Question by curtis r: why do cookies baked with arrowroot flour crack?
I am a baker for an all natural dog food company. I bake the treats. “Cherry-Almond”
The recipe is one part arrowroot flour and one part potato flour. {with cherries, almond meal, canola oil, and vanilla, and eggs- in order of weight} I have been baking them at 230 degrees for 2.5-3 hours, in an idustrial bakers oven. 150,000 btu burner. They are sometimes perfect, and other times cracked, brittle, and useless. suggestions toward baking tactics, or mixing tactics are greatly appreciated. Is there a binder i should be useing.

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Answer by Some_Guy_in_Ithaca_NY
Arrowroot is used as a thickener like corn starch is so it will absorb any water in the dough.

I’m aslo wondering about the potato flour,which has no protein to act as a binder.

Maybe try mixing the starches with the oil first, which would slow the absorbtion of the water.

If you can spray the oven with water halfway through the baking process. The incressed humidity with prevent drying out, but will not stop the baking process. If you have a deck oven, put a pot of water in the oven.

it is a new type of baking for me so these are just ideas…

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