Question by ?????: What are some of the biggest dog oxymorons?

Okay, let’s face it, we’ve all seen these dog oxymorons. Contradicting statements. We see them all over this section, all of the time. So, what is the biggest dog oxymoron you have seen here? Don’t be shy, put as many as you can think of!

I will start off.

“100 pound APBT”
“Free dog”

Have fun!
Garnet- those aren’t oxymorons. Sorry.

Best answer:

Answer by BYB’s worship Satan!
‘reputable teacup maltipoo breeder”

a petshop advertising that they “do not support puppy mills”


“non-shedding dog”

“hypoallergenic dog”

“dog that has hair, not fur” or “has fur, not hair”

“maltipoo is a breed”

“I have a dog that is mixedbreed/ has a crappy registry/ poor temperment/ doesnt fit the breed standard.. I want to breed her.. Im doing it responsibly!”

“Where can I find a healthy/well bred dog for cheap?”

“Free yorkie?”

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