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Q&A: Is there a “dog school” that you can send your dog to for house-training?

Question by shakeandbake: Is there a “dog school” that you can send your dog to for house-training?
My husband and I have a seven month old, female, English Bulldog. She has been impossible to break from going “potty” in the house. We have tried everything…. Crate training, put down “potty pads” in the house, clean thoroughly places she’s pottied in the house, timed after feeding, schedule, etc. Also, she hates to go on the grass. When she does go outside, she prefers to go on the concrete patio or any door mat that’s around. We love her so much, but we can’t keep replacing carpet…. Is there training she could go to, or any other suggestions? Thank You!!

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Answer by smmastiff
yes , some profesional dog trainers wil take a dog for 2 weeks and house train it , will cost you about 150 a week ,

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Have Patience When Cleaning Dog Teeth

Have Patience When Cleaning Dog Teeth

One of the most important aspects of successful dog teeth cleaning is understanding the importance of being patient. Regardless of the products used, either gels or sprays for cleaning dogs teeth, there will be a significant training process involved before a regular and thorough cleaning of the canine teeth can be achieved.

Dog owners must realize they can take several days of his several weeks of training their canine to accept the toothbrushing without stress or resistance. If it is initially approached wrongly or too aggressively than all future attempts at brushing a canine Steve will be futile.

When first beginning the process, it’s important to remember the dog must connect the process was something pleasurable. For example, in the beginning have a toothbrush and dog toothpaste in your hands while petting and playing with the dog. Just get them used to seeing and smelling the brush and spray and gel.

Depending on the dogs temperament, this process may take several days, or at least it should. When first attempting to place the brush inside the dog’s mouth, first place something pleasurable on the brush. This could be beef broth, peanut butter, or any other favorite treat the dog may like. At this time it’s also advisable to place a small amount of the dog toothpaste on the brush also.

Here again, make this a fun and playful experience for the canine. Keep the session short and repeat them often for several days up to several weeks depending on the personality of your dog. The timestamp with the brush inside the dog’s mouth can be extended over time as it is noticed the dog is excepting the process without stress or anxiety.

If done properly, it’s possible for the dog to not only allow his teeth to be brushed, but he will be excited and enjoy the experience. This in fact, it’s the only way that a successful cleaning of the dogs teeth can take place in the future.

Remember that dog teeth cleaning sprays are only used for those dogs who completely refuse access to their mouths with a toothbrush. The sprays are not nearly as effective for cleaning the tartar off of teeth as are the gel toothpastes. Additionally, even the spray can be a problem as some dogs do not appreciate the sound of the “hiss” the spray makes when it is applied. If at all possible, train your dog to accept toothpaste on the brush when cleaning his or her teeth.

Remember to put the easier it is to clean your dogs the better job you’ll do. The better each cleaning is, the less often has to be done. Most dog owners find that three or four good cleanings per week are all that is required to keep the tartar removed from their canines teeth. With this maintenance schedule it’s possible to prevent ever requiring a trip to the veterinarian’s office for the old-style and dangerous teeth scaling procedures.

This will be especially important as your dog ages since older canines are more vulnerable to side effects resulting from the anesthetics used by the vets.

Learn more about how to clean dog’s teeth at Cactus Canyon.

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Pet Insurance Company Releases Top Breeds Affected by Cancer

Pet Insurance Company Releases Top Breeds Affected by Cancer

Golden Retrievers are among the top five breeds prone to cancer.

Seattle, WA (Vocus) October 11, 2010

Trupanion, the nation’s fastest-growing pet insurance company, today released a list of dog breeds most prone to cancer, according to pet insurance claims received since August 12, 2000.

The Boxer ranked first on the list, with 98 cancer-related claims totaling $ 47,501.45. Boxers are a playful and outgoing breed, but are sensitive to the heat and cold.

Second on the list was the German Shepherd, with 96 reported claims associated with cancer, and a total of $ 42,489.57. This is a faithful and protective breed, commonly used as police dogs.

The Golden Retriever ranked third, with 86 cancer-related claims from insured dogs. Golden Retrievers are extremely obedient, good natured, intelligent, and very easy to train.

The Rottweiler and Doberman Pinscher rounded out the top five, with 86 and 42 cancer-related claims respectively.

According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, canine cancer affects one in every three dogs, and of those affected, half will die from the disease. To catch the disease as early as possible, the foundation encourages all dog owners to routinely examine their dogs for any physical or behavioral abnormalities and bring their dogs in for regular veterinary exams.

Symptoms of cancer include abnormal swellings, lumps under armpits and under the jaw, sores that won’t heal, foul breath, weight loss, difficulty breathing, and unexplained bleeding.

About Trupanion™

Trupanion™ pet insurance offers cat insurance and dog insurance in the United States and Canada. Trupanion™ is self-underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company, allowing Trupanion™ to offer a simple, customizable pet insurance policy with no payout limits and 90% coverage of veterinary bills. Enrolled pets receive lifetime coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications if they get sick or are injured, with no incident, annual or lifetime limit. Trupanion’s mission is to deliver fast, simple and user-friendly financial support to pet owners. For more information about Trupanion™, call 800-569-7913 or visit

About the North American Pet Health Insurance Association

Trupanion™ is a founding member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA). Founded in 2007, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association is committed to educating and promoting the values and benefits of quality pet health insurance to North American pet owners, the general public, and the veterinary community. As an association, we are committed to high standards and transparency in all of our actions and products. To learn more, visit the North American Pet Health Insurance Association website at

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If you were the boss, “top dog,” whatever of your corporation, what “change” would you incorporate?

Question by “Johns”: If you were the boss, “top dog,” whatever of your corporation, what “change” would you incorporate?
For me, that’s easy—COED SHOWERS. Not only would it raise/boost worker morale, it would save on the water bill. Anybody that knows me, knows I like to save. So, answer carefully and I’ll c’ya on da otha side if you be da “chosen” one. Btw, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I’m off like a dirty shirt—–>

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Answer by onederful2nite

Hire NO friends!


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Viro the Virus “Top Dog”

First single off of the 2005 release “OUTBREAK” by VIro the Virus. Produced by DJ Caliph-NOW
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Top Dog Brass Band from Dresden live at the brass on!-Festival 2006

Dog Food Allergy ? Saving your Dog From Food Allergy Threats

Dog Food Allergy ? Saving your Dog From Food Allergy Threats

If you’re allergic to any kind of food, then you already have a good idea how uncomfortable it is. At its worst, it’s even dangerous. So you can probably imagine how terrible dog food allergy can be for your pet. Dog food allergy is said to be the third most common form of allergy in dogs; but despite this, it remains that there is no one particular cause of this condition.

Some believe that ingredients like wheat and soy negatively affect dogs, while others think that certain proteins are the culprits. Nevertheless, you should be on the lookout for any signs of dog food allergy in your pet.

The most common sign of dog food allergy is excessive scratching. If you notice your dog scratching a lot or constantly gnawing at parts of his body, you must first check if it is being caused by fleas. If not, then you can assume that allergy is causing it. Other symptoms may include vomiting and diarrhea.

To check for dog food allergy, the food trial test is implemented. This involves modifying your dog’s diet for a period of time, usually under the supervision of a veterinarian who can make the observations and diagnosis, as well as any additional tests.

You should gradually introduce a different set of food, alternating it with your dog’s usual food items until he gets used to his new diet. You should observe your dog’s condition for about twelve weeks; and if he improves, that means a change in diet is needed.

It was believed that a combination of lamb and rice was the best option for dogs suffering from food allergy; but nowadays, this idea is rebuffed, particularly because commercially-produced lamb-and-rice dog food mixes contain substances that can further aggravate dog food allergy. Veterinarians suggest other options, like fish or rabbit. Homemade dog food is the better alternative, provided they’re well balanced.

If you find that your pet has a case of dog food allergy, don’t fret; it’s not the end of the world for your furry friend. This simply means that he just requires food that is different from the kind you usually feed him. In time, you’ll be able to find the perfect food that will keep your dog healthy and prevent dog food allergy from acting up.

Prolong your dog’s life and know the life-saving secrets that most dog-lovers will never know about detecting bad dog food and solving dog health problems at

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