Question by Dogjudge: Hitting Your Dog – ARGH!!?
I’ve taught obedience for 30+ years. I now have students of students who are teaching obedience. I teach tracking. I have taught protection work with dogs through Schutzhund.

I cannot think of a situation where hitting a dog will accomplish ANYTHING.

The two main objections to this antiquated and cruel idea is that 1) you can hurt your dog and 2) you are going to make your dog hand shy or fearful of you. At worse you can create a situation where you now have got a fear bitter. I’ve worked with these types of dogs trying to get them to trust humans again. Believe me it isn’t easy nor is it fun. It is dangerous because you’re always concerned, as the trainer, if you are going to get bit.

If you learned to “train” a dog this way, you’re wrong. Period.

You need to get into the 21st century. There are a lot of obedience clubs and private trainers who can teach you much better ways to train your dog.

Off the soapbox.
So I get this as a question.

Who is your best source for POSITIVE dog training?

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