Can Small Dogs Rule? Insane Frisbee Boston Terrier

*All video footage taken with Android II Global (hence the shaky and mediocre quality) In this episode, we bring some distraction in for 2 of the dogs while the owner gets the hang of it on working the 3rd dog. The footage in this video is all unedited during some of the distraction portion with Sit Means Sit trainers Ashton Fitz-Gerald and Billy Salcido.

Boston Terrier Dog Training & Behavior Understanding Tips

Boston Terrier Dog Training & Behavior Understanding Tips

You can have fun learning about your dogs natural behavior instincts, and learn how to change and correct some of them. With this dog guide book, you will be able to understand why your dog does some of the silly little things they do, and also you will be able to correct their bad behavior very easily. Learning to train your Boston Terrier puppy and dog will be much easier when you read this helpful book on teaching and training your Boston Terrier. Learn what the best healthy type of dog foo

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 12.99

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Oscar the Boston Terrier … Dog vs. Stairs

Oscar the Boston Terrier can’t quite walk down the stairs …

My Boston Terriers Farts Stink!?

Question by LaChe: My Boston Terriers Farts Stink!?
I have two Boston terriers and they fart all night.The smell is so bad and it’s really strong! I’ve tried looking up answers from this site but all the posts I’ve seen say to “stop feeding the dog crap” or “buy quality food” well i did my research and i buy my BT’s Innova puppy food, it’s one of the best foods out there, but the farts still stink. Should I just try another brand? Any other suggestions? Thanx!

Best answer:

Answer by sdographics
Ha ha! My dog farts bad too. My dog is on Wellness brand dog food which is very healthy! I’ve found that raw-hyde chews make him gassy. One thing that seems to help is the Anti-Gas tabs made by Excel. You can get them at Petsmart, Pet Supplies Plus, etc. Those types of stores.

Lighting a candle helps too because the flame feeds off of the surrounding air (stinky air) so it helps to get rid of the smell. Good luck!

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  • 181 pages of information with a free care and training DVD
  • The most breed-specific information available
  • Includes positive training methods
  • Features current health care information
  • Easy to follow grooming instructions

Terra-Nova The Boston Terrier Dog Book – Discover a whole new world of Boston Terriers.Affectionately nicknamed the “American Gentleman,” this sturdy, compact dog is spunky, active and curious. The Boston Terrier has the uncanny ability to mirror his owner’s moods–if you are happy, he is happy. Smart and quick to learn, this social housedog forms a very close bond with the members of his family.This total care guide contains colorful sidebars, boxes and photographs that illustrate key topics es

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