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Learn How Seeing Eye Dogs Are Trained

Learn How Seeing Eye Dogs Are Trained

Seeing eye dogs who are also referred as assistance dogs are trained to guide the blind and the visually impaired around obstacles that they would come across in daily life activities. Although these highly training guide dogs are able to guide their masters around obstacles being color blind they are not able to tell the difference between different signs that they could come across. This issues is taken care off by the visually impaired person as they are given training for these issues in mobility classes.

In most countries Seeing Eye dogs are the only animals that are exempt from restrictions on animals in public places such as restaurants.

While there are several breeds that are suitable for Seeing Eye dog work breeds such as golden retrievers and German Shepard’s are some of the more popular choices.

Potential Seeing Eye dogs can be found from many different sources. There are numerous organizations around the world that breed and raise puppies that will all go on to be trained to be Seeing Eye dogs. Many families serve as foster families for puppies until they are ready to begin their guide dog training. There are also many Seeing Eye dogs that are found in animal shelters.

The first part of Seeing Eye dog training is the dog being desensitized to sights and sounds that it would run across in public interactions. A physical exam of the potential Seeing Eye dog is then performed to make sure that the dog is up to the often strenuous activities that this type of work can entail. If the dog passes the exam they are then allowed to begin the next phase of the training process.

Dogs that are being training to be seeing eye dogs are then put into harnesses and are then taught the proper way to maneuver people safely through obstacles such as going off of curbs and how to avoid their masters being struck by overhead objects. Some dogs are even taught additional skills during this time such as learning how to retrieve different items for their owner.

At the end of three months of individualized training a visually impaired student that has been approved for their own guide dog beings to work under the instruction of either a school or an individual instructor. Once this new team has passed the instructional process they are certified and ready to go out into the world. Follow ups are done by instructional facilities on an as needed basis.

Seeing eye dogs by law are allowed to accompany their owners in to all public areas allowing them to help their owner be a very functional member of society.

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Honest Kitchen’s Zeal Dog Food Wins The PupLife Dog Product Of The Year Award; Visitors Nominated Their Favorites

Honest Kitchen’s Zeal Dog Food Wins The PupLife Dog Product Of The Year Award; Visitors Nominated Their Favorites

Fennville, MI (PRWEB) January 25, 2011 has chosen Zeal, a specially crafted dog food for pets with food allergies as their 7th Annual Dog Product Of The Year. Social media played a part this year, since for the first time in history, visitors nominated their favorites for eligibility. The PupLife staff chose The Honest Kitchen’s Zeal based on customer feedback, product review information, overrall sales and staff input. 

PupLife ( Co-Founder and President Eric Houtkooper remarked, “Honest Kitchen’s Zeal was an easy choice for our Product of The Year this time around. Pet owners finally have an easy-to- prepare, healthy, delicious, dehydrated raw food for their dog with allergies. Zeal is a winner for pets and pet owners.”

Lucy Postins, President of The Honest Kitchen commented on Monday, “We’re thrilled to have had Zeal chosen as PupLife’s dog product of the year! Zeal was actually created in really close collaboration with our customers via virtual focus groups using Facebook and other social media, so this award is a real tribute to all those pet owners who shared their opinions and whose values and preferences for special needs and allergy pets, are reflected in the finished ingredient lineup.”

Zeal ( is the perfect blend for dogs with allergies, food intolerances and delicate stomachs. What was left out of this diet is almost as important as what is in it. Zeal, like all Honest Kitchen diets, does not contain corn, soy, rice, beet pulp or wheat. It is also grain-free, gluten-free and free of flaxseed and white potatoes. “PupLife’s customers have spoken loud and clear – this is a smart choice for pets with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. We are proud to carry it on our web site and we hope it helps pets live happier, healthy lives.”

Since 2003, PupLife’s promise has been to offer the finest dog supplies, the most reliable pet information, and superior customer service so pet owners can care for their dog’s health and well-being. also enjoys widespread readership of its blog, the Pup Life Dog Blog (, a place for dogs and their people to read up on the latest information in the canine world. was recently named “one of the fastest growing online retailers in the pet supply industry” by Focusing on healthy, safe and holistic dogs supplies, provides customers a one-stop shopping site for all their dog care needs. In addition to the best selection of dog food and treats, natural grooming products, designer dog carriers and training tools, offers information and articles including positive reinforcement training tips, health care guides and interviews with leaders in the pet care industry.

For more information, contact PupLife President, Eric Houtkooper, at 773-620-0050 or visit (



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If a caterer served bad food, should I yell “Who ordered this (&%$*)? I wouldn’t feed this to my dog!”?

by Llima

Question by Secret Asian Man: If a caterer served bad food, should I yell “Who ordered this (&%$ *)? I wouldn’t feed this to my dog!”?–Randy-Moss–treatment-of-caterers-factored-in-decision

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Bridgestone Lucky Dog TV Commercial

Dog Food Comparison – Important Information

Dog Food Comparison – Important Information

Feeding your dog can be filled with stress.

Many dog owners take a zealous approach to how they feed their dog and can be judgmental of other dog owners when the issue of a dog’s food comes up.

The reality is that what you feed your dog is a personal decision. It will be guided by how you have always fed your dogs and what you think is right for your current dog or dogs.

A dog’s food is only one part of raising a healthy and happy dog, but it’s a very important part, and worth some careful consideration.

How to Choose a Dog Food

If you go shopping for dog food, you quickly see that there are many options. There’s premium dog food, low-cost dog food and so many dog food brands your head can spin.

Here are some tips for finding the correct dog food:

* Begin your search before you go the store. If you make your choice in the store, it could easily be the incorrect one.
* Ask friends and family for recommendations. If they use a particularly good dog food, consider that as one of your viable choices.
* Ask your vet for a recommendation. Based on your dog’s age and health, your vet may have a specific recommendation for your dog.
* Remember that the best dog food for one dog isn’t necessarily the best for another. Consider your own needs and budget before settling on a dog food choice.
* Read dog food reviews. If they are reputable and published in well-known publications or web sites, you can usually trust them.
* Remember that puppy dog food is a completely different beast than food you feed an older dog. Don’t feed a puppy regular dog food, and don’t feed an adult dog puppy dog food.

When looking at learning more about Dog Food Brands, read as much as you can.

The health of your dog depends on it!

What About Homemade Dog Food?

Recently, the safety of pet food was called into question when many dogs became ill and died after eating commercial dog food. Some of the brands in question were even considered premium dog food brands, so it seemed that no brand was safe.

This safety scare led many people to decide to give their dog a homemade dog food diet. It’s an excellent option if you have the spare time and money. Feeding a dog a homemade dog food diet can be expensive and somewhat time consuming, though it does get easier the longer you do it.

If you are thinking you might skip the dog food brands and go for the homemade dog food, consider these tips:

* Make sure the dog food you make is nutritionally balanced. Dogs need a good amount of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Do some reading ahead of time to make sure that you get just the right proportion of nutrients for your size and breed of dog.
* Be willing to cook animal body parts that you might not consider desirable. Dogs can eat necks.legs and organs. In fact, many believe that one of the main advantages of a homemade dog food diet is that your dog can get more raw meat and bones, which many consider to be the ideal dog food diet.
* Don’t forget that if you start Rover on a homemade dog food diet, it can be hard to switch to a more traditional diet. You can’t just throw down a bowl of kibble just because you are too tired to make your dog’s dinner. To that end, it’s best to do a lot of preparation ahead of time so there are packages in the freezer you can pull out and thaw.


The best dog food diet for your dog is the diet that proves to be best for you. Depending on your budget and time available, you might make a choice that’s different from your neighbor. The key is to find dog food brands that are accessible, affordable and that feed your dog healthfully. Or make your own. It really is your choice.

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