Question by Wake N Bake Girl: How can you fatten up a skinny dog that barely eats?
I recently adopted a little Chihuahua from a really horrible shelter. He’s sooo skinny. The vet says hes a 4 on a scale of 1-10. I assume he just didnt eat when he was in the shelter because of depression and such, but he seems EXTREMELY happy and grateful to be in my home and LOVES me to pieces [as i do him], and he still barely eats. i will not feed him wet food, but im open to a combination of “people food” as well as his premium small bites. i do not want him to be accustomed to people food, unless its okay [in moderation and variation of course]. so far the suggestions i have got from other dog owners is ground beef mixed with rice mixed in his dry food, scrambled eggs mix with his dog food, and doggy friendly gravy mixed with his food…..any other ideas?

he needs to gain at least 2lbs, he’s so f’in skinny i just cant stand it….please help me make my skinny taco a fat ass burritoooo!!!!!
i should have clarified, hes perfectly healthy so far. he’s had a check up, and the vet told me to give him wet dog food. the reason i dont want to give him wet dog food is because it just cakes on his teeth ;]
healthy = no heartworm, parasites [fecal test performed], up to date on vaccinations etc. a week before i got him, he visited the shelter’s vet and the day i got him we saw my vet.

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Answer by Patricia T
why don’t you ask the vet what is the best food to give your dog. – the vet might be able to suggest something

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