Question by Bebe: Creationists, what’s this “mutations don’t add information” argument?
I just got this email from a creationist that says mutations don’t add information and God created dogs to be dogs not to become cats, etc.

Ok, so I know this person obviously doesn’t understand evolution, but that’s besides the point.

My Q is do creationionists think that God made two dogs about 6,000 years ago and then chihuahuas, st. bernard’s, and every other breed came from the loss of genetic info?
craig b – neo-darwinism doesn’t have anything to do with better or worse, higher or lower, just variations. the two breeds may have a common ancester. there’s no reason to think one would become extinct when a small group evolved into another species.

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Answer by No Chance Without Jesus
talk about an ignorance of facts

Dogs were bred to enhance certain traits.
until trait desired was found. No Mutations at all.

If they wanted long legged dogs, the bred longer leg dogs sequentially until the legs were as long as they needed

That’s why all dogs can mate, because the ARE the same species, just different traits were enhanced in breeding

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