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Got A New Puppy Or A Marley-Like Dog? Get A Dog Training DVD Before It’s Too Late!

Got A New Puppy Or A Marley-Like Dog? Get A Dog Training DVD Before It’s Too Late!

At some point in your life with your dog/puppy, you pictured (or are picturing) a calm, disciplined animal like the one in the TV program It’s Me Or The Dog AFTER Victoria Stilwell has completed her training.

Is Money An Issue?

But Alas! You have no training dollars in your budget and you’re stuck with a wild puppy or the cousin of Marley!

Wait! Let’s think this through – obedience classes cost money. And dog trainers cost per hour. What about a dog training DVD that you can play over and over?

A Highly Recommended DVD

What? You still think a DVD is a waste of time and money? I remember feeling the same way UNTIL I started using one I thoroughly researched.

The dog training DVD worked so well that I recommended it to the puppy breeder who now provides it to new puppy owners at cost.

The Advantages of This Dog Training DVD

The biggest benefit is that you can play it over and over.

And you find yourself doing just that when the instruction is reinforced by an expert who does dog training for a living.

And you watch very carefully as the expert trains shelter dogs who have never had a second’s worth of obedience training – ever!

Wanna Know What The Training DVD Looks Like?

The single most important first step in dog obedience training is to get the dog’s attention! Click here to see the effectiveness of this first step.

Please see the full review of the dog training DVD:

Valerie Mills writes about topics such as internet marketing, designer dogs, and age-defying fitness. Visit these blogs for more information:


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Getting the Best Type of Food for your Little Rascal

Getting the Best Type of Food for your Little Rascal

Bring a puppy home can very exciting for the whole family. Children are especially thrilled to have a puppy in the house and would to spend so much type fussing over the puppy. If your kids love to spend a lot of time with your new puppy, you might as well teach them to take care of the puppy and to feed it. To make sure that your little puppy gets the right type of food, take your kids along and pick up some merrick dog food from the supermarket.

The good thing about taking your kids along to pick of some merrick dog food from the super market is that they will have some idea how to choose the right type of food for the puppy. Besides, taking your kids along to pick up some merrick dog food will give the puppy sometime to rest and get some sleep. Always remember that the puppy is just a baby and it can tire easily especially if a bunch of very energetic kids play with it constantly.

Teaching Your Kids To Feed And Take Care Of The Puppy

Once you have the merrick dog food, you need to instruct your kids how and when to feed the puppy. If your kids still cannot read the feeding guidelines that are usually written on the package of the merrick dog food, you will need to carefully instruct them what to do. First, you need to get something that your kids can use to measure the food. A small measuring cup will greatly help your kids determine how much food to give to the puppy. Give them the measuring cup and let them use it to measure the food that they put into the puppy’s food dish. Caution your kids about feeding the puppy too much merrick dog food because this could make the puppy sick. Besides, a overfeed puppy will most likely to defecate more often which will make it difficult for your to supervise the puppy when it potties.

If you have three kids in the house, make sure that they take turns feeding, grooming and taking the puppy for walks. You can ask your kids to agree among themselves who should feed the puppy in the morning and in the evening. Asking your kids to decide among themselves who will give food to the puppy will help them learn the value of teamwork and cooperation.

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Mark Deal is a part-time editor for Best Dog Food ,Mark has developed many websites over the years in many different business areas.

Dog Food Analysis 2009

Dog Food Analysis 2009

Dog is human’s best friend and one of the most lovely family pets. We consider pet dogs as family members, even as our own baby. We give everthing we think is good for them, big brand dog food, medical care, toys, not matter how expensive. But still, lots of dogs fail to accompany their beloved master for more than a decade. Renal failure, malnutrition, digestive system diseases, and so many other problems can take away our lovely dog before they get the chance to grow old. Why we spend so many time and money taking care our dog and end up like this ? Well, have you ever think about that you may literally poision your dog everyday by feeding them comercial dog food ? Unfortunately, that is the truth.

Comercial dog food manufactures, no matter how big the brand is, try every means to increase their profits. Instead of truly caring your dog, they may use slaughter house wastes, diseased animal carcasses contains chemicals and other low-nutritious ingredients to decrease costs. All of these are not groundless rumors. Andrew Lewis, author of the best selling book “Dog food secrets”, did years of researches to find out the truth about pet food, after his dog died in its four.

After konwing all those dangers in comercial dog food, you probably want to try other things to feed your dog. You can find all you need in “Dog food secrets”, such as essential nutrient that dogs need, various recipe easy to cook, nutritious and yammy for your pet. If you want to feed your dog with human foods, make sure you check out in list of fatal human food to dogs in the book first. There are also many information about medical care, nutrition, vaccinations, calories-control and even tips to teach you how to make heathy snacks.

With years of reasearches and a true dog-loving heart, Lewis is very confident to his book. If you are not satisfied to the book for any reason, you can get all your money back without giving back the book.

With the help of the book and your love, it is not a dream to expand your dog’s life to 27 years and that would be very happy and healthy 27 years. Grab A Copy Click here

How To Care For Your Pregnant Dog: 8 Simple Steps for Making Your Dog’s Pregnancy a Breeze Reviews

How To Care For Your Pregnant Dog: 8 Simple Steps for Making Your Dog’s Pregnancy a Breeze

All the signs have pointed to pregnancy. Your dog has lost her appetite, changed behavior, shown a decrease in energy level, gained a super appetite and gained weight. Maybe…

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Q&A: What happens with a female canine in the “heat period”?

Question by headonskate: What happens with a female canine in the “heat period”?
When a female dog has what we would call “a menstruation” she is actually fertile. Human menstruation is characterized by the rupture of the inner wall of the uterus. The wall is full of blood vessels and therefore the rupture of this wall causes blood loss. My question is how could a female dog be fertile when her uterus is basically unable to carry a baby due to this rupture of the inner wall? Or perhaps the process of this regeneration is just a part of the canine “heat period”. What is happening in the interior of a female dog? How does this process work? Is this process in fact, before the “heat”?

Best answer:

Answer by LizzyB
Canine reproduction is unique in the world of mammals. You need to google and do some research. In no way can you compare it to human menstruation. In fact, every time a dog comes in “heat” their body and hormones go through the entire pregnancy cycle even if they are not bred. This is why false pregnancies are possible. Myra Savant Harris has some really good books that even a novice can understand. I’ve been breeding show dogs for over 20 yrs and I still have things to learn.

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Dog Training: Basic Dog Training Equipment

Dog Training: Basic Dog Training Equipment

Training your dog is a difficult undertaking. This also strengthens the bond between you-the owner and your dog. It is advisable to start training them in early, between six-eight weeks of their age. In training the dog, you will need basic dog training equipment to aid you. There is a large selection of training aids for professional and amateur that is available in the market these days. Depending on the type of training that you want to teach your dog, you should use the corresponding equipment for the training.

Basically in training your dog, you will need a collar and leash which is essential in most type of training. Dog collars come in different styles that are designed for specific purposes. There’s the buckle collar, prong collar and electronic dog collar. Buckle collar is used for walking your dog. A prong collar also called pinch collar is a series of chain links turned towards the dog’s neck so that, when the collar is tightened, it pinches the naturally loose skin around the dog’s neck. This type of collar can help you train an uncooperative dog. Electronic dog collars are used for controlling your dogs excessive barking or used for invisible fencing.

One of the dog training equipment that you will need in basic dog training is the leash. Like dog collars, leashes also come on different varieties designed to serve specific purpose, there’s the standard leash and nylon show leads. Standard leashes are use for any training. It is usually made of materials such as nylon, leather or chain. A leash should match the dog’s size, weight and breed. Dogs tend to bite the leash so it is recommended to use a sturdy leash. Make sure to check the leash from wear and tear. In walking your dog, keep the leash loose, this way you can avoid the tendency for your dog to pull.

A reward such as praise and treats on positive response of your dog on the training will reinforce a positive behavior. Be consistent and patient in training your dog, this way you and your dog will both enjoy the training.

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