Dog Separation Anxiety- Capitalize On the Situation Before It Worsens!

Dog separation anxiety is the most common type of anxiety syndrome found in dogs; it usually occurs when the owner returns to work after a long break like a vacation, a maternity leave or even when children return to school. To be precise, dog separation anxiety occurs when the owner returns to work or comes back from work. As social animals, dogs are supposed to have a natural bond with their owners and thus are more prone to dog separation anxiety. One can say that dog anxiety syndrome is the fear of dog getting separated from his owner. A dog, when becomes overly bonded with his owner, starts behaving in a different manner that is by far not normal.


Dog separation anxiety is a cause of concern for the dogs who are suffering from this form of disorder. The dogs start behaving in different manner when he sense that his owner is coming back or leaving for work. Dogs suffering from these kinds of anxiety attacks start behaving in a different way than normal like crying, whining, barking and often spinning in circles in front of their owners. They cry, whine and bark at inappropriate times of the day, leaving their owner dazed and confused.


Dog separation anxiety is a dreadful situation of concern, as it can leave both the owner and the dog under a mental imbalance. One should find a way to treat it at the earliest; not doing so will unleash your dog to various health ailments including mental imbalances. The first step in treating dog separation anxiety is to see that whether or not your dog(s) are suffering from this ailment, this you can do by noting down the behavioral changes. You should first see whether or not your dog shows symptoms, some of the things to note are:

Does your dog(s) bark, cry and whine at inappropriate times or without any reason?
Does your dog (s) tend to tear off things and eat up your furniture when you are away?
Does your dog(s) spin in circles often sensing your departure?


If the answers to all the above questions are yes, then you desperately need some guide and remedies to help you and your dog. Some of the ways to get rid of dog separation anxiety are:

One of the efficient ways to overcome dog separation anxiety includes training viz. crate training and obedience training.
Owners can also try and put their dogs through plenty of exercises, work outs like walking, running, and frisbee and ball returning exercises, this will definitely tire the dog and a tired dog can easily accept separation.
Dog separation anxiety is caused because of low confidence in dogs, therefore a dog has to be given the lost confidence back. Owners can try and play those games with their dogs where their dog wins. This will make the dog obedient and also boosts up their confidence.
A usual break of few minutes alone will also help the dog being alone and thus helps a dog to overcome separation anxiety. Let the dog be alone everyday for a few minutes and slowly increase the time gap.

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