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Training dogs with a “shock collar”?

Question by kibafang90: Training dogs with a “shock collar”?
My weimaraner sometimes doesn’t listen to commands that she knows. Also sometimes she lacks real drive. Ive tried clicker training and praise but as many people know weimaraners like to do their own thing. I believe i understand the basics of e collar training, but if there are any professionals that know more please leave me a comment. Thank you!
We do agility and have trained ourselves everything we know. Im KIBAfang90 on youtube. Please check us out.
I forgot to say but im looking for somebody to actualy help me on training with an e collar. I dont want to hear its mean becuase i believe its a wonderful training tool. Also im tired of spending hundreds of dollars on professional trainer when i could get answers here.
If you are going to say something like you need to know how to train a dog first, just have a look at us before you do.

Have respect people. 🙂 Thank You
19 female us
Oh god people can you not READ? For now on if anybody leaves a ridiculous comment about e collars being “mean” i will do my best to flag you off. For one thing how does a shock collar break handler dog bond when it creates a bond.
EX To reinforce come, you say “come” Your dog doesnt and you give them a “static zap” and when the dog starts to come your way you stop the “zap” and when they reach you you praise like crazy. In other words YOU ARE THE SAFE, POSITIVE OBJECT TO THE DOG!
I would also like to say i train dogs! No im no professional, i havent attempted to obtain a degree but it doesnt take a brain to train your dog the basics with a clicker. The only problem is im dealing with a trained dog that doesn’t follow through when she isnt hungry for food or isnt in the mood to listen.
Watch us BEFORE you comment! Here is me and my weimaraner.

Here are e collar trained dogs.

And agian i get people who havent had any experience with e collars or havent seen what benefits can come from e collar training. WATCH THE VIDEOS!
And for one if you have a problem with MY question then dont answer.
Anyways i HAVE seen idiotic owners have thier e collars turned up real high and over zap their dogs. Its quite cruel and abusive. I hate those people. but then agian i have seen people do bad things with a dog leash to thier dog. Also what would happen if a leash wasnt invented you …person… ? What if a clicker wasnt invented? You cant go saying what if because for one now you are opening the right for people to say what if to everything and for seconds the new age e collars dont hurt the dog unless your an abusive pathetic low life as to correct your dog when hes doing right., or not condition your dog.And i love victoria! But not all dogs can be reliable with reward based training, sometimes my dog doesnt care what i have she just wants to run off.
Also the dog was givin to me because she was to be killed if she couldnt find a home. She used to bite real bad but we worked on getting her to like people with positive reinforcement. Now shes not afriad of “scarey” looking people. But her lack of listening and barking at strangers because she wants to bo over there RIGHT NOW isnt something that can be fixed by giving her food or petting her. Shes just not listening and needs to listen. When i say sit and another dog is comming she wouldnt care less what i was giving her or doing to make her happy. The only option is to make her know that breaking a sit is would YOU do that? Hit your dog, scream?

Best answer:

Answer by Brian Kim
electrical collar training works for few dogs it usually irritates the dog making it frustrated and annoyed which will make it more distracted! Try going to dog training classes but use a electric collar as a very last resort

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Dog Licking Envelope Rubber Stamp – Wood Mounted

Dog Licking Envelope Rubber Stamp – Wood Mounted

  • Approximate Image Size: 2″ x 1 1/2″
  • This is a deeply etched, finely detailed rubber stamp mounted on high quality white maple wood block with hourglass sides.
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This is a deeply etched, finely detailed rubber stamp mounted on high quality white maple wood block with hourglass sides. All of our stamps are new stamps and ship directly from our workshop in Ohio. ruler may be shown to indicate the relative size of this/these stamp(s) and is not included.

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Buying a Dog

Buying a Dog

Man’s best friend always looks so natural and easy to live with – but is this the reality?

Before buying a dog, it is important to do lots of groundwork, research and preparation. The single most important thing to remember is that once you buy a dog, you only get out what you put in. In the vast majority of cases aggressive dogs or behavioural problems are a direct result of how the owners have looked after their dog.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying a dog include: –

1 – What is the main reason we want a Dog?

2 – Are we ready for the responsibility of keeping a Dog?

3 – Do we have sufficient time to spend with our Dog?

4 – How will it interact with other family members and/or pets?

5 – Can we afford a Dog?

6 – Where should we buy a Dog from?

1 – If your reason for getting a dog is because they look cute, your friend/a celebrity has one or you are the type of person who easily loses interest, then perhaps a Dog would not be ideal for you. If on the other hand you are ready for the commitment and highs and lows this journey will bring, then go for it!

2 – Owning a Dog is a huge responsibility. Not just to the Dog itself, but also those around you. Having an out of control Dog or one who is aggressive or constantly barks, can put a great strain on your relationships. How many times do you hear of people complaining that their neighbours dog barks all day long whilst they are at work? This is the responsibility of the Dog Owner to control. Don’t be put off by this, if you take the right steps from the moment you are introduced to your Dog then this need never be a problem.

3 – Most Dogs want a routine and whilst the amount of time on each will vary from breed to breed, the activites will remain the same. These can be broken down into: –

Sleep/Rest Food/Drink Exercise Play Love

The order is not necessarily in importance, but if you can give a regular sleep and eating pattern it will help any new Dog settle into its surroundings. Exercise is an absolute must, if you are not prepared to take your Dog out 2-3 times per day in all weathers then you may find they become bored, restless or agitated. Encourage exercise with their play and give them sufficient love without being over-the-top. If you give too much love, your Dog will begin to think it is in control of you and it has to be the other way round.

4 – If you have young children or are expecting a baby, then please think carefully about the type of breed you want. Make sure you have enough time to spend with both your Dog and family, so neither feel neglected.

5 – Dogs can be very cheap or very expensive to look after – a lot depends on the ‘luck of the draw’ when you buy your Dog. I would certainly recommend Pet Insurance as soon as you buy your Dog. Once they become an integral part of your life you will want to do anything to help them should they become ill so this should keep any medical problems financially covered.

6 – You have to decide whether you want to buy a puppy from a breeder, a Dog out of the local ads or a Rescue Dog from your nearest centre. There are pro’s and con’s with all of these and we will be covering them in our Blog shortly.

I hope that you reach the right decision when you are Buying a Dog and that our article has been of help to you.

Having many years experience of Owning and looking after Dogs, we have now set up a Blog at to share these experiences with you.

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To All Dog + Cat Owners!!!!!!??!?!?!?!? Important Info Concerning animals health?

Question by R.S.: To All Dog + Cat Owners!!!!!!??!?!?!?!? Important Info Concerning animals health?
A large number of pet food has been recalled all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Refer to the link below to be sure you arent feeding your pet any of the brands listed.
once you get on the site, click on either “Dog Product Information” or “Cat Product Information” to find out about the brands being recalled.

Best answer:

Answer by Paul
thanks for the info

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Do Dog Supplements Really Work?

Do Dog Supplements Really Work?

As an employee of a dog supply and nutraceutical company, I am often asked by friends if dog supplements really work or if they are just a gimmick.  And, while I want to shout out loudly, “Yes, of course”,  I am forced to shake my head and say – “it depends”.  

Pet supplements are under the same attack as many human supplements with outrageous, unproven claims of benefits from “trace levels” of ingredients you can’t pronounce.   In addition, the pet supplement business is not regulated by the FDA, which means that many supplements do not contain the adequate levels of ingredients they state on the label and/or the quality of those ingredients are subpar.  And, it seems there are individual supplements for every organ and tissue in a dog’s body.  Seriously, have you been to a pet store, lately?  The aisle is confusing, at best.   Here is the truth: many of these supplements are not needed in a dog’s body.  Dog’s have an incredible ability to heal themselves.  So, unfortunately, it is true that many supplements are more hype than anything.

So, you’ve got unproven claims, an unregulated market, and a confusing array of products from which to choose (most, of which are not necessary).  Oh yeah, and a dog that would rather have his anal glands cleaned than swallow one of those horse-sized pills.  It’s enough to make you want to want to stop reading and let Fido’s body do its own thing, right? 


Despite all of the negatives surrounding pet supplements, I have seen some absolutely amazing results for dogs who take quality pet supplements for specific reasons.  In fact, it is the main reason I decided to get into the business.  If your dog is in need of certain nutrients and you can provide him with a high quality supplement, it could change both your life and his.  You just need to be armed with a good understanding of when and why to use a product. 

Here are some points to help you get started:

1. Know the points in your dog’s life when he/she is most vulnerable – Like people, there are a few times in a dog’s life when supplements are more important – growing puppies, pregnant females, injured, and senior dogs.  In my research, I have found that supplements can make the most noticeable differences for dogs suffering with inflammation and pain – typically injured, aging, or arthritic dogs.

2. As in most cases, “you get what you pay for” – Many companies believe that there is a cap on the amount of money an owner is willing to spend on his/her dog.  This belief, coupled with an unregulated market, has led to poor quality supplements that are at such low standards they likely add no benefit at all. 

3. Do not be fooled by big brands and manufacturers –  A recent human vitamin study found that over 80% of vitamins sold in mass market retailers were inadequate.  I have not seen a study for pet supplements, but my guess would be that this number could be even higher.  So, whether you are faced with a major brand or a small independent manufacturer, your risks are similar.  Stay away from the cheap products and look for companies who put an emphasis on quality – not price.  If you use a quality, more expensive supplement, you will likely save money in the long run because it should result in fewer vet visits or more costly pharmaceutical drugs.

4. Look for supplements with proven ingredients for your dog’s particular problem – Some companies, in an attempt to have a more robust ingredient list, will add cheaper ingredients that add no value for the specific problem the product is supposed to address.  The internet is a powerful tool in this arena.  Ingredients that have been proven to work for a particular condition rise to the top.  I will share what I know on ingredients proven to help with joint issues at the end of this article.

5. Ensure the product has been manufactured in a GMP-certified, FDA approved manufacturing facility.  – “GMP-certified” means that the manufacturer has passed a third party audit to ensure their products have the purest ingredients in the proper amounts.  FDA-approved does not mean that the products themselves are FDA approved (this is an unregulated industry).  However, it can give you piece of mind that the facility is meeting FDA standards.  Manufacturers that meet these requirements are often very proud and will list this on their website and/or the package.

6. Look for powder or liquid supplements – Obviously, if your dog does not take pills, there is a huge benefit to this because the powder/liquid can be mixed in dog food.  However, there is a more important reason for this.  Research has proven that powders and liquids are absorbed faster into the body than tablets.  So, that means the benefits are typically seen faster.  For dogs taking supplements with anti-inflammatory benefits, this can lead to faster pain relief.

7. Talk to your Vet – If your dog has any allergies or suffers from any other medical issues you should share the ingredients with your vet to ensure that there will be no adverse reactions. 

So, there you have it.  I hope this provides some insight on how and when to give your dog supplements. 

I wish you and your dog the best.

Denise Redke is a researcher for Cavida Canine Science ( where she specializes in development of SHJ Platinum Dog Joint Supplements. These are the top 5 selling dog supplements so far in 2010. We’ve got specially formulated dog supplements to help keep your pup healthy! Some of our most top sellers feature: traditional tablets, soft chewable forms, easily digestible vitamins and minerals! Oh My Dog Supplies provides a low price guarantee, a 6 month money back guarantee, and has free shipping on any order of 0 or more! Click the link below to browse our dog supplements at Oh My Dog Supplies:
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what is your favorite “walk the dog” type of lure?

Question by foo: what is your favorite “walk the dog” type of lure?
it can be for fresh or saltwater it doesnt matter. i personally like the zara spook, followed by the skitter pop by rapala. and why is it your favorite?

Best answer:

Answer by Sportz Fan
The Zara Spook is by far my favorite lure. It works so well!

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