Let The Summer Games Begin! Keep Pets Entertained and Vying for Treats & Rewards of Their Own

Let The Summer Games Begin! Keep Pets Entertained and Vying for Treats & Rewards of Their Own

Greenwich, CT (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

With the big summer games around the corner, allow pets to enjoy their own games and activities to stay active and busy. On behalf of the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and its hundreds of members, here is a look at interactive and stimulating games and toys for furry, scaly and winged family members.

Busy Buddy Rip ‘n Tug

The Rip ‘n Tug™ toys are fun and stimulating, reward-based toys that come in three styles, the Ball, Barbell and Lotus. Constructed of durable fabric, the toys use hook-and-loop fasteners as a closure mechanism so dogs stay busy ripping them open to reach the treat prize inside.

Aikiou Stimulo Cat Feeder

Allowing cats to exercise problem-solving instincts and ultimately be rewarded with food, the Aikiou Stimulo Cat Feeder features multiple tubes where treats can be hidden for cats to find using their paws.

R2 Fish School

Using simple and positive reinforcement, the R2 Fish School teaches fish new techniques to learn a variety of tricks and sports including limbo, fetch, football, soccer and more. The kit includes an instructional DVD, training accessories and more.

FitPAWS® Hurdle Set

Now dogs of all sizes can get fit. The FitPAWS Hurdle Set is a completely adjustable and portable dog agility cone and hurdle set that includes four 40-inch jumping bars, eight orange hurdle cones with cut-out holes for additional bars, eight height-adjustment attachments and a black nylon carrying bag.

Toys by Super Bird Creations

With a wide variety of bird toys including swings and bungees for birds of all sizes and types, Super Bird Creations provides pets with safe, engaging and durable toys. Made of safe materials such as vegetable leather and 100 percent natural cotton rope, these bird toys are sure to provide hours of fun.

Kurgo Winga

A new twist on the classic game of fetch, keep Fido fit and active with the Kurgo Winga. Allowing owners to launch discs up to 200 feet, the Winga is easy to use and encourages pets to run, jump and fetch in any field, playground or park.

PetSafe® Ring Jump

You’ll love watching your pet jump through the PetSafe Ring Jump! Allowing dogs to practice tremendous agility due to its confined space, the Ring Jump is also made of soft material to keep pets safe and is a great training tool.

For more information, hi-res images, product samples or interview opportunities, please contact Jamie Brant at 775-322-4022 or Jamie(at)theimpetusagency(dot)com.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) is the leading not-for-profit trade association serving the interests of the pet products industry since 1958. APPA membership includes more than 1,000 pet product manufacturers, their representatives, importers and livestock suppliers representing both large corporations and growing business enterprises. APPA’s mission is to promote, develop and advance pet ownership and the pet product industry and to provide the services necessary to help its members prosper. Visit http://www.americanpetproducts.org for more information.

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Dog Agility Equipment: Where Do I Begin?

Dog Agility Equipment: Where Do I Begin?

There is such a wide selection of dog agility equipment, where do I begin? There are several factors to consider when making your agility equipment purchases. Two major factors are your goals and your dog.

Are your goals to develop a deeper bonding with your dog by taking agility classes together, having fun, and seeing how far you and your dog can progress with agility skills? Do you have a timid dog and want to develop confidence in him? Or do you have a high drive dog and want to help him burn energy in a controlled manner? Do you want to do agility as a just for fun activity or are you setting your sights on making it to the nationals and becoming an agility instructor? All the previous factors are important to consider when purchasing your equipment.

An agility course has contact equipment, jumps, weaves, tunnels, closed tunnel, and possibly a pause table (depending on your agility venue). It would be wonderful have a full course of agility equipment in your backyard, but its not necessary to learn the sport. Contact equipment consists of dog-walks, A-frames, and teeters. It is a good idea to have at least one contact obstacle. Many people select to purchase a teeter because the motion often causes a dog hesitation. If you can’t fit a regulation piece of equipment in your yard, consider an 8′ dog-walk instead of a 12′ or even select from mini-contact equipment that is available to train your dog on.

Jumps. You can never have enough single jumps, but you also might think about a double jump or triple jump. If you cannot purchase a double or triple jump, you can place two or three single jumps together to practice. Eight single jumps give you lots of drills and exercises to practice and interchange.

Tunnels, chutes, and tables are variations to add to your course. Tire jumps are very popular to have in backyard training. Pause tables are essential in our agility training program. They are our center and focal point for developing our directional commands and building distance.

Weaves, critical for having at home. The type of weave to purchase depends on your method of teaching. Is your agility class using weave chutes, angled weaves, or straight lined weaves. If your instructor is teaching a specific method, than its easiest to purchase the same type of weaves. We have trained five different agility dogs, each with a different method and in the end they all have nice weaves.

There are a variety of training aids that can help you develop the behavior you want from your dog on the equipment. Buja boards are excellent for timid dogs that need to build confidence slowly. Contact trainers are great for back chaining your contact behavior, and they are smaller so you can bring them indoors for winter training also.

Brad Carlson is a dog trainer at Agility by Carlson. For more training details, visit our website at http://www.carlson-agility.com/

YAY! It’s here XD 3 small portable jumps and 6 stick in the ground weave poles with a placer from murphysagility.com Emma AND Jasper both seem to like them 😛 Thanks Sara (sarac1) for letting me copy you 😉
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