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Definition of “crate training”?

Question by Fallgal: Definition of “crate training”?
When it is said that a dog is “crate trained” what exactly does it mean? Does it mean the crate was used for overnight potty training, as a puppy or does it mean that the dog will go to his/her crate on command throughout his/her life?
I am asking because my husband was told (by the shelter) that our newly adopted dog was “crate trained” and I just wanted to know what most people thought the extent of that definition included. I have owned dogs, but never crate trained and know they need exercise, etc. and shouldn’t be kept in the crate for long periods of time. The dog is one year old, by the way.

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Answer by hazeyoutside
simple, you keep your pet confined to a small space where that cant get themselves into a lot of trouble why no one is watchin them. they get used to it and it keeps them from crapping all over the house….you need to provide them with lots of exercise and regular scheduled feedings and outside times

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A Senior Dog Diet-just When Should You Give Your Dog One?

A Senior Dog Diet-just When Should You Give Your Dog One?

You may not want to admit it, but your furry friend is getting older. So you will want to make sure your pet will be happy and healthy for the more years to come. You may have seen all of the promotions about the new dog diets for older pets. Are there differences between dog food for adult dogs and kibble that is recommended specifically for seniors? How will you know when to switch your pet to a different diet?

The best resource for information about dog diets is your pets veterinarian. Only you and your vet know the specific needs of your pet the best. Discuss with your vet your concerns and questions. He or she will be able to advise you on what changes, if any, need to be made to your dogs diet.

If your senior dog does not have any trouble with there health and has a healthy weight, there will be not a need to change your dogs diet from adult to senior dog food. But, if weight is the an issue, consider giving smaller portions of dog food to your pet. This may be the only change you need to make to your dogs diet requires.

A senior dog is classed as a dog in the last third of their life. Larger dogs, such as Great Danes, live to be about 9 years old. When they reach the age of 9 years old, you may want to think about a senior dogs diet. On the other hand, a Poodle will not reach senior status until about age of ten, this is due to the longer life expectancy. The decision to alter your dogs diet should be based on there health condition, rather than there actual age in years. Your vet will help you to decide when the right time is to change your dogs diet.

Dog food specially made for senior dogs has less calories. This helps any weight issues. Senior dog food also contains more fiber for the different dietary needs in your dogs diet. As dogs age, they tend to have constipation, this extra fiber will help relieve this problem.

Renal failure can be another medical problem for senior dogs. How can your dogs diet help this problem? Reducing the amount of protein in your dogs diet will decrease the work load for the kidneys. For this reason, senior dog food frequently has lower protein content than regular adult formulas.

Whenever possible, allow your dog to eat dry dog food to encourage excellent dental health. The dry kibble helps to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. If your older pet refuses to eat the food dry, you may need to moisten it with water or purchase moist canned varieties.

When your vet recommends supplements may be a help as part of your senior dogs diet. It Is because, some pets are unable to eat properly due to dental problems. many other older pets are not able to gain all of the nutrients from their food, this again is for various health reasons. Supplements such as, vitamins given everyday and glucosamine can be a great help to maintain a healthy diet for your dog.

Glucosamine helps joint health. For senior dogs, glucosamine can help to fight arthritis and hip displasia.

Vitamins C, A, and E, are helpful in preventing the natural aging process and promote better health for senior dogs. You should always talk with your vet before adding such supplements to your dogs diet.

You will want as we all want, what is best for your pet. Your senior dog needs to have a diet that meets their particular nutritional requirements. Work together with your vet, and you can both decide what is the best diet for your senior dog. Your dogs diet have a direct affect his or her health. Take care of your pet by observing your dogs diet closely, with the aid of your vet you should have a happy, health dog for many years to come.

G D Williams is an up and coming expert on pets and pet health. For more free information on dog diets, try visiting Dog Diet Tips. A popular website that provides advice and resources to include information Avoid Table Scraps in Your Dogs Diet.

Nick frost feeds the dog HIS way !
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Buying A Dog Leash

A dog owner should purchase a dog leash and collar that will enable them to take their dog to the veterinarian, go on walks, provide identifying information, and carry the dog’s license. A dog is able to wear a collar and walk on a leash when it is eight weeks old. Owners should fit the dog with a collar before attempting to use a leash. There is no specific time frame that lets an owner know when a puppy is used to the collar; the dog will stop ‘checking’ or pulling at the collar. After the dog is comfortable with the collar, the owner should buy a dog leash and the leash can be introduced. Note that a choke collar is never to be used with puppies.

Leashes are available at pet stores, grocery stores, on the internet, at the vet’s, and at other retailers. A pet store is the best source for buying a dog leash because the staff can answer questions regarding the type of leash needed, and pet stores carry a wider variety of leashes than most other outlets. A dog owner who is buying the first leash for a dog should tell the pet store staff the following information about the dog:

• Breed – Pure bred or mixed breed
• Weight – The most recently weight obtained from the veterinarian
• Height – Measured from the ground to the top of the head
• Demeanor – How the dog responded to a collar

Ideally, the dog should be brought to the pet store so the staff can actually see the dog and make sure that the leash is the proper size and does not harm the dog in any way. Stores such as PetSmart allow animals inside the store, and staff members are known to be very knowledgeable about the store’s products.

There are countless leashes currently being sold to pet owners. They vary in length, function, and material. Animal trainers are excellent sources of information about animal products. They recommend that a leash be sturdy, approximately six feet in length, and made of leather, nylon, or chain. A quality leash will match the dog’s breed, age, and size; also, it will not chafe the animal’s skin or cut the dog’s fur. The owner should periodically check the leash for tearing, fraying, and overall wear.

An alternative to the traditional “lead”-type of leash is the retractable leash. This type of leash provides variable distances in which the dog can travel while “on leash”. The owner can keep a dog within close range or let the animal travel several feet ahead or behind. A retractable leash is not recommended for puppies or very small dogs because the potential for harm is greater. They may dash in front of a car or get into a dangerous situation.

Frequently, a dog owner will allow a child to take the family dog for a walk using a leash. The child should be taught how to properly walk the dog. The child should know how far to walk the dog, where the dog can or cannot be walked, and how to care for the dog while taking it for a walk. A large dog may not be controllable by a child. The owner must carefully assess whether a child is capable of controlling the dog.

Buying an age/breed appropriate dog leash will help a dog owner to properly and safely care for a pet when going for a walk, to the veterinarian’s, or traveling away from home.

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Q&A: Any tips on managing my dogs period??

Question by mikeiou2: Any tips on managing my dogs period??
My pup is on her second period, are there any ways to keep the bloodflow down or something? i have heard of the “dog diapers” but i dont know if i want to deal with those. are there any certain foods or ways to help? i dont want her to get fixed quite yet either

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Answer by CurlyQ
Why aren’t you getting her fixed? What are you waiting for? A litter of puppies that you wind up taking to the pound where most likely they will be killed?

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Training Dog Using Dog Training DVD

Training Dog Using Dog Training DVD

There is a lot of dog training information available. You’ll discover stuff from training a new puppy, to working with a barking dog, and just about everything between. This information will indeed be helpful and mandatory if you want to train your dog. If you own a dog then you know how tricky your pet can be at times. However , with the proper training and a heap of patience, your dog can start behaving the way in which you need him to.

To train a dog should not be so hard. So long as you know the way to actually make your dog do things, you wouldn’t have a problem. Naturally, to have this knowledge, you need to have a guide. You don’t have to enroll your dogs to training colleges because that would just be expensive. A technique for you to teach your dog basic tricks or correct its behaviour is to use dog training DVD.

Dog training DVD containing instructions and demos on’how to make your dog to do common behaviour such as sit and stay are straightforward to find’. There are a bunch of reliable internet sites that you’ll find on the web. It’ll also be helpful to purchase dog training DVD that are breed-specific. Different dog breeds have different personalities so often. You will attempt to use systems being employed in teaching all dog breeds but sometimes, a different approach would be required. There are dogs that are easy to coach because of their personality but there are dogs that you would work tougher on ; thus the necessity for breed-specific training DVDs.

If you want to correct specific behaviours your dog displays, you would need to dig tougher for these are not easy to find. Also, if you want effective training methods, make sure to get DVDs only from those with good credentials. Dog professionals who have experienced training themselves will know what to do with this kind of behavior. These DVDs might cost a little more but it’ll be all worth it. Discover ways to Train a Dog The Right Way yourself at home

The Train your Dog, there are lot of tool out there. Dog Training DVD is a very helpful tool because unlike other training guide dog Train DVD have visible film of how a coach train his dog and how dog behave to the master up on his command. Dog Training DVD is Best source for training a Dog.

Are you interested in seeing your dog doing all command like the dog does in dog show or you want your dog to act in a particular then try our Dog Training Video . Visit

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