Throughout the match I meant to switch out my Sniper class for my Rifle Class (which has the STG-44) but the circumstances of the match threw me off. The beginning to middle of this video is a serious “WTF” moment. I had a personal grudge to settle with the Dubey guy, who is a lvl 36 non-prestige. Knifing him was the only way to get revenge. I fail so much in trying to kill him. When I did kill him, it didn’t make me feel any better. You know what did though? The dog chains. Our score was off to a poor start, but suddenly we pulled through the match and I’m like “Wow… how’d we do that again?” This happened once in my other video (Dome w/ the Type99) and it happens again here! I start off with a poor score and the dogs dragged my score up. 25 kills to 11 deaths. That’s pretty bad, but still, getting dogs twice for our team calmed me down from getting so pissed off. I got another set of dogs, but time was running out and I summoned my artillery strike nearing the last minute, ensuring that I’d get kills AND dogs but have no chance of calling them in afterwards.
Video Rating: 5 / 5