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Boxer Dog Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide To Make Your Dog Happy, Healthy And Obedient!

Boxer Dog Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide To Make Your Dog Happy, Healthy And Obedient!

After all the frustration to find out the truth on how to make a Boxer healthy, happy and obedient, I have created ‘Boxer Secrets’. I spent over 2 months just communicating with 93 boxer lovers (some are owners) to get their input and learn from their experiences. Then, I searched the internet, burning the midnight oil to read articles and forum posts to find out more. And, of course, I did not forget about the tips I’ve gathered from books I’ve bought from the local bookstores.

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List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 9.95

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Wellness and Evo brands good for my cats health?

Question by spj: Wellness and Evo brands good for my cats health?
I have a 12 months old female and a 2-3 years old male cat; I’m currently feeding them Wellness vet food (1/2 can per day each cat) plus some dry, between meals, Evo brand with real chicken (1/4 cup per day each cat); the vet recommended me “Only Science Diet” for the male in order to keep his urinary tract healthy. Why are vet not very educated about “natural cat/dog food”? Seems to me they just want to sell you big brands full of fillers , meat-by-product and other bad stuff….Anyway, am I feeding my cats with the right food? Is the amount ok? P.S.: I brush my cats teeth every night or so, because I know that vet food may cause problems…
Please help, thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by J C
You are doing right by your cats, and current studies show that dry food is a major contributor towards diabetes, obesity, urinary tract disorders, and kidney disease. Not all vets have furthered their education in nutrition beyond what they were taught in vet school. I convinced my vet years ago (or helped to) that the better brands were the way to go. I took in a bag and can of the Wellness, and had her read the ingredients. I also had grabbed a bag of the Science Diet from the waiting room. She was speechless for a moment, and then thanked me for pointing it out to her. She has since attended a number of seminars on feline nutrition, and now recommends an all-canned, high-quality protein (meaning no by-products) diet for all her feline patience. The ever-present Science Diet is still in the waiting room, but it’s no longer “pushed” like it was.

If your cats are at a good weight, then you are feeding the appropriate amount. Each cat is different, so there is no real rule about what’s the right amount. They will eat less of a premium food than a junk one though, so the smaller amount of the dry especially is to be expected.

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You & Your Pooch!: Pet / Dog Gift Basket

You & Your Pooch!: Pet / Dog Gift Basket

  • Dim: 10″L x 6″W x 12″H
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This is a great gift for both the dog and its owner. Includes a wide variety of gourmet snacks for the owner and delicious, yummy treats for the dog.

Price: $ 52.99

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My dog “paws” people when he wants attention…?

Question by Roxie Knightly: My dog “paws” people when he wants attention…?
I own a yellow lab golden mix. I’ve had him for about 3 year now and he has a habit of pawing people when he wants to be patted. I know this behavior is caused beause he just wants a lot of attention and love, which of course he gets, but it’s not very good habit either. I’d think if i stopped patting him as much he’d stop, but i think that could make it worst too. First he paws, then if he doesn’t get petted still, he licks, then he nudges you and goes under your arm or something when your doing something. I’ve gotten a few scratches from his pawing and so has some of my my guests i’ve had at the house. Any way to break this bad habit?

Best answer:

Answer by BoxerPitRhodesian
Forcing attention and forcing people to pet him is a form of dominance. When he does it, grab his snout and say no firmly. Don’t be mean, just be firm. Try not petting him when he tries to force you. i would make sure that he knows he will get pet when you ‘the alpha’ says its ok.

When guests come in, they will be viewed as your guests and will most likely stop pawing them if he’s not pawing you!

good luck with the training!

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Q&A: Do you need a license to train basic dog obedience…?

Question by Anna L: Do you need a license to train basic dog obedience…?
Do you need a license to train basic dog obedience skills in Utah? I’m 14 and I love, i mean I absolutely LOVE, to work with dogs and train them.
Thing is, I want to earn money to adopt this dog, she herself is free but my parents don’t have the money but say if they did we would take her in. I need a way to earn money and dog training popped into my head at once.
The only problem is:
Do I need a license to teach basic dog obedience?
If so how do I get one?
If not, do you have any business names?
I need something along the lines of… Well anything that goes with training dogs. I want it to be some thing that will catch their eyes though, not just “anna’s dog obedience classes…”
I’m going to do one on one training with the dog also, so…
If you think I should not do this or I am legally, to young to achieve this, what else could I do?
I can’t walk dogs because everyone around here just lets their dogs roam loose anyways so it would make no difference.

Best answer:

Answer by ♥Love Herds♥
You need to decide whether you want to start a business, or just make some money. You could simply advertise yourself on billboards, etc, like people do for, say–Piano Lessons.

There are many ways to license yourself as a trainer, but you’re too young.

I wouldn’t “name” your business, since you don’t have a business license.

Just remember to think small, and start small, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Technically, I think selling lemonade is illegal…

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Spot Organics – Chill Dog Separation Anxiety Calming Spray

Spot Organics – Chill Dog Separation Anxiety Calming Spray

Price: $ 12.00