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How do you train your dog the “okay” command?

Question by rachel: How do you train your dog the “okay” command?
I taught my dog “stay” and now I can put a treat right in front of him with the command “stay” without him grabbing the treat, but how do I train him “okay” to eat the treat?
I’ve been just saying “okay” as I pick up and hand him the treat, but I’m not sure if this is the right way.

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Answer by Naysaツ
what you can do is leave the treat on the floor and when you’re ready to release him, coax him to eat the treat, like tap the floor, or push the treat closer to him and when he picks up the treat give the “ok” Thats how I tought my dog.

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Q&A: What does it take to become a good dog breeder?

Question by Judgerz: What does it take to become a good dog breeder?
This won’t be for a LONG time (10+ years) but some day I’d like to breed dogs for show. I’m not entirely sure what dog I’d like to breed, although I am fond of the American Foxhound. When you start to breed, what kind of registration do you have to go through? Should you get your beginning stock from reputable breeders? About how much does it cost to get the pups tested, and at what age should it be done?

Good breeding websites and advice would be great. And, I know most of you are going to post “SPAY AND NEUTER!!!” but that’s not what I’m looking for right now. I do believe in neutering and my dog right now is neutered, but I’m talking about breeding for the welfare of a good type of dog, and for showing.
Yep, how did I know? A Spay and Neuter answer. This is why I’m asking the question: to get information so that when I do get to breeding, I know how to avoid a lot of genetic diseases and look for a good dog. Of course I’m not going to work with this information alone, but it will help. Like I said, I do believe in spaying and neutering, and any dogs that aren’t show quality will in fact be spayed and neutered. I’m not in it to make money, just for my love of the breed.
I don’t know which one to pick. All of them have great advice.

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Answer by JR
Start going to shows. Right now. Get involved.

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Q&A: Looking for a “dog proof” cat box…anyone have any suggestions?

Question by Donald M: Looking for a “dog proof” cat box…anyone have any suggestions?
I saw one at a friend’s that I thought would work, but we moved and haven’t been able to find it (they thought Petsmart, but no luck). It was a simple “box” with a dome top, but the entry was through a “chute” on the bottom of the dome. Anyone have any idea where something like this might be found? We have Italian Greyhounds, so they are small enough that they can “raid” things like the Booda “Clean Step”…and they are sometimes too fast for the automated types (really gross).

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Answer by joyce1824y
your dog is like have to cover the box

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What do you think of homemade dog food???

Question by Alicia M: What do you think of homemade dog food???
I have two small dogs- (Daisy is a female chihuahua fox terrier & Nacho is a male papillon fox terrier) and so far I have been feeding them Purina Puppy Chow. They are almost 10 months old and getting ready to switch to regular dog food but with the rising concerns on pet food, I’m considering switching them to homemade food. I’ve read a lot about it and what foods are toxic to dogs and that their diets should be a balance of protein, starches, and veggies. I was wondering what everyone thinks about making food at home. I’ve seen lots of recipes for chicken, beef, turkey, tuna, salmon, etc with some sort of grain, generally oats or rice, and some veggies of mixed veggies or potatoes. I didn’t get too much info on vitamins and supplements that this sort of a diet would not provide as the bagged dry dog food does and was wondering if anyone knows about that? I tried to ask my vet but he just blew me off and said dogs should eat dog food and “people food” won’t give them nutrients.

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Answer by karmadogma123
if you give them absolutely perfectly portioned dog food every day, then it would be fine, but that would take a REALLY long time to prepare. just don’t use wet food, and IAMS must be boycotted.

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