Lake Orion, MI (PRWEB) January 29, 2008

Birkdale Medicinals releases healthier pet mix for dogs with cancer. Birkdale Medicinals owner, Tom Peters, had a very unusual response to the death of his beloved family dog from cancer — he wanted to know why. What he found out made him create a healthier food called Birkdale pet mix. The recent scrutiny of dog food ingredients and the lack of nutritional value it provides has sparked a debate over the rise in cancer in dogs. The result is a newly formulated healthy dog food with herbal supplements to boost a pet’s nutrition and natural immune system.

Are Americans feeding their dogs food that causes cancer? Canine cancer is on the rise and the culprit could be bagged dog food. Animal Protection Institutes’s recent survey of veterinarians in conjunction with the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights found that more than 90 percent of veterinarians responding to the survey said they have concerns about pet foods. “If the American public knew what went into their dog’s and cat’s commercial food, you’d see some major changes in purchasing choices.” Another vet commented, “I believe that the incredibly poor quality of commercial pet foods is largely responsible for the continued increase in chronic, degenerative diseases in dogs and cats.”

Tom’s research discovered that bagged dog food, even premium brands, consist of primarily of carbohydrates like rice and potato flour, sugar and meat byproducts. Chemicals that preserve fat also cause cancer and kidney failure. The most common chemicals used are BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytolulene), both known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction. These poisons are being ingested by dogs in every meal they eat. An Australian Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Ian Billinghurst, states in his book “Give Your Dog A Bone” — “In the case of domesticated dogs, cancer is on the rise, developmental disorders are commonplace, life expectancy is shortening and domestic dogs are more fragile and more expensive to maintain nowadays, than ever before. There has also been a massive international industry built up around processed dog food, health treatments and more recently ‘snack foods’ for our dogs.”

In response to this, BirkDale Medicinals has developed a non-grain pet mix formula specifically designed to give dogs maximum nutrition. This is especially important for dogs with cancer and other serious diseases. Canines need unprocessed fruits and vegetables to provide nutrients that contribute to easy digestion and absorption of nutrients. They also help to enhance a dog’s immune system. There are no preservatives, grains or chemical additives which makes this food easy for dogs to metabolize. The healthy mix of vegetables and whole foods is unique because customers add their own meat, which insures a higher level of meat quality with fewer preservatives. This pet mix also includes anticancer herbal supplements that augment traditional treatment. For more information on Birkdale Medicinals Pet Mix and additional benefits of healthy dog food, go to visit , call 888-5-247-247.

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