Is there a recipe for a low calorie dog food?

Question by ladymaeve100: Is there a recipe for a low calorie dog food?
My family dog is overweight, but we just can’t afford the “diet” dog food. Is there a recipie for making a diet dog food at home?
My family dog is under my parents care, a state away – so I am unable to do anything myself other then make suggestions to them. My parents are elderly (they arn’t able to walk her as much as she needs,) and surviving on a single income with reduced hours so things are very tight (so they can’t just hire someone to walk our dog.)

She has been tested for a thyroid condition already, and it came up negative. I have one myself so it was the first thing I suggested :-).

I don’t want to feed her store bought diet good – since its terribly expensive and has all the drawbacks mentioned here. I want a *recipe* that is lower in calories. I am hoping that by making the food themselves they will understand how much to give her and help with the over feeding. My father can’t stand to “just reduce” her food intake. I know that thats what is neccesary, but if I can’t change him I need another work around.

So, is there a recipe out there for a 50 lbs dog that will help her lose weight?
C’mon people – I understand there isn’t a magic bullet – but I do know that just as there is lower calorie dishes for people, there are lower calorie dishes for dogs. These are more satisfying then just serving a teeny tiny portion of the normal food. Please don’t be snotty saying how “store bought diet food” doesn’t work – I am asking for a recipe – read my question!!

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Answer by walking lady
You don’t need diet dog food. All you do is cut down on whatever food you’re feeding by about 25% and don’t give any treats at all unless you give raw carrots or green beans. Also, a lot more exercise. Dogs need to eat less and exercise more just like people do to lose weight, they don’t need “diet” food.

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