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Founder of Clear Conscience Pet

Founder of Clear Conscience Pet®, Anthony Bennie, Will be Presenting “Confessions of a Dog Food Salesman” at This Year’s Supply Side MarketPlace Conference

Clear Conscience Pet, Founder Anthony Bennie at Supply Side

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

The Supply Side Marketplace will be held April 30th through May 2nd at the Jacob Javits Center Convention Center in New York City. The conference will bring together buyers, sellers, and manufacturers who will shape the future of the ingredients to be used in health foods, dietary supplements, beverages, cosmetics, and animal foods.

Anthony Bennie, the Founder and President of Clear Conscience Pet, has been selected for the second time by the Virgo Health and Nutrition Network to represent the pet nutrition industry as a speaker at the event. The talk is part of the “Supply Side Why” series of ten minute “TED” style offerings by thought leaders from a broad cross section of the health and nutrition world.

Bennie’s presentation, entitled “Confessions of a Pet Food Salesman,” will debut at the conference on Thursday, May 2nd at 11:00 AM. The presentation will be podcast live from 11:00 am to 11:10 from booth 680 on the Javits Center show floor. The podcast URL is http://marketplace.supplysideshow.com/why-live.aspx

Clear Conscience Petwon Virgo’s 2012 award for animal nutrition at the Supply Side West show in Las Vegas.“We named the company Clear Conscience Pet to reflect our philosophy of uncompromising quality, holistically balanced nutrition, and ethical and fair business practices,” said Bennie. “This philosophy directs every aspect of how we source, make, and formulate our treats, natural chews, and our SuperGravy food enhancer,” he added.

The company recently launched its new Sliders® brand of holistic dog treats, thus joining the SuperGravy® brand, the patent-pending OSV line of flax and vegetable coated treats and chews, and Cruncherz Organic grain and gluten free dog biscuits. Although the company is fairly new, Bennie is a twenty year veteran of the natural pet food industry and has published numerous articles in the field as well as presenting several guest lectures on dog and cat nutrition at Cornell and other colleges of veterinary medicine.

“Confessions of a Pet Food Salesman,” will debut at this year’s event and promises to be controversial in some circles. “We want to be remove the veil and look at some of the marketing gimmicks and outright deception that have all too often characterized the pet food industry,” said Bennie. “As an industry insider, I have been privy to what happens behind the scenes and if it offends some people that I am going to share this information, so be it. My goal is not to sensationalize, but to educate. It is my hope that consumers, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers will be both entertained and enlightened to make better choices in product formulation and choices for their own animal companions.”

About Clear Conscience Pet:

Clear Conscience Pet was founded in 2010 to create healthy, wholesomely sourced, and incredibly tasty treats for dogs and cats. All products are artisan made in the U.S.A. from 100% American ingredients with an emphasis on grass fed, family-farmed, and sustainable sources. The company has won six national awards for pet nutrition since late 2011, making Clear Conscience one of the most honored companies in the history of the pet nutrition industry.

Web address: http://www.clearconsciencepet.com.

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Clear.Conscience.Pet.LLC.

Twitter: @CCPetTreats.

For videos and interviews: visit: http://www.clearconsciencepet.com/ccp-tv.

About Supply Side MarketPlace 2013:

The overall goal of Supply Side Marketplace 2013 is to explore and discover innovation from around the world to collaboratively develop the next product that will drive revenue, market share and consumer loyalty. The highlight of Supply Side MarketPlace is its 60,000 square foot Expo Hall, featuring more than 5,000 ingredients and services available to the nearly 4,000 attendees who are expected to explore the newest ingredients to innovate new products. Exhibitors will share their latest developments and buyers will get a head start on their competition. To learn more visit: http://marketplace.supplysideshow.com/. Twitter: @SupplySide.

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Avoid Wildlife Encounters This Summer

Avoid Wildlife Encounters This Summer

Born Free USA

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

Learning how to respect and respond to wildlife while camping, picnicking, and hiking this summer can mean the difference between co-existing peacefully and being in serious danger. Born Free USA, a leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, reports that there is an increase in wildlife encounters this time of year, starting around Memorial Day weekend, because families are enjoying activities that take place in the homes of these animals.

According to Adam Roberts, Executive Vice President of Born Free USA, “Many people are shocked when they actually encounter a bear, coyote, or other animal and get angry or frightened when this happens. It is important to be always alert and to remember that wildlife belongs in the wild and you are enjoying activities in their home. You are on their turf and you need to respect that. Therefore, learning how best to avoid a conflict from the start and to manage any encounter properly, can put you at ease and possibly save lives.”

“Fed wildlife is dead wildlife,” explains Roberts. “Keep food out of reach of wildlife and never feed wild animals intentionally or unintentionally. Once a wild animal becomes accustomed to hand-outs by people, they will feel very comfortable making it a habit to get close, and a deadly cycle begins. They will eventually be regarded as ‘nuisance animals’ which opens the door to lethal control and other issues.”

Coyotes and Bobcats

Aggressive behavior toward people by coyotes and bobcats is most often a result of habituation due to feeding by humans. If approached by a coyote or bobcat, make loud noises (bang pots and pans; blow a horn or whistle; shake a can with rocks). Show dominance and re-instill their natural fear of humans. Do not run, as this may elicit a chase response. If hiking with dogs, in coyote country keep them on a leash. Small dogs may be especially tempting to a coyote.

Black Bears

Most negative black bear encounters are caused by surprising a bear or luring them with food. Bears have an exceptional sense of smell — seven times more powerful than dogs – -and can detect odors over a mile away. Avoid packing odorous food and fragrant nonfoods (i.e. lotions), and use bear-proof, odor-proof containers (i.e. airtight canisters). Do not leave food or ice chests on decks or in vehicles.

Become familiar with techniques for hanging food out of bears’ reach. Hang food and scented items at least 10 feet off the ground and five feet from a tree. Be sure tents, sleeping bags, and clothes are free of lingering food odors.

When hiking or in the back country, make plenty of noise to avoid surprising a bear. If you do encounter a black bear, do not run. This may elicit a chase response in the bear. Slowly back off and allow the bear room to pass or leave. Avoid direct eye contact and pick up small children to prevent them from running and screaming. Contain and restrain dogs.

Black bears may pounce forward on their front feet and bellow loudly, followed by clacking of their jaw. This is a sign of fear. Mothers with cubs sometimes make “bluff charges” — short rushes, or a series of forward pounces, also a sign of nervousness and not intent to attack. If this happens, momentarily hold your ground. Then keep backing away and talking softly.

Porcupine and Skunk

Skunks always give warning to let their presence be known. They stamp their feet, then point their posterior. Skunks hold fire before spraying and only spray if attacked. If you encounter a skunk suddenly, stand still for a few seconds until the skunk senses that danger has passed and allow him to wander off. Or take two slow steps back and continue on your way.

Dogs are the most common recipients of skunk spray. If a dog is sprayed, mix 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of     baking soda and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Lather the dog and leave mixture on for three to five minutes before rinsing.

Porcupines are also pacifists, preferring to avoid trouble unless threatened. They can be attracted to camp sites, not for food but in search of salt. They will chew on anything with salt, including sweaty hiking boots. In areas with porcupines, keep boots inside tents or cars.

Other Outdoor Dangers

Beware of hidden animal traps. Steel-jawed legholds and other traps are widely used to brutally catch wild animals for their fur. Because they snap shut on any animal — or person — that triggers them, these traps frequently capture “non-targeted” animals including family pets. For every target animal caught in a trap, two non-target animals are trapped. Born Free USA has an online database of these non-target incidents at http://www.bornfreeusa.org/database.

Unsuspecting hikers and others may go to trails or parks with their dogs and traps may be located along the trails or paths but with no sign or other warnings. When this happens, dogs end up maimed or killed as the hikers struggle to free their dogs in time.

Born Free USA is a nationally recognized leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Through litigation, legislation, and public education, Born Free USA leads vital campaigns against animals in entertainment, exotic “pets,” trapping and fur, and the destructive international wildlife trade. Born Free USA brings to America the message of “compassionate conservation” — the vision of the U.K.-based Born Free Foundation, established in 1984 by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, stars of the iconic film Born Free, along with their son Will Travers, now CEO of both organizations. Born Free’s mission is to end suffering of wild animals in captivity, conserve threatened and endangered species, and encourage compassionate conservation globally. More at: http://www.bornfreeusa.org; twitter http://twitter.com/bornfreeusa; Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BornFreeUSA.


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Does this shirt “diss” Michael Vick?

Question by John Smith: Does this shirt “diss” Michael Vick?
im a huge eagles fan and i want to get this Vick shirt but i cant tell if its dissing him or not haha what do you think?

sorry forgot to add the link my bad

Best answer:

Answer by The Man
How does that dis Vick? He’s a running Qb (who also has a good arm).

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What breed of dog is this?

Question by Bobby: What breed of dog is this?
Here is a picture of the dog: http://images1.variety.com/graphics/photos/reviewd/rdog_with_a_blog.jpg

I think it might be a border collie??? i dunno. what do you guys think?
This dog is the dog from disney channels “dog with a blog”. The dogs name is stan (:

Best answer:

Answer by StellaStarfire
Not a Border Collie. Borders are usually black and white.

It might be an Aussie Shepherd mix or something like that.

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talking dog watch this damn funny

super is it true……………………….? :p FOR MORE VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/user/dayakarj/videos.
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