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Man and Dog: Psychology of a Relationship Reviews

Man and Dog: Psychology of a Relationship

In this book, scientific evidence is presented throughout to support the importance of dogs in improving the life of man and the ways in which dogs could play an even more helpful part. The role of dogs in medicine, such as the remarkable results which have been obtained for example with autistic children, the mentally ill and old people and in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders is examined and the personality of dog owners discussed. This timely and topical book will have a wide readersh

Price: $ 547.50

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Guard Dog Security 240 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Guard Dog Security 240 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

  • Ultra bright 240 lumen tactical flashlight
  • 3 light functions; Super bright, dim, and emergency strobe
  • Solid anodized aluminum, anti-roll, body
  • Crusher end for emergency glass breakage
  • Rechargeable battery; comes with wall charger and vehicle charger

Light it up with the Guard Dog 240 Lumen Tactical Flashlight! This shadow-shattering, glass-breaking, flashlight operates in three modes; extra bright, dim, and emergency strobe. The 240 lumens make it the ultimate flashlight, yet maintenance- free, and small enough to carry anywhere with the handy wrist strap. The Guard Dog Tactical Light is equipped with a full aluminum body, making it durable and everlasting in any condition. The surrounded rigged edge prevents rolling, and the crusher end ca

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 29.95

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Celebrating Dog Birthday

Celebrating Dog Birthday

Dog birthday celebration is something really special and there are endless ideas for dog birthday celebration. We all love playing with the dogs and spending time with it. In fact one’s pet is one the best friend for each one. The most common pet of each one is dog.

Arranging dog birthday parties are one of the most ideal ways to have some fun around with the dogs. Arranging a make up for dog birthday party theme, using balloons, decorating the table, using table cloth as per theme and using hats and other puppets adds to the fun in the party. You can use your own imagination and your own ideas to make party memorable. You can arrange party location as per the game arrangements. You can select wide open space like garden or even the backyard of your home. You can have lots of food stuffs for you and your dogs and other guests and enjoy all around.

Arranging dog games in a dog birthday party is other way of having fun in the party. The Frisbee chase game is one of highly popular games you can play with your dog. Arranging this game in party can be a great fun. You can arrange points for each Frisbee throw that the dog bring backs and in the end, the one with maximum points for the pet can be declared a winner. Other games like find the toy, dog race, etc can be played on dog birthday.

If you want to have all such fun then arranges a party on dog birthday and enjoy.