Question by C.C.B: Dog Problem: “Lymph Node” near armpit?
My dachshund who is 7 has been reasonable healthy [she’s overweight] about 3-4 months ago i noticed a “lymph node”-like looking bump near her left armpit. she has underarm rashes [due to the excess weight] so i was wondering what my next step should be. The “node” has remained the same size and she does not seem bothered by it. My vet suggested a fine needle test, to determine if the “node” may be a fatty bulge [my dog has one other fatty bulge under her skin in the tummy area]
do the symptoms sound like lymphoma? or is it just another fatty bulge?
It is pretty squishy and movable, i think it is a fatty bulge, if it worsens i will take her to the vet, thank you two so much [its a large weight lifeted off of my shoulders to know its nothing bad!]

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Answer by Brittany
If the area is “squishy” and can be moved around some then it is most likely a fatty tumor and those are very common. If it is harder or seems to be growing or changing alot then it could be other forms of cancer such as lymphoma. It is a simple procedure to aspirate the area and see what type of tissue it is. (however, the tissue may need to be sent off for testing). Either way, I would have it checked out just to make sure.

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