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New Dog Training Website Offers Creative Solutions for Doggy Discipline

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 24, 2010

Everybody loves dogs. Well maybe not everybody, but almost everybody. Dogs are among the most popular pets throughout the United States and the world. Dogs are the treasured companions of children and adults, trusty guides, fierce guards and keen hunters. These favorite friends come in many various sizes, colors and breeds, they also come with unique personalities, and some of these personalities are easier to get along with than others.

Dogs don’t always come well behaved and most owners aren’t specialized in dog training. Fortunately, there are many tools and techniques developed by experts that aid in the dog-training process.

The newly launched, retail website,, offers all the products and accessories pet lovers need to properly train their pooches. This new site offers a variety of dog-training supplies including, training collars, bark collars, underground and wireless electric fences, spray collars, and more. Though many people will say that their dog is “trained,” if they haven’t invested in the necessary time, technique and training products their dogs likely won’t consistently perform the behaviors they were “trained” to do.

Dog Training Advantage owner, Teresa Stephens, is no stranger to the world of dog training and pet supplies. In fact, with her help, her father has owned and operated a pet-supply manufacturing and wholesale business for the last 35 years. In her 20 years at the business, Stephens worked as a receptionist, office manager, plant manager, sales person, and finally, director of sales. Recently, she decided to put her passion for pet products to the test and opened her own online business.

“My husband and I love animals, we own four dogs and a cat ourselves,” Stephens said. “They were all adopted and trained with love, patience and state-of-the-art dog training supplies. The same supplies we offer on our website.”

Stephens believes that Dog Training Advantage has a competitive advantage over similar businesses because she “actually” uses the products she sells. That way, she knows what products and techniques work best, as well as the ones to throw out. She also has her own ideas about dog “discipline.”

“When people hear the word ‘discipline,’ they think of a cruel overseer administering a beating,” explained Stephens. “But if you’ve ever been in a marching band, drill team or other team sport, you know there’s nothing cruel about it. Our dog training supplies are safe and effective.”

There’s another unique aspect to– all its employees are required to adopt a pet from the local pet adoption center or Humane Society. That way, the employees can truly relate with customers beginning the dog training process.

“Our Dog Training Advantage Family offers more than 35 years of experience in the pet supply, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and service business,” said Stephens. “We know that taking care of our customers is the single most important part of our business.”

In addition to offering traditional dog-training products, like fence systems and bark collars, also offers other, unconventional products, like the spray collar. The dog spray collar is unique in that it doesn’t use static shock or ultrasonic sound to discourage a dog’s barking. In fact, the spray collar only uses a spritz of scented or unscented mist to end a dog’s yapping. The collar detects the barking and sends out fine mist that works to distract and quiet the dog. Later on, the dog will put a hold on its barking to avoid the spray.

Don’t miss a chance to pick up affordable and effective dog training tools today! Also check out our great new blog, there we will be talking about new products and full of tips to help you with your pup.


Teresa Stephens – Owner

Dog Training Advantage

12 Sunny Meadows Drive

Locust Fork, Alabama 35097

(800) 275-2128

(205) 680-0814


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Canine Spectra 7 – Single Dose Syringe

Canine Spectra 7 – Single Dose Syringe

  • If you are ordering other items, you will need to make a second order strictly for vaccines.
  • Special shipping policies do not currently allow both vaccines and non-vaccine items in the same Amazon shopping cart.

Canine Spectara 7 is an economical annual booster offering 7-way protection against canine distemper, adenovirus Type 2, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, Leptospira can. and Leptospira ict. Dosage & Administration: Inject one dose (1 mL) subcutaneously (SC) or intramuscularly (IM). The initial dose may be given at 6 weeks of age. Repeat at 2 to 4 week intervals until the dog is 18 weeks of age. A minimum of two doses is required for primary immunization. Annual revaccination with one dose i

List Price: $ 5.49

Price: $ 4.99

Best way to dye dog fur? Seriously?

Question by : Best way to dye dog fur? Seriously?
Ok, so first of all a lot of you are probably thinking that this is “cruel” and that I’m “mistreating” my dog and let me stop you before you give the whole “A dog’s not a fashion accessory” speech. I understand that. I just wish to dye part of my little poodles tail to match part of my hair. Just the pom pom of it. Why? I love my dog and it would be so cool if I could match her! I’m not going to dye her hot pink, because a hot pink dog? Yuck. Just a splash of a bright color on her tail to pop out in her black fur.

What are some dog friendly ways to get the desired pop of color? No cool aid, I don’t even drink that and I bet it would be toxic for a dog. its all sugar. I have heard beet juice, what color would that get? Some people say hot pink, or purple. And carrots some how get orange? Do they even stain? Would grape juice in a can work to get purple (not exactly noticeable)

And would I have to bleach her fur to get the color? I’m not using the stuff I got with my hair dye. NEVER. If I don’t use it for me I wouldn’t use it on her. Any natural ways? Would lemon juice lighten it enough to hold color? Maybe for a few days I can put lemon juice on her tail and when she runs around outside it will make it lighter.

Please help me.

Best answer:

Answer by super awesome april
The best way is to find a registered groomer to do it for you. This will almost eliminate any poisonous encounters and keep your crap from getting dyed.

There are vegan dies out there with no chemicals. A popular brand is Manic Panic. It can STILL be toxic but is much less toxic than other dies. It is veggie based.

NEVER EVER put bleach on fur. It is terrible for human hair and can easily kill your dog. If you want the fur lightened TAKE IT TO A GROOMER!!! Lemon juice may help the hair get lighter as well as whitening shampoo from the pet store. Other lighteners can severely dry out the skin.

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Nice “dog Bag” photos

Some cool dog bag images:

Dog Bag

Image by Roo Reynolds
Amina now has a portable ‘dog bag‘ (a pop up tent/bed thing). It’s highly portable, highly durable and she seems to really love it.

Dog Bag

Image by krisbolton

What do you think about nutro natural choice high energy dog food?

Question by Righteous James: What do you think about nutro natural choice high energy dog food?
I was looking for a dog food a little more in my price range. I usually feed raw but unfortunately my butcher i used to go to is gone.

So I found this food, “Nutro Natural Choice High Energy”. It’s in my price range and has 30% protien and 20% fat which is pretty good. My dog I guess is pretty active, i run with her maybe about 20-25 miles a week. I do supplement her diet with fish pills as well.

So what do you ladies (oh and guys) think? And why is this food so cheap if it has so much protien?
[email protected]#%@$ ^@#%@
I already paid for the food AND opened the bag. Great….

I’m not a costco member, I don’t have 20 kids and need to buy a life supply of toilet paper.

Best answer:

Answer by Reece Braveheart Aussies
Read the ingredient list on the food and you’ll know why it cost what ever it cost.

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Red Tag Sale

Pet Warehouse Direct is having a huge sale on pet ramps, pet stairs, bark control collars, sport dog training collars and much more. Pet ramps and accessories of all types; full size, half size, telescoping and wide are on sale at 10 – 20 percent off.

We feature PetSafe training collars that utilize either sonic or electric shock technology. PetSafe electronic collars feature muliple levels of electric reinforcement that will automatically increase as needed. No more guessing what setting you need for your pet. Many of the bark control collars are lightweight and can be used on some of the smallest dogs.

The sport dog training collars were featured on ESPN Outdoors and are widely used by professional sport dog trainers around the country. Features such as the ability to add additional recievers; to enable training multiple dogs at once, waterproof recievers and transmitters and a lifetime warranty are standard with all PetSafe training collars.