How Homeopathic Remedies can Assist with Dog Cancer

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If you have recently found out that your best friend has dog cancer, you are most likely dealing with some powerful emotions. It is easy for dog owners to fall into depression and lose their will to help their dog fight the disease. However, the good news is that there are powerful ways to heal your dog that you may not even know about. Homeopathy has been assisting people for generations, and now this type of alternative healing is also being used on dog cancer.

Homeopathic remedies have an amazing capacity for healing. The basic concept is “like cures like.” This means that small amounts of substances that cause problematic symptoms are introduced as the actual cure. In fact, the word “homeopathy” comes from the Greek word for “similar.” The different remedies come from natural materials including herbs and minerals.

To date, homeopathy has been successfully used on dogs as well as humans to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Homeopathic practitioners hold the philosophy that beings can heal themselves. When a person or animal is out of balance that is when illness can result.

Many people are skeptical about homeopathic remedies because the process defies the standards set up in Western medicine. What we typically see is when someone is sick, we give him or her more medicine. We increase the dosage. With homeopathic remedies, a substance becomes stronger as it becomes more and more diluted. In fact, the homeopathic treatment is a tiny amount of the substance related to the cause of the illness or reaction.

Homeopathic treatments are named “remedies.” Practitioners depend on a reference called “Materia medica,” which is a collection of thousands of these remedies in alphabetical order. Each remedy is linked to a specific pattern. The remedies are made from animal, plant, mineral and synthetic materials. There are different remedies that can potentially treat cancer in dogs, and it is the job of a practitioner to investigate different options and pinpoint the correct remedy or remedies.

The good news is that the doses in homeopathy are so small, that the medicine is totally safe. This makes it a perfect way to treat dog cancer. After all, your dog doesn’t need any other medicines with side effects to deal with when he or she is fighting cancer.

There are more than 2000 remedies. This means that pretty much any medical issue your dog has will have a homeopathic remedy. It just may take a little trial and error to find the perfect one. While using homeopathy to treat dog cancer may require patience, it can prove to have tremendous rewards.

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