microbiology and immunology. Together, Wehrli and Knoop determined, through computer-aided clinical testing, that the active ingredient actually soaked into the teeth, remaining between the bonds of enamel, fighting bacteria and plaque formation before it could do damage to the teeth! The gel was extensively tested and eventually became available to consumers.

In time, Wehrli discussed the findings with her own personal dentist, Dr. Frank Driscoll. In discussion with other dentists about military patients returning from duty in Iraq, the need for something to prevent tooth decay in the field became evident. Soldiers returned with severe dental problems as a result, in part, of their lack of access to clean water while in the field and overall difficulties in maintaining proper daily dental care. Wehrli’s gel was discussed as an excellent alternative, if only the benefits could be delivered instantly by applying the gel, rather than through minutes of surrounding teeth with the gel in a tray.

Wehrli, Knoop and Driscoll then developed the next generation of the gel, which acts simply by applying it to teeth. The product works immediately to remove plaque and tartar and, after initial build-up, keeps protecting teeth and gums for weeks. Because approval for use of such a product for military personnel could take years, Wehrli began to think of other human uses for the gel. While pondering who might benefit – hospitalized or incapacitated patients, for example – she was struck by a sign she saw in a bakery one day. It advertised special dog biscuits, promoting them as excellent for scraping plaque from dogs’ teeth and promoting oral health.

As a devoted grandmother of children who love their own family dog, Janet immediately realized this was a huge need! Pet oral health is as important as human oral health. As Wehrli thought about how much her grandchildren loved ‘kisses’ from the dogs (and the colonies of dangerous bacteria her grandchildren were exposed to as a result of this canine affection), she became determined to help pet owners everywhere improve their pets’ dental health with a long-lasting, easy-to-apply gel that would remove the bacteria and plaque that lead to tooth decay, gingivitis and, perhaps most dreaded, doggy breath.

After modifications and testing, the product patent was approved. Wehrli worked with Petrodex, a world leader in pet dental product innovation, to get the Petrodex Ultra Advanced Dental Whitening Paste to the dogs that need it. This new product is a revolutionary advancement in pet dental care, allowing pet owners to bring the at-home dental care of their pets to a new level with unprecedented ease and effectiveness. It will be on the shelves of pet specialty stores in April 2010.

A Dentist, His Dog, and Tooth Hugging

Dr. Gene Wagner, DDS, knows a thing or two about dental care. He is not only a dentist, but a legendary inventor in the dental world. In fact, before delving into the canine world, Dr. Wagner already held 32 different patents in oral care, many developed for companies such as Arm & Hammer, Procter & Gamble and Dorel Juvenile. It was his work with Dorel Juvenile (whose Safety First, Cosco and Maxi Cosi brands may already be in your home) that helped him step up to aid the canine world.

One day, as Dr. Wagner‘s story goes, he walked into a pet specialty store to buy some dental care items for his beloved dog. In looking at what was available, he was struck: these products were not designed for the unique anatomy of a dog’s mouth! In fact, most were simply modified human products. His development of specialized oral care products for infants and babies reinforced in him the need to design products to work with the unique structure of the mouths they assist.

He set to work immediately, ultimately creating the first toothbrush designed specifically for a dog’s mouth – the Petrodex Tooth-Hugger Brush. The story at the right gives all the details on this revolutionary advancement in doggy dental care. Viva la revolucion!

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Why does my dog “potty” in the house since bringing baby home?

Question by lleandrae_de: Why does my dog “potty” in the house since bringing baby home?
My 1 year old, boston terrier poodle, was perfectly potty-trained until we brought home our new edition. It started about 2-4 weeks after we introduced them. First we mainly lived upstairs so any chance she got she would potty upstairs (poo and pee) but wouldn’t go downstairs. So we thought she was just trying to hide going potty in the house. Recently, however, i’ve been staying downstairs with him more often and just within the last week shes started going poo and pee down here which she never did before. I thought she might be jealous or something but when men come into the house, she’ll sit right by whoever is holding the baby and if they get anywhere near she goes crazy. Is their a connection or is she just digressing in her training?

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Answer by ஜ*ღ Jenna ღ*ஜ
he wants attention.start trying to get ur husband or wutever to train him more tricks

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Cool “dogs” images

A few nice dogs images I found:

Sis, Coon, Pen (dog), and Aunt Mary Foust in Foust Hollow, Anderson Co., Tennessee

Image by David C. Foster
Mary Foust was the daughter of Daniel Foust. She never left East Tennessee and lived to be around 100 years old. When former President Teddy Roosevelt was visiting Tennessee she was considered the oldest living American at the time and he traveled to meet her and eat one of her home cooked meals. Sis and Coon were her children and her dog was named Pen. An American chestnut tree can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the photo. Mary was famous for living an unchanged lifestyle that was a living picture into past.

Mary was my grandmother’s (Myrtle Foust-Foster) great aunt. She (Myrtle Foust-Foster) told the following story to me: " sometimes when I was a little girl I would take mail to Aunt Mary and her dog would chase me. Mary would scream out &quot here Pen, here Pen" and the dog would stop chasing me."

Mary was the daughter of Daniel Nathaniel Foust and Mary Jane Humphries. My great great grandfather, Christopher Columbus Foust was her brother. The family originally came from Germany from about the time of the Thirty Year War and “Foust” translates to “fist” in German.

Artist and dog arrive by Melbourne Express (taken for J.C. Williamson), 10/12/1937 / byTed hood

Image by State Library of New South Wales collection
"Artist", as in a dog trainer and performer who has a dog act in vaudeville or circus

Format: Film photonegative

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From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales