Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior-Learn How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

Are you fed up with the aggressive ways of your four legged companion? Looking for ways to stop aggressive dog behavior. Though aggression in dogs is a complex issue to deal with, there are different ways in which the issue can be resolved.  

1 – Consult a Veterinarian – If your dog hasn’t had a history of being aggressive and begins growling, biting or snapping at people, talk about it to your vet. This sudden change in his behavior can be a sign of a medical problem which needs immediate medical attention.

2 – Determine the situations – Determine the situations in which your dog displays aggressive behavior and avoid them. An important part of learning how to stop aggressive dog behavior is discovering the reason behind the aggression.

3- Make a behavior modification program – This can be achieved with the help of a professional behaviorist. For example, if your dog growls when you or someone else from your family approaches his food bowl then you might be asked to approach an empty food bowl and drop some food in it. This way your dog will understand when someone approaches his food bowl he will get a treat and he should not behave aggressively.

4- Never punish your dog for behaving aggressively- You should never punish your dog for being aggressive. As they say, aggression breeds aggression. If a dog is punished for being aggressive, it may cause him to show more aggression.

5- Be consistent and patient – If you want to learn how to stop aggressive dog behavior then you need to be consistent in your efforts in training him and stay patient, as dog aggression is a problem that cannot be curbed overnight.

6 – Socialize Your Dog – The most common reason for dogs to show aggressive behavior is due to the lack of their socialization when they were young. A dog will find it hard to trust people and other dogs that he doesn’t know, if he did not have lot of chances to interact with them while he was young. So, if you have a puppy socialize him during his early stages of his life and you should never deal with dog aggression problems in future.

As you can see here learning how to stop aggressive dog behavior can be a difficult and tedious process.  When working with a aggressive dog, a good dog training course can be very useful. You will want to look for the one that includes a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer.

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A few nights ago our Los Angeles Dog Training office received a phone call from our friend John of Super Pawz a pet sitting company based out of long beach ca. He explained to our office that he had met a family that were in need of his services, but once he arrived he was surprised with a fear aggressive dog. The family had informed John that they have been seeking help for months. Knowing of our experience with dog behavior modification, John let us know that he recommended us to the family. This video is by no means an instructional video, it is meant to show you a day in our life as professionals. We recommend you seek the guidance of a true professional with any dog behavior problems. Remember, “Talk is cheap, we show you!”