Question by Vladimir: Islamic Suicide Bombers: Courage, cowardice, or neither?
If you said “neither”, we agree.

Suppose I train (brainwash) a dog to do an act, based on simple punishment and reward conditioning. If I strap a bomb on this dog, and it jumps into a school bus expecting reward, afterwhich it blows up…can we call the dog courageous?

Well, you might say “thats different from a human”. Oh yea? Humans cant be conditioned with the exact same principles? Ever take psychology?

“Well they know what they are doing”.

Oh yea? Every study done on these Jihadists shows that they GENUINELY believe they will have their virgin-orgy reward and that they will feel NO PAIN after they push the button. These are not catholic-like Muslims, they believe their religion, that they were programmed with since birth, totally and completely without reservation. This is the highest form of brainwashing and I guarentee you cant give me a better example of brainwashing…this is possible today, ONLY IN ISLAM.

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