Atheists, you say there is no meaning to existence other than what a person deems as a meaning for themselves?

Question by hiniikken: Atheists, you say there is no meaning to existence other than what a person deems as a meaning for themselves?
Scenario: Through serious deliberation a very intelligent person deems he was created by a Supreme Being , that he exists on this Earth for a purpose and that he will be judged on his actions after he departs from this earth. After serious contemplation of all the issues pertaining to his self deemed meaning he finds that any alternative to this meaning is absurd. Therefore he has discovered the truth (he deems). Now you who have not yet deemed a meaning for your existence other than to ‘have fun’ must acknowledge that the aforementioned person has constructed a viable meaning that is superior to anything that you can conjure. Therefore it is incumbent on you to accept that this meaning is vastly superior to anything else if you have any sense of decency.
In a world where meaning of existence is deemed..surely then that these meanings can be compared and evaluated and gain followers who agree that only a very intelligent person could have derived this meaning. Same way you guys sit and smile when Dawrkins is talking to you about the meaning he finds in the universe, a meaning infinitely useless in comparison to the aforementioned meaning.

Or do you feel that someone saying “I exist to walk my dog in the park” as equally valued?
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Answer by Anil
No, What I mean is, the meaning of existence is not worshipping an Imaginary being made of lies.

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Why do some atheists refer to God as “your God”?

Question by MortalGuardian: Why do some atheists refer to God as “your God”?
I don’t quite understand it.

God does not belong to me- I belong to him. So he is not just “my God.” God is accessible to anyone on this Earth. But we have to have an open heart and an open mind.

I love and respect atheists. Many of them are wonderful folks. I guess that there are Christians who deal in absolutes. They say that “I know God exists for a fact.” I do not claim that, personally. I just believe in my heart that God exists- I can’t claim to know it for an objective fact.

Why do some proponents of evolution claim that evolution is a fact? Is that comparable to a Christian stating that the existence of God is a fact? So you see, some atheists also deal in absolutes. Correct?

Is there peril in thinking in terms of absolutes?

If you think about agnostic people, their position is more neutral, which can be a good thing. They shouldn’t be looked down upon for “sitting on the fence.” Some things in life are very complicated and are difficult to comprehend. I think that there is dignity in simply saying “I don’t know the answer.” To me, that is very honest.

I have digressed. Going back to the original question at hand- why do some atheists refer to the Christian God as “your God?” The truth is that he is everyone’s God. I am not suggesting that we own God, because that is like a flea on a dog’s back claiming to own the dog. But what I mean by saying that God is everyone’s God is that we have but to claim our inheritance to the throne of heaven. We cannot replace God, because he is an immortal King. But we can be princes and princesses under his glorious kingdom if we are just willing to submit to his will.

Do you sometimes remark that the Christian God is “your God” when addressing Christians? May I ask why you do that?

Hey Woody B- I sincerely apologize if I offended you. I did not mean to characterize agnostics as fence sitters. That is precisely why I put those words in quotation marks, because I believe that it is wrong and disrespectful to characterize agnostics as such. I respect you. As a matter of fact, I commend you for remaining open minded and objectively weighing the evidence. : ) I admire agnostics to some degree, because you seem to be fair and impartial, which is a commendable trait. I did not mean to imply or suggest that agnostics are fencebound. I was actually coming to your defense. It takes intelligence and open mindedness to be agnostic.

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Answer by Thorg
Your god. You worship it, I don’t. Hence, I say “Your god”.

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