People assuming my dog is a female issue, also how to handle this tomorrow?

Question by TerriersRock: People assuming my dog is a female issue, also how to handle this tomorrow?
ADD: I thought about putting a sign on the stroller saying “This is my sisters stroller”

But I don’t want to draw attention to ourselves
Okay I have a Male Minature Poodle that naturally everyone who sees him assumes he is a female.

We are going to the fleamarket tomorrow, and being pregnant I wear out easy and its getting harder to carry him around. Our terrier isn’t feeling well so she won’t be going with us.

So I was going to put him in her stroller. (Yes we have a dog stroller that we use only for the flea market, we go to the park afterward for them to romp and play)

Problem is the stroller is pink. And I know everyone is going to say “What a pretty girl she is”

I can’t stand that. But the stroller would make things a whole lot easier on me.

Again I do not believe in using a dog stroller as a substitute for exercise but the flea market is his favorite outing and a dog has to be carried or in a stroller to go.

Everyone brings their dogs and Zack loves it. He is very social and loves all the attention he gets.

(We stop at every dog booth and get treats and toys for him)

Its his favorite outing.

So should I just deal with the gender comments and use our terriers stroller to make things easier on me?

He loves the flea market?

(by the way we bought the stroller barely used on Craigslist for 20 dollars. the prices of those things new is rediculous)
ADD: the pink stroller isn’t an issue for him, he loves pink things. He eats out of a pink bowl, he took his sister dogs pink blanket and made it his.

I know its no big deal but at times it bothers me because he is a poodle people assume he is a she, and I know with the stroller it will happen more.

But it would make things more easier for me

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Answer by Full Pawtential Dog Training
Who cares what sex strangers think your dog is?

Give your answer to this question below!

Is a dog “spray collar” such as Multi-vet Spray Commander safe to use on a cat? (Assuming he will wear it!)

Question by mabehr1: Is a dog “spray collar” such as Multi-vet Spray Commander safe to use on a cat? (Assuming he will wear it!)
My cat has developed this habit of meowing very loudly at times (especially at the bedroom door when we’re fast asleep). Normal spray bottle doesn’t work on him because every time I reach for the bottle, he stops. He doesn’t realize the connection of “if I meow, there’s a spray” but rather thinks “sometimes Daddy goes crazy and sprays me for no apparent reason!”

Ssscat by multi-vet has been very effective at keeping him away from the bedroom door, but now he just stays away from the “no trespass zone” and meows.

The same company offers a spray collar called Spray Commander. Spray collars spray either just plain water or citronella scented water when dogs bark or remote controls are pressed. This seems better to me because it takes me out of the picture. But I don’t want to use something on him that’s unsafe. Does anyone know, one way or the other?

I’ve also considered getting a remote controlled tank with working water cannon, but I think it would be WAY too hard to aim.
Spray Sentry and Ssscat are good for repelling cats from a particular area, but not so good if the cat stays out of range of the motion detector.

I’m looking for something that will work for a cat moving around.

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Answer by Gina B
If you can find one that is made for small dogs then I would go for it. The only think that I am concerned about with the regular sized ones is the weight and bulk of the collar on a small neck like that; it might would cause him neck pain in the future. Also, I would fill it with water and not citronella because the citronella would probably just aggravate him more than get him to be quiet.

There is also this product that I found that might just work well for your situation. It is Spray Sentry Motion Detector Deterrent. You sit this wherever you don’t want your cat to be and then it will let out a spray of compressed air and a tone. You could set it near your bedroom door and then when he gets near the door it will go off. The link is below. Hope this helps.

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