Concerned About Your Pet’s Safety?

dog chasingAre you concerned about your pet’s safety? Is you pet an escape artist, bitten by wanderlust, capable of scaling walls or fences, likes to dig or jump? Or, worst yet, likes to chase cars or try to bite the tires while the car is driving down the road?

You’ve come to the right place!

We been protecting pets for over 10 years now, and have customized systems on the toughest of properties. We’ve scaled a few walls too, work around pools, ponds, Jacuzzi’s….. even lakes and waterways. We’ve done it all, and we can customize our system to meet your needs while preserving your landscape. We know how costly landscaping can be and how destructive our beloved companions can be.

Whatever you need, we have a solution.

The Pet Stop Pet Fence System is true state-of-the-art technology designed to deliver our exclusive:

  • DM Technology; no AM/FM signal here (no more worries about false corrections or signal degradation due to electronic gates or devices, even wrought iron)
  • Wired or Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Systems
  • Choose from our re-chargeable EcoLite Receiver; or our UltraElite and UltraMax Receivers
  • Omni-directional antenna built-in to every receiver
  • GentleSteps Training: safe, humane and effective to ensure a positive experience for you and your pet
  • Cost Effective (you have control of your system, saving you time and money; no need for costly service calls to make adjustments to your system)
  • FREE Batteries
  • FREE Training
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee

We encourage you to compare our local USA made product against any competitor product and you will quickly learn that our competitors just don’t measure up.

When nothing but the best will do for your pets, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dog Park Etiquette

Dog Park Etiquette: What You Need to Know for Off-Leash Fun

Dog parks are more than just places for your pampered pooch to burn off some steam and calories. Within the chain link confines of dog parks, you can find camaraderie, exercise, laughter, fun and of course, dogs!

Here are some tips for merging good manners and common sense to create the ultimate dog park experience for you and your pet:

Scoop the Poophondo-dog-park

Nobody likes messy shoes (or paws). As soon as your dog makes a mess, clean it up and throw it away. Many dog parks are well-stocked with poop bags for clean-up but always show up prepared with your own. This simple step will help keep the park clean and prevent the unintentional spread of disease.

Bring Only Healthy Dogs to the Dog Park

Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated before you go to the dog park. This is especially important for puppies. Also, check your local park’s rules and regulations—some parks don’t allow puppies younger than 4 months inside. Never take a female dog that’s in heat to a dog park either: you risk meeting up with non-neutered males and exposing your dog to aggressive pursuit.

Be Responsible for Your Dog’s Behavior

Your dog may be good-natured and obedient at home, but be prepared to monitor her closely when exposing her to the new environment of a dog park. Let your pet play with the other dogs, but watch her body language and look for signs of fearful or aggressive behavior. This means always keeping an eye on your dog and not letting her get too far out of reach.

Keep in mind that other Pet Parents may not be as responsible as you and their dogs may not want to play.

If your dog begins to growl, show teeth or behave aggressively or is the target of another dog’s aggression, intervene and redirect your dog to another area of the park. If the behavior continues, it may be best to leave the park entirely and seek the advice of a trainer who can help socialize your dog in a safe, controlled setting.

Limit the number of dogs you bring to the dog park. Some parks have restrictions on how many dogs Pet Parents can bring, but even if yours doesn’t, only bring as many dogs as you can safely manage.

Leave Toys at Home

Some parks have communal tennis balls free for the tossing, but remember that squeaky toys, tug toys, and rope toys brought from home can cause normally docile dogs to become possessive. Avoid any possible conflict over favorite toys by leaving them at home. If you encounter a dog that is playing with a toy from home, try to steer your pet’s energy away from that pup and toward a communal ball or a play pack having a good time.

Toddlers and Dog Parks

Don’t risk the chance of an accident by bringing small children into dog parks. Dogs running around the park can really build up speed and aren’t always paying attention to where they are headed.

Toddlers can easily be knocked over during the fun. Also remember, dogs with a strong prey drive will often chase and sometimes nip at anything small and moving. If you absolutely must bring your children to the dog park, make sure you keep a close eye on them and keep them at a safe distance from dogs at play.

Remember, Safety First

As soon as you enter the dog park, take off all gear other than your dog’s collar and ID tag. This will help prevent your dog’s (and any of his four-legged friend’s) teeth or jaw from getting caught in any gear.

By approaching the whole dog park experience with a friendly attitude, responsible behavior, and a willingness to keep the park itself clean, you’ll find it easy for you and your dog to get exercise and socialize.

The Furminator Part 2 – The Online Pet Store

The Furminator Part 2

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Even hitting stuffed animals with ping pong rackets and throwing them to the bed is completely awful. All credit goes to me for doing everything. 🙂
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