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Canine Allergy Symptoms What You Need to Look For

Canine Allergy Symptoms What You Need to Look For

When many of us think about the phrase’dog allergies,’ a human allergic retort to dogs is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Yes, some people can have dog allergies, but that very same phrase may also be used to explain allergies that plague dogs. Yes, your cherished pet could be affected by allergies. What are the commonest dog allergy symptoms and can you provide your pet with relief?

Itching. There are many differing types of dog allergies, including those brought on by food, airborne allergens, and flea saliva. Though the symptoms can sometimes vary depending on the sort of allergy in question, itching is always common and present. Seasonal scratching in dogs is common, but constant out-of-season scratching is not. An obvious rash is another one of many dog allergy symptoms you should be on the lookout for.

Rashes. These two dog allergy symptoms go side-by-side. For instance, dogs that have a food allergy usually have rashes on their neck or face. On the other hand, dogs with a reaction to airborne allergens, like pollen, will develop a rash where that allergen made contact with the skin. This may be anywhere on their body.

alopecia. Dogs should not have patches of bald spots on their body. If yours does, they may be afflicted by a pet allergy.

Biting. They step it up and start biting themselves. As with itching, biting can also lead to hair loss and rashes, as well as bleeding festering wounds.

When dogs eat something that doesn’t agree with their body, they will display dog allergy symptoms that are like humans. It’s common for a dog to barf and pass gas. These symptoms are not common in a reaction due to an airborne allergen or flea saliva, so you can usually identify immediately it was caused by food.

The above mentioned dog allergy symptoms are the commonest. If your dog has these symptoms, schedule an appointment with their vet.

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Dog Skin Allergies

Dog Skin Allergies

Dog Skin Allergies, along with ear infections, are among the most common health problems in dogs. They are difficult to diagnose as symptoms can be common across many diseases.

As there is usually no cure, Allergies need to be constantly managed. Most Allergies are seasonal and the inhalant type, such as tree pollen. If you suspect your dog has a skin allergy, check to see whether it has any of the symptoms listed below.

Symptoms of Dog Skin Allergies

Generally, if a dog has an allergy it will be apparent through excessive itching and/or visual skin problems. Signs your dog has an allergy include:

Rubbing its face on the ground or carpet Chewing on its limbs Hair loss Mutiliated/red/sore skin Nasal or eye discharge Skin Allergy Testing For Dogs

There are two types of testing that can be undertaken for dog skin allergies:-

Blood Tests are taken to check for antibodies in the dog’s blood that have been triggered by antigens. Intradermal Skin Testing is where a small amount of antigen is injected into an area of the dog’s skin and observed to determine whether it causes an Allergic Reaction. This is the most common form of testing and has a high success rate for identification of Dog Skin Allergies.

Alternatively, and more specifically if a Food Allergy is suspected, systematic elimination of items from a dog’s diet or environment may help uncover the underlying causes of the allergies.

Dog Skin Allergy Treatments Avoidance – Keep your dog out of grassy fields (keep your lawn mowed short), keep your dog indoors during the pollen season, use humidifiers and keep pets away from you when you are cleaning an area and it is likely to stir a bit of dust (eg vaccuuming). Topical Therapy – This involves using “external medications” such as shampoos, rinses and creams for Allergy Relief. Antihistamines – Apparently these are only about 30% successful for dogs. It is usually recommended to include fatty acids such as Omega 3 in your dog’s diet when combined with this treatment to improve the chances of success. Steroids – I wouldn’t recommend this option except as a last resort. The side effects are numerous.

It is important to note that each dog responds differently to different treatments, but it is wise to be aware Dog Skin Allergies so that you can ask the right questions of your vet and not blindly accept a recommendation of “drugs” to fix a problem that may be eliminated by natural or environmental means.

Marco Fratelli is currently studying to become an Allergy expert. He also likes to write about Women’s Health topics.

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