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Dog Behavior Problems And What To Do About Them

Dog Behavior Problems And What To Do About Them

Owner’s need to work with their dogs, so behavior problems won’t develop. Puppies need to be trained early to reduce any behavioral problems. There is still time, if you haven’t started from day one. Determination is the key in training your dog. All dog owners dream of a well behaved dog to show off and you can reach that dream.

Dog’s Bad Behavior Solutions

Training Method

The best method in training a dog is using positive training. Rewarding a dog for good behavior is part of positive training. This is a good way for the dog to know everything is okay. Start training your dog in short sessions. All learning should be done step by step. Dogs are like all animals, it takes time to learn something new. Owners need to be aware some solutions for unwanted behavior; prevent it, ignore it, or teach an alternative behavior. Starting the dog out with positive behavior training will allow for better results. Owners need to take control of bad behavior in their dogs and turn it around to a correct response. Dogs need to be rewarded for only good behavior, never the bad.

Behavior Problems

Behavior problems can only be fixed by first understanding the reason behind the behavior. Owners ask themselves a lot of why is my dog doing these things?  Most of the reasons are that the dog is either timid, bored, or possessive. Most problems can be solved by understanding your dogs behavior. Behavioral problems can be corrected with a little patience from the owner. Remember, some problems can be challenging to solve.

Change Dog Behavior Problems

Who is the Leader?

Dogs have a very strong pack animal mentality. There is always a leader in the pack. The owner has to establish himself has the leader. Once the leader role has been established the owner will have better relationship with their dog. To change any behavior problems with your dogs, the owner and dog will need to work has a team. Using scare tactics on your dog won’t get the desired results, it’s best to have him wanting to please you.

A lot of dogs behavioral problems can be solved with training. The bond between owner and dog can improve the positive training methods. A dog will listen better and be easier to be around when fixing behavioral problems. Positive training  focuses on the end result. Bad behavioral problems can result from a dog not knowing his role. Obedience training helps the dog understand what expected of him.

Stop Dog Behavior Problems

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Play With Your Virtual Dogs On Dog Game Sites

by PunkJr

Play With Your Virtual Dogs On Dog Game Sites

With everything going virtual in the 21st century, why should pets be left behind? Today, anyone can surround his virtual self with virtual pets, anywhere and everywhere – as their avatars on forums and other online spaces, as widgets on blogs or websites… there is no end to it.

However, just having a flash-based icon that will eat and be petted on demand is not enough to fulfill the demands of an exacting owner. Owners want to play with their pets, to feel involved with them, and to find companionship. This can only be done by participating in some shared activities.

On the Internet, now, it is possible to behave with your virtual pet just as you would behave with a real one. Sometimes, in fact, you can take the place of that virtual pet, by playing his part – rather than the human’s – in games!

Frisbee and “fetch” are two of the most common games people play with their dogs. They throw something into the air, as far as it will go, and ask their dogs to fetch it. The dog delights in the brisk exercise, the wind blowing across its body, and then the compliments to be received from the master after a successful catch. Online, the game player can actually feel this thrill for himself, as he/she races after the stick or frisbee with absolute and complete concentration.

If you want to play a human role, you can choose to train your virtual pet, and measure its success. Guide your puppy along a path full of distractions, and watch as his intelligence slowly increases and he manages to learn and perform complex tasks.

A human role doesn’t always have to be the role of the master, either! While playing dog games online, you can also become the heroic rescuer of strays who would otherwise be taken to the dog pound. Play the part of “dog police”, and break open the dog pound’s trucks to release the animals inside, in an adrenaline-filled chase that rivals any racing game!

These are only a few of the online games that feature dogs as the protagonists. You can choose to find them individually, or you could log into sites built specifically for dog games. Here, you will find some of your favorite dog games, many many other dog lovers, and the opportunity to ask for other games that strike your fancy.

The games can be played online for free, as they are based on Flash – one of the most popular platforms for these games. Nothing to install, very little bandwidth consumed, and you are all set with a game that will keep you busy for several hours. Things really couldn’t get better!

Play free dog games online at Play dog and puppy games like “Puppy Fetch” and other dog games for fun.

This is a commercial I had to do for school. None of that information is real. It was a quickie I did in about 30 minutes, just to let you know. -Kody
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Image by Sveden
Most everything that was in my bag. All my tools and other things are still stowed in the various pockets.

With my Timbuk2 I would have had to go home, empty my bag, and then go back out to the store to buy the charcoal.

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Q&A: Fleas fleas fleas !!!!?

Question by kelly: Fleas fleas fleas !!!!?
My dog has fleas and they recently started biting me!! they itch like mosquito bites all over my arms, my legs, & my back. I hate it so much!! My dog is being treated for them but how can I stop them from biting me?

please i dont want stupid answers like “u need flea meds”.
im serious !!!

Best answer:

Answer by independent101
If you use dryer sheets, you can rub them on your arms and legs and it repels the fleas.

You can also put the sheets in areas where you sit.

The sheets also repel mosquitoes and other bugs. I always stick them in my pockets and in my hat when I’m outdoors.

Also, vaccum your floor every day. Be sure to empty the vaccum bag, or empty the bagless container into a bag and throw the bag away outside.

Good luck

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The Guide Dog Is A Dog Of Service

The Guide Dog Is A Dog Of Service

The guide dog is a dog that has been trained to assist the visually impaired and blind people in their daily lives. Their purpose is to guide people through the many different obstacles that could be in their way, while they are trying to navigate to do their daily activities. The person they are guiding also needs to learn to do their part in this team effort. The dog’s owner still needs to know how to get from point A to point B, the guide dog then assists them in their travels.

The dogs are chosen very carefully to be guide dogs. There are certain breeds known to excel in this capacity. German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers are the top dogs used for guide dogs. These breeds are use due to their high degree of intelligence and being such hard working dogs.

History of Guide Dogs

As far back as the 16th century there are references made about guide dogs. Even the famous author, Elizabeth Barrett Browning made mention of them in her writings.

While World War I was going on the first schools to train guide dogs were founded in Germany in the year 1916. This was to provide the veterans who had been blinded in the war with better mobility using the dogs. Other schools opened in other areas of Germany and together they produced more than twenty-five hundred specially-trained guide dogs to help the blind.

During this period there was an American, Dorothy Harrison Eustis, who was breeding some German Shepherds for a variety of work related functions. She traveled to Germany to see the work that was being done training the guide dogs. She thought quite highly on the results she observed.

To make a long story shorter she went on to write an article about the guide dogs. It was published in the “Saturday Evening Post.” It just so happened that in the United States there was a young man who was blind, Morris Frank, who happened to hear about the guide dogs as the Post published the article. The man from Tennessee set his mind to get a guide dog. He needed to get around easier traveling than he did. Having money at his disposal he now wanted more of a sense of independence.

He made contact with Mrs. Eustis requesting a guide dog trained by her. She agreed after several contacts with her and told him to make a trip to Switzerland. He and the dog (Buddy) trained together then came back to the United States. Mrs. Eustis then asked Morris Frank to open a school in the USA. In 1929 he started “The Seeing Eye”.

Today there are many laws allowing guide dogs to accompany their owners into places where animals are not usually allowed. This not true of every region of the world though. So if you are going to be traveling to a foreign country with a guide dog check out the local customs.

These guide dogs provide an invaluable service to the blind person. The person can lead a much more normal life thanks to having the assistance from a loyal guide dog. Owners of these dogs take very good care of them and know exactly how valuable they are.

Article by Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies, check out our selection designer dog clothes and small dog collars online.

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