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Dog Training Collars – Dog Shock Collars

(PRWEB) June 15, 2005

Dog Training Collars-Dog Shock Collars. is proud to introduce their new website which is geared towards such products as dog training collars and dog shock collars. The site offers some of the most innovative products available. sells some of the most sought after brands including Dogtra, Innotek, TriTronics, DT Systems, and Pet Safe. The products, such as dog training collars and dog shock collars, are designed to train dogs to perform such tasks as fire rescue, police duties, and hunting. But, they also are outstanding products for the everyday consumer as well providing them with the ability to control bark, biting, and rough play. They have also been useful to individuals teaching their pet to obey commands such as sit, stay, and come.

It is often difficult to regulate how an animal will behave, but using dog training collars and dog shock collars are an incredibly effect means to achieve this goal. Dogtra and other name brands offer a wide variety of products to help achieve these goals. A large selection of these products is available on the website. Everyone can benefit from these, professional animals or not. prides itself in having customers who are professionals that have successfully trained their dogs using these dog training collars and dog shock collars. Keeping this in mind, the average consumer has just as much opportunity to achieve these goals as well.

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Sit Means Sit Dog Training Partners with SportDOG Brand

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 1, 2007

On August 1, 2007, Sit Means Sit Dog Training, in conjunction with SportDOG® Brand, will introduce “The Sit Means Sit Collar.”

The Sit Means Sit Collar will be a cutting-edge remote electronic dog collar used in Sit Means Sit dog obedience training classes nationwide. Sit Means Sit combines the use of remote collars with traditional dog obedience training methods to yield well trained and happy dogs.

Electronic training collars give a small electronic “touch” to focus the attention of a dog on the command at hand. By using this remote control to “touch” the dog, the trainers’ commands are followed more quickly and more consistently. Remote collars have been used to train K9 units, agility dogs, therapy dogs and house pets.

Fred Hassen, CEO, of “Sit Means Sit” dog training said “Despite having successfully established Sit Means Sit and enjoying our growth in the dog training industry, we knew there was one missing piece – we needed our own remote electronic dog collar. It took us a lot of time to find a quality manufacturer who was using the right technology and who was committed to working with us to create the best possible Sit Means Sit remote collar. We’re so pleased to be working with a well established brand like SportDOG® and we can’t wait to see where this new relationship brings both of our businesses!”

Hassen has been waiting for this moment for a long time. In the ever-evolving field of remote dog training, technology is improving at a very rapid pace which means smaller collars and more convenience for dog owners and people interested in adopting remote electronic collars.

“This is a growth industry, and Sit Means Sit dog training has had an explosive year. We now have 26 locations and we are truly poised for great success. Our only obstacle was a lack of control over the equipment being used in our classes. With the addition of our own approved and brand specific remote training collar, we be that much more successful and offer another level of convenience to our clients,” said Hassen.

Hassen set out years ago to find the right equipment partner but it was difficult to find a well established company with the same commitment to happy, productive dogs who would also work with Sit Means Sit to create just the right collar. Additionally, Hassen wanted to be involved in testing and to ensure Sit Means Sit would be working with an industry leader – a company committed to remote collar technology and development.

“We needed a collar that was small in design, feature rich, and with a convenient and small remote control. We had watched SportDog and we loved their design direction as much as their company persona. We felt SportDOG® already had the smoothest stimulation on the market, and the most varied features in their products and we knew we could work together successfully to make all of this possible.”

Hassen explained, “Not only will we be selling the best remote collars for use with our dog training classes, we will also have a lifetime return policy so that any defective unit will be returnable with no questions asked. This is virtually unheard of in this industry. We love the fact that we will be able to grow and change with the company, and the industry’s changes.”

About ‘Sit Means Sit’

Founded and Created by Fred Hassen in 1998, ‘Sit Means Sit’ is a dog training method that has evolved into a successful and growing company. The gentle training methods offer a high level of obedience to the pet owner and create a happier dog. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, this innovative obedience training business opportunity has a number of locations throughout North America. You can find ‘Sit Means Sit’ on the web at

About SportDOG®

Tennessee based SportDOG® Brand is a division of Radio Systems Corporation, manufacturer of PetSafe® electronic training products. SportDOG electronic training products include remote training collars, bark-control collars, beeper collars and in-ground fence systems. For more information, visit


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