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What is the best way to teach a dog “whistle sit”?

Question by monkeyman: What is the best way to teach a dog “whistle sit”?
My dog understands that one whistle “pip” means “sit”. He isnt progressing much from this point though. He is slow to sit and will not do it in motion. What is the best technique for teaching a quick whistle sit, teaching the dog to turn and face me upon whistle sit, and stoping in motion?

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Answer by .700 nitro
Monkey see monkey do. Show him how its done.

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Various Types of Dog Bark Collars for your Pet

Various Types of Dog Bark Collars for your Pet

Dogs have proven to be man’s best friend and for this reason, most dog lovers or owners treat their pets like family by giving them proper attention and care. Although you truly love your dog and even if it is already considered as part of the family, its barking may still become a problem for your family and for your neighbors as well.


As you should know, there are several reasons why a dog barks aside from the fact that it is their nature whenever they are sensing the presence of an intruder of when they feel like there is a threat on their owners. What is annoying is when your pet barks for no obvious reason at all. A dog bark collar can help you with this problem as it was created for the purpose of preventing your dogs from barking too much.


Dog bark collars are mostly recommended for pet owners who have dogs that have developed barking problems. It is often used to prevent and stop the dog from barking at apparently no reason at all. Various studies have shown that these painless collars provide effective and better results compared to the collars that inflict pain. When you are to purchase a dog bark collar for your pet, it is essential to ask for some advice or do a little research about collars before actually buying one for your dog. This is due to the fact that there are several types of dog bark collars available in the market today and all are being used for different purposes. These types include collars with spray control, with electric charge and vibration control, and choke collars.


The ones which are electrically charge are the types that activate an electric charge when the dog has been barking for so long. Although these types of dog bark collars are not meant to hurt the animal, it is not advised for dogs weighing less than 8 pounds. These colors can be easily adjusted depending on the dog’s weight and size.


A dog bark collar which has a spray control also has a vibration sensor which emits annoying citrus spray that dogs dislike so much. Although this spray is harmless, it is proven efficient for dogs that have barking problems. These collars are considered more efficient and humane compared to other collars and is mostly recommended by specialists. On the other hand, a collar with vibration control emit ultrasonic sounds that interrupts a dog by startling it as soon as it starts barking, while a choke collar is recommended if the you have the time to train your pet or if you choose to have a trainer to train your dog.


It is essential to keep in mind that these dog bark collars should only be used when your canine friend is having a barking problem. This collars can be removed when the dog present itself without a barking problem. It is also important to consult or seek a specialist’s advice to know which type of dog bark collar can be used for your pet. As long as it is necessary, do not hesitate to use a collar on your pet but remember not to harm your dog in any way.

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If you are searching for information about Dog barking collars then this video may be of assistance. There are numerous dog barking collars available on the market, and this list is not meant to be exhaustive. The various brands of dog barking collars, which include (for example) Innotek, SportDOG (or Petsafe) & Dogtra. The ways in which the dog barking collars work in ‘correcting’ the barking of the dog, also varies. Some dog barking collars will emit warning tones, which are adjustable, when the dog barks. Other dog barking collars will spray citronella or lemon when the dog barks. And other dog barking collars emit a mild ‘pulse’ or ‘shock’ to the dog when it barks. These are very low, and similar to the devices, such as TENS, that are used for pain relief. These are intended more as a distraction than a punishment. There are also dog barking collars which emit a combination of sound and pulse. While there are numerous methods of ‘correction’ used by the collars, there are also numerous methods of detecting the barking used by the dog barking collars. Some dog barking collars simply have a sensor (for example, a microphone) which detects the sound of the barking. These types of collars could also be triggered by barks from other dogs. There are also dog barking collars that use a vibration sensor which detects the vibrations in the dog’s throat, when barking. And then there are dog barking collars which combine the sensors, and have both the sensor to detect sound and
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TV Dog Training Shows Need To Change But How Do You Now Train Your Pet To Use Aids Such As A Dog Ramp?

by mp459

TV Dog Training Shows Need To Change But How Do You Now Train Your Pet To Use Aids Such As A Dog Ramp?

Many TV dog trainers are giving the wrong advice to viewers. Aggressive dogs are not trying to assert their dominance over their canine or human pack, according to new scientist research.
In a paper published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research existing training methods are likely to cause rather than cure unwanted behaviour.

Far from being helpful, the academics say that training approaches aimed at ?dominance reduction? vary from being worthless in treatment to being actually dangerous and likely to make behaviours worse.

The scientists reported that advice such as instructing owners to eat before their dog or even letting their owner go through doors first does not influence the overall perception of the relationship. In fact it could lead to the pet becoming more anxious. This could potentially lead to an escalation of aggression.

But how do you make sure your dog is not the controller.The answer lies in kindness. As you would with a naughty child, you should remove your pet from a ‘naughty’ situation and say a firm ‘no’. You should then place or instruct your dog to an allocated spot, such as their bed, just like you would with a child and a naughty step.

Don’t forget to reward your dog with plenty of cuddles and praise them if they are well behaved.
This technique can be used if you are putting your pet into a crate or if you want to get your pet to use a dog ramp. Most dogs will understand how to use a dog ramp but make sure you praise them when they have finished using the dog ramp.

This new research proves that dominance training is cruel and can have consequences both for you and your pet. By applying kindness and the same techniques used with children, you can still teach your dog obedience. It’s time now for TV dog behaviour shows to change too.

Many TV dog trainers are giving the wrong advice to viewers. Aggressive dogs are not trying to assert their dominance over their canine or human pack, according to new scientist research. This article looks at how owners can train their dogs without asserting dominance.

The Considerations Needed to Officially Adopt a Dog

The Considerations Needed to Officially Adopt a Dog

There are many of you who have wanted to bring a nice cuddly dog home as a pet. There are different ways that you can go about the business of selecting your future pet but you may want to think about adopting a dog. Before you can officially adopt a dog there are certain items that you will need to take into consideration.

The first consideration should be what sort of dog will be suited for your home and your lifestyle. This is very important to consider as some dogs are really suited for patrolling large compounds and other types of dogs have lots of excess energy that should be worked off in a regular active routine.

In addition when you are going to adopt a dog you will have to think about the full size of your new pet and if your home can accommodate your dog’s environmental needs. For instance you need to understand if a full size Great Dane will be happy living in a small country cottage or trailer house.

The other item that you must consider is the food that you will need to give your new pet. As each dog is different in temperament and size you will need to buy the right type of food for your dog. For this reason adopting a dog involves knowing something about the breed and what sort of food and environmental issues that are necessary for the future well being of your new pet.

You can find some of this information from books and the internet. However before you start looking for this information you will need to see the various breeds. From this information you can make a realistic decision if you are capable of caring for a Chihuahua, a Labrador, a German Shepard, or even a mixed breed.

Once you have looked at the various dogs you can find a pet adoption center where you can find many different breeds of dogs. From these places you should be able to adopt a dog that is in need of lots of care and love. You can ask for information about the dog that you want to adopt.

These questions can include the name of a good veterinarian, an individual who can help you to train your new pet how to behave. You can also ask about the other facts that you may feel are necessary to care for your new dog.

Even though you may have thought that having a pet is an easy matter there are many items that need to be seen to when you adopt a dog. For the person who is willing to give some of their time and love to a dog you will find a lifelong companion who will give you lots of unquestioning love.

Muna wa Wanjiru is a web administrator and has been researching and reporting on internet marketing for years. For more information on adopt a dog, visit his site at adopt a dog

Large Dog Collars & Clothes

Large Dog Collars & Clothes

Many times people say that they cannot find cute dog clothes and dog collars for their big dogs. They think the only things available are for small dogs. This is not true. There are many options for large dog clothing and large dog collars.

There are many different options when it comes to large dog clothes.

• Large Dog T-Shirts- one of the easiest things to find for big dogs are shirts with a design screen printed on. These shirts are normally the most cost effective because of the minimal amount of material needed. Along with shirts, big dog tank tops are very popular. You will be able to find everything from I Love Mommy shirts to Merry Christmas tank tops.
• Dog Tuxedo for Big Dogs- do you think your dog can’t be part of your wedding? Now they can, with our large dog tuxedos. These adorable pet tuxedos are available in white, black, white, and red.
• Large Dog Dresses- one of the hardest things to find for bigger dogs are dresses. But, we have found a great selection of big dog dresses for you to have your wear. You are able to decide between formal dog dress, summer dog dresses, and casual dog dresses, all made to fit big dogs!

There are also many very cute collars, leashes, and harnesses available for large dogs.

• Leather Dog Collars- there are many great leather large dog collars. You are able to choose from plain brown collars to collars with fancier colors and designs.
• Martingale Dog Collars- martingale dog collars are perfect for big dogs that have bigger necks than heads- such as greyhounds. They have a non slip feature which tightens the collar when pulled.
• Nylon Dog Collars- nylon collars for large dogs are perfect when looking for a special design. They collars come in everything from a sail boat print to an Easter print.

As you can see, you have many options for large dog clothing and large dog collars.

Largedogshoppe is the place to go for large dog collars and large dog clothing. We also have a large dog clothes.

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Reveal Top Secrets to Buying a Dog Online

Reveal Top Secrets to Buying a Dog Online

Copyright (c) 2010 Alan Benney

Seen a dog you like to buy online? Before you fall in love with your new found friend, discover, the basic principles you have to know in order not to fall for the dog breeder scams online.

Primarily, according to recent reports in America, more than 180,000 puppies were bought online. However, many people who experienced this have had negative results, to say the least, through lack of information. I would advise you to read this article in its entirety, in order to avoid this happening to you.

I must admit this figure at first I found staggering however, after considering how much we have come to rely on online shopping, this is obviously an upward trend.

Most goods bought online are information products. However, there are many physical goods purchased as well. The results are fairly positive in respect, if the goods don’t arrive in good condition you can return them right? Or get a refund or a replacement.

On the other hand, buying a dog, or a puppy, online are poles apart for example: You can’t send the dog, or puppy, back and expect a replacement. That would be pretty cruel right?

If the dog arrives in bad health it then becomes your responsibility. In many situations the dog has never arrived let alone happy and healthy. What do you need to do to ensure this never happens to you?

Let’s not be too negative with regard to buying a dog online. There are many very legitimate dog breeders that provide a very good service; nevertheless, there are many fraudsters as well.

Grab a pen and paper and take notes, or copy and paste the information below for future reference.

Contact details of a breeder selling the dogs online are really important. Make sure they have a phone number where you can speak to them. Many people hide behind web sites, and things are not always as they seem, dial the number, for your own peace of mind.

Confirm they are who they claim to be. It’s so easy to find out, conduct searches online, use the breeders name, is one suggestion.

Furthermore, find people that have experience with this dog breeder. Get their contact details if possible, usually people that have a good experience are more than pleased to share positive results.

Health guarantees, and a health certificate from a vet are critical. This will ensure the dog has received all the appropriate vaccinations when they are needed. Furthermore, contact the vet that issued this information.”

This essential information without it I would be reluctant to do business with these people.

A further check, you may like to carry out would be to the BBB. The better business bureau in the area you live. Check to see if there have been any problems reported with regard to this dog breeder.

I may be old fashioned but, I like to see what I am buying. If you are able pay a visit to the breeder, in my opinion that would be the safest option if possible.

Alan Benney has developed a great web site, full of free information, with regard to all breeds of dogs, for tips and training help.=> Want to learn more secrets? You can subscribe to his free email course to solve your dog problems plus, grab 6 free dog training lessons. from a professional trainer.

Kennel owner gives advice on picking a pooch As thoughts turn to warmer weather and evening strolls, you may be considering the patter of tiny puppy feet- but don’t be taken for a ride when it comes to picking a pooch. Julie Shelton from Appledown kennels in Eaton Bray warns dog lovers to take extra caution when buying for the first time. She said: “Definitely don’t buy one on the Internet. If you’re looking to buy a dog then really the only sensible way to do it is to go to a rescue centre or to go to a recognised breeder. Appledown kennels are open seven days a week from 10am – 4pm. Words: Sarah Harvey Video: Natalee Hazelwood
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