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Q&A: My dog (Jindo) is having her period? How often and how long do they usually last?

Question by Michael K: My dog (Jindo) is having her period? How often and how long do they usually last?
My Jindo is 6 months old and is having her first period. She walks around wearing a “dog diaper”.

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Answer by sophylakes

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Good Dog! : Positive Dog Training Techniques

Good Dog! : Positive Dog Training Techniques

Good dogs need well-trained masters. This concise and practical guide offers basic training commands and techniques.

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Castor & Pollux Organix Adult Canine Formula, Chicken, Brown Rice & Flax Dry Dog Food, 25-Pound Bag

Castor & Pollux Organix Adult Canine Formula, Chicken, Brown Rice & Flax Dry Dog Food, 25-Pound Bag

  • 25 pound bag of organix canine formula dry
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The Castor & Pollux Organix canine formula dry, made with 70% organic ingredients, 25 pound bag contains provides pet owners with a highly digestible and palatable organic, meat-based protein food. Certified organic, free-range chicken is the #1 ingredient in all dry formulas with organic brown rice, organic peas, organic carrots and organic flax seed adding wholesome nutrition to this complete and balanced diet.

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Castor & Pollux Ultramix Adult Canine Fomula Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound Bag

  • Package contains 30-pounds of castor & pollux ultramix adult canine formula dry dog food
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  • Enriched with a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate

Castor & pollux ultramix adult canine fomula dry dog food, 30-pound bag is formulated to maintain the health and well-being of your best friend! With over 43% meat protein content, Natural ULTRAMIX Adult Canine Formula represents outstanding digestibility and taste. Real fruits and vegetables combined with the kibble provide additional vitamins, minerals antioxidants, enzymes and natural dietary fiber. You’ll see the pieces of carrots, apples, blueberries, papaya, and bananas in every bag! Enric

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Dog being “abused” by ANOTHER DOG?

Question by MOLLY: Dog being “abused” by ANOTHER DOG?
My friend has two dogs – one is a great dane named Chief (he’s full-grown but only a year old so he is very playful) and the other is a sixth month old lab puppy named Lucy. They live in a large pin, a little bigger than an eighteen wheeler truck. Chief is abusive to Lucy. My friend doesn’t know if he is hurting her because he does not like her or if he is just trying to play. She has cuts on her face and some brush burns on her arms 🙁 Today they noticed the cuts on her face and took her out of the pin (the cuts are recent because they feed the dogs every day). Lucy is very skinny because Chief doesn’t let her eat…? (To me this is very strange) I was at her house today and we tried to call Lucy’s name. She came but when she saw us, my friend went up to her and she ran away. She will run away at every noise she hears and at the moment she sees a person (She will come back after a few seconds). My friend even tried to go up to her and pet her but she backed away.
I am almost positive she is so scared because of being scratched and jumped on by Chief and not even allowed to eat. My friend said things have always been this way (but more subtle) for Chief and Lucy but they get more abusive.

I am almost positive Lucy’s fear comes from the harm Chief has done to her. How can we help her become a normal dog and recover from this? I feel so sorry for her because she is scared of everyone and everything – even her owner
I just texted my friend and she said that Lucy is spending the night in the garage. She said her father wanted to find her a new home but her little sister is too attached to Lucy to give her away… I’m not sure how often they walk her or let her out. She said that her father is going to get a seperate fence for her. I guess this well help the problem but I am worried about the emotional damage. I know my friend realizes Lucy is scared of everything but I’m not sure if she realizes how damaging it is to the poor puppy. This is why I want to help her recover.
I was at my friend’s house when her father was feeding Lucy which was when he noticed the cuts. She said that they would play, and it would look rough, but she hasn’t shown any physical signs of damage until now. (I’m guessing this is the first time unless they didn’t notice before) I know my friend or her family did not do this to Lucy because they want to help her.. but I don’t think they realize the importance of helping her mentally.. From what I am understanding is they are only concerned about helping her physically by seperating her and trying to feed her more to gain weight.

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Answer by nickipettis
it doesn’t matter if Chief think s or knows he is abusing Lucy.

Lucy must be removed from that environment. Or Chief must be removed. Lucy is scared to death; please don’t let her stay there. the longer the 2 dogs live together, the harder it will be to train Lucy to trust humans or other dogs.

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Pet Lover’s Guide to Cat and Dog Skin Diseases

Pet Lover’s Guide to Cat and Dog Skin Diseases

Part of the Pet Lover’s Guide series, this handbook covers the most common topics of skin disease in small animals, their causes, and their medical management in a non-technical, informative, and useful manner accessible to both veterinarians and pet owners. The book is organized by skin disorder type, and then alphabetically by disease. Information for each disease is divided into signs, causes, possible secondary consequences, treatment/management, and complications or what to look for. Othe

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Dog Bowls To Dine For

Dog Bowls To Dine For

There are as many styles and types of dog bowls as there are different styles of dishes for your own table. When shopping for a bowl for your dog, consider the size and needs of the dog as well as your own tastes. For those who want a touch of class, there are several designer dog bowls to be found. Personalized dog bowls are a unique way to show your love for your dog. Some dogs have trouble eating from bowls directly on the floor, so for these dogs there are raised bowls available.

Some dogs eat their food too fast, so for these dogs there are bowls available with raised centers to help your pet slow his eating. When they eat slower, their digestion also improves. If your dog pushes his dish across the floor in his eagerness to eat, you can purchase dog bowls with non-skid rubber feet.

For the dogs that live outdoors, there are heated dog bowls to keep their water supply from freezing. Some people prefer automatic dog feeders, so food is always available to their dogs.

If you like to take your dog with you when you travel there are portable, collapsible bowls available. These bowls can often be waterproof as well.

When shopping for a bowl for your dog, keep in mind the breed of dog and how durable the bowl will need to be. Some dogs are rambunctious and will carry their bowls around or chew them if bored. These dogs need to have a bowl that will withstand abuse. Also keep in mind the ease of cleaning of your dog bowls. As it is with people, it is important for gods to have clean dishes to eat out of.

Dog bowls are made for many individual tastes. You can find large or small, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, portable, personalized or designer bowls. So whether you have a large dog or a small dog, whether you prefer a fancy bowl or a plain bowl, there is sure to be a dog bowl out there for your dog to dine in.

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Love Is A Rescue Dog Art T-Shirt Raglan Blue Short Sleeve, 3XL

Love Is A Rescue Dog Art T-Shirt Raglan Blue Short Sleeve, 3XL

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