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NYers to adopt dogs rescued in Missouri

NYers to adopt dogs rescued in Missouri
Associated Press – August 10, 2010 10:35 AM ET PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (AP) – About 120 dogs of all ages will be available for adoption on Long Island following their rescue from 14 “puppy mills”…
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North Shore Animal League plans adoption event for dogs rescued from Missouri puppy mill
PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — About 120 dogs of all ages will be available for adoption on Long Island following their rescue from 14 “puppy mills” in Missouri. The North Shore Animal League America said today it has received the dogs…
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Grateful for dog rescuers
On August 6th we stopped into Golden on our way home to Edmonton from vacation for a pit stop and our dog snuck out of our van in the Tim Hortons’ parking lot.
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Q&A: If A “Designer Dog” Was A Rescue Would You Rescue It???

Question by agilityteen: If A “Designer Dog” Was A Rescue Would You Rescue It???
Hello All!!!

I just had a quick question about designer dogs…

If you walked into a shelter and there were a bunch of “designer dogs” that needed rescueing would you walk right past their cages and not consider them because of them being “BYB dogs”? OR because you don’t want people to see that you have a designer dog even though it is a rescue???

The reason I ask this, is because I have heard of a lot people bad mouthing these dogs lately. I understand that if someone went and bought one from a breeder that they made a BIG mistake and supported something that I DO NOT support. BUT if you rescue a designer dog do you deserve to be picked at??? I was just curious, because I have had a few people email me some “not so nice things” about having a designer dog. My dog is a RESCUE. She was going to be put down in a week, and we couldn’t leave her.

So, if a shelter dog was a “maltipoo” a “morkie” a “goldendoodle” or a “puggle” would it stop you from rescueing it??? I hope not.
Thanks everybody for your answers! I was just curious to see where everyone stands. As I already said, I would NEVER buy a dog from a BYB. 3 out of my 4 dogs are rescues. My 4th was bought from a responsible breeder and is a conformation champion (finished him myself!).

I will answer all of the questions from people that want to breed their mutts the same way… GET IT FIXED!!! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by the awesome pug lover
yes no matter what i luv dogs!!

Add your own answer in the comments!

The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Homemade Dog Food Reviews

The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Homemade Dog Food

Make your own dog food!

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Zuke’s Hip Action Natural Dog Treats, Beef , 1-Pound

Zuke’s Hip Action Natural Dog Treats, Beef , 1-Pound

  • Contains essential cofactor vitamins and minerals that aid in absorption – Eases arthritis pain and joint deterioration
  • Each bite contains 300 mg glucosamine and 250 mg chondroitin ? Great Value
  • Made in the USA with USA sourced meats, grains, fruits and vegetables
  • Made without artificial colors, flavors or by-products
  • Easy to feed ? no messy pills or powders

Is your dog slow to get up? Does a long walk lead to limping or stiffness? Zuke’s Hip Action treats are a fun way to decrease joint pain and increase mobility. Hip Action also can help to prevent future problems in younger dogs. Every delicious bite contains 300 mg. glucosamine and 250 mg. chondroitin, plus cofactor vitamins, minerals and amino acids to aid in metabolism.

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Dog Accessories For The Party Animal

Dog Accessories For The Party Animal

Canine parties are now a fact of life for many dog and their owners. If you are invited to a party for a pooch which dog accessories will you need? Maybe you are the one planning the event, you will still need accessories.

If will depend on the event of course. If you are going to be a guest at a summer shindig you may want matching beachwear for you and your little furry friend or at least hats and beach towels.

A dog attending any social function should have an appropriate collar and leash. If the event is formal such as a wedding or cocktail party you may prefer something with rhinestones. A tiara might be a nice touch and don’t hold back on the gown or tails (and I don’t mean the canine variety). There are outfits made from satin, lace and other lovely fabrics. These pieces of clothing may also have matching jackets, cloaks or capes.

Holidays are the perfect time for a soiree. Besides fabulous costumes for Halloween and party clothing for Christmas you will find dog accessories made to compliment and adorn. There are charming hats, boots and sweaters. Your dog will look like a million bucks.

Now that you have an idea of what Bowser will be wearing maybe you should concentrate on gift ideas. There are all kinds of dog accessories that will be perfect for any party or occasion.

Shop online and you will find an amazing array of accessories and gifts for any dog. Personalized presents are always nice and you may have a choice of doggy dishes, beds, pillows, chairs, Christmas ornaments and more. Online shopping allows you to see so many dog accessories and they can be conveniently purchased and delivered right to your door.

Toys are hot dog accessories and the choices are almost endless. Choose from balls, plush toys, snacks launchers and toys that can be chased. You will want to make sure all the toys are safe for dogs and won’t cause any problems. There are toys that can be stuffed with snacks and you could also include a nice assortment of treats. Any toy that can be chewed safely makes a good gift, also. Pull toys are always popular and can be enjoyed by the owner as well.

Other dog accessories could include grooming items. There are wonderful combs and brushes, and shampoos and conditioners that are gentle and safe to use.

Maybe the guest of honor loves to walk and gets to take part in this activity on a daily basis. A new collar and leash combo would make a terrific gift. You could include one of those little bones filled with plastic bags for doggy doo pick up while you’re at it.

Whether you are the invited or the invitee for the next canine celebration you will be prepared when you explore all the dog accessories available.

Dustin Cannon is owner of Just Articles VIP and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about pet supplies Dustin recommends you visit: Pet Supplies For Your Precious Companions

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