Launches as Fashion Focused Dog Store Launches as Fashion Focused Dog Store

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 30, 2009

Dotted Concepts Inc. is pleased to announce its first e-commerce launch – . Designer Doggy provides a comprehensive selection of unique and creative dog products chosen for their flair as well as their dependability.

Designer Doggy is a site of both form and function with creations from all the fashion elite. Christian Audigier, Paris Hilton, Chrome Bones, Little Lily, and Cece Kent are just a sampling of the brand names offered in the design collection. New companies are thoroughly evaluated before being added to the site to ensure customers are receiving not only the latest fashion and designs, but a product of high quality and integrity.

The online store carries a complete line of products including beds, carriers, collars, clothing, jewelry, toys, and spa items. As an introductory special, Designer Doggy is offering 10% off on all dog beds until November 15th, as well as free shipping on all orders totaling $ 150 or more. All other orders qualify for the ongoing $ 5 flat rate shipping.

Besides featuring high-end designer products, the site makes it simple to access them with high-resolution photos and descriptions. The Designer Doggy team is sincerely interested in hearing new ideas and comments through Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, or phone calls. In the future, special purchase discounts will be available to the consumer, and seasonal sales will occur.

In addition to becoming a leader in the dog fashion marketplace, Designer Doggy has a goal to become involved in helping smaller animal shelters throughout the country. The hope is to donate a portion of profits at a later date to these causes, as well as sponsoring events held by shelters.

Designer Doggy operates an office in Chicago with a warehouse in a surrounding suburb. Questions about the store may be directed to 877-55DOGGY or through their website.



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Anchorage, AK (PRWEB) December 31, 2005 launches to provide highly focused resources for aspiring and professional dog trainers.

Dogs are a huge part of family life; most people at least had a dog while they were growing up and many of them still consider a dog among their best friends.’s aim is to provide a single resource for those who want to train dogs, professionally, and for the average dog enthusiast who would like a better-trained buddy. Here, dog enthusiasts, of all varieties, can find tips to help them with their dogs and in finding accredited dog training schools to attend.

The site has up-to-the minute dog training news and articles, as well as articles from professional trainers. Of particular interest is its listing, by category, of reputable dog training schools. Only the very best dog training schools are recommended and are grouped by: Commercial/Obedience, Military/Police, and Guide Dogs.

The Commercial/Obedience section will be the most commonly used category, as it encompasses everything from puppy obedience to competitive obedience and conformation training, to agility. It’s this category into which most of us, with family pets, fall into. The Military/Police category covers schools that teach everything from patrol dog training to drug and explosives dog training. The Guide Dogs category is highly specialized and is specifically for seeing-eye dogs students and potential trainers. encourages the submission of stories from other professional trainers as well as anyone who has benefited from dog training. The authors can chose to be anonymous if they wish or receive full credit. User-submitted stories are then posted to a dedicated portion of the site, added to the article rotation, and broadcast over the daily updated RSS feed.

The site is now open to the public and can be found at:


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Q&A: I would like to start a small scale rescue “center” …focused on APBTs. (please read)?

Question by Lila: I would like to start a small scale rescue “center” …focused on APBTs. (please read)?
I am an avid APBT lover. I own a 5 year old and he is great. I have owned, fostered, rescued and trained many dogs.
I would like to start a small scale rescue center. I would like to adopt 2-3 dogs at a time (meaning 2-3 in my home at any one time) and re-home them myself. I think that this way, the dogs will be able to socialize with other dogs, and children (we have a son) and run around while i am “fostering” them. I understand that i would have to know all of the info on the dogs such as temperament and story. I also understand that this will be a huge responsibility, but i believe i am up to the task.
I was a marine for 5 years and am now in College one night a week but it counts as full time….so im home all day for the most part. I live in a 2 story 3 br home with a large back yard that is fenced in by a 8-10 foot wood fence.
What do you think of this idea? What advice can you give me? do you think that the shelters and humane society would support my plan?
Im not sure what type of insurance would be required….we have 300,000 in Liability insurance

Best answer:

Answer by Julie
Many of the spca centers are always looking for people who will foster dogs and then re home them. You might check in an see what the requirements are.

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