Travel Dog Books Appoints Shih Tzu Dog Raja to the Title of CEO, First Dog Elected to a CEO Position of a Limited Liability Company

Raja the new CEO of Travel Dog Books, LLC

Bridgewater, NJ (PRWEB) November 21, 2011

CEO Raja, is used to long naps, constant grooming, frequent outside walks, and has a mind of his own. Raja, whose real name is Maharaja on his “official birth documents”, is a Shih Tzu dog who has been elected to this CEO title and position of the publishing company Travel Dog Books. He shares the day-to-day duties with his owner and company principal Dr. Helen Asquine Fazio, who actually makes all the official executive decisions. Raja, recently made an appearance at the New York International Book Expo, where he participated in the author book signing event, and “paw-graphing” his new hardcover book “The Journey of the Shih Tzu: From Prehistory to Present, From Asia to the World.”

What is fascinating about his new book is that he chronicles the evolutionary journey of the Shih Tzu breed as an endearing narration by Raja from his flashback memories (as told to) and written by Helen Asquine Fazio. The book also combines years of meticulous research and tells the factual story about the Shih Tzu breed whose story spans thousands of years, journeys across continents and the poignant role the Shih Tzu played in the cross fire of Tibetan and Chinese history. During their journey, they have changed from wolves to companion dogs in the Tibetan plateau. Their mission to China was as diplomats of peace and loyal companions of emperors. During China’s wars of the 1900’s, only a very few ancestors of today’s modern Shih Tzu dogs managed to escape to happy homes all over the world. This hardcover book was written for readers of all ages and is beautifully illustrated with Shih Tzu themed Asian art and photographs. Dr. Fazio would like the world to discover how the Shih Tzu embodies a playful, living representation of the evolutionary blueprint of diverse skills and natural inclinations that is a trademark of this remarkable, versatile Himalayan dog.

Raja has just returned from an adventure to Peru where he was the first Shih Tzu dog to visit Machhu Picchu , the lost city of the Incas, located in the Andes Mountains at 8,000 feet above sea level. Raja got to rub noses with Llamas, meet local Inca descendents, walk through the ancient ruins, and make friends with people from all over the world. His Peruvian adventure, along with his other journeys to Morocco, France, Italy, Chile, and other exotic locations can be found on his blog site – .

Raja has several other books in the works based upon his many travels to Europe, Africa, South America, and within the USA. He also has a new cookbook coming out entitled “We Are What We Eat, Too! Nutritional Meals for Dogs.”

About Travel Dog Books:

Travel Dog Books is a book publisher and is a division of HA Fazio Associates, LLC. Travel Dog Books also publishes a popular weekly Blog ( that focuses on dog/pet travel, pet events, pet health, and many other inspiring articles. Raja is the main “spokes pet “ on the site along with his owner and principal founder Dr.Helen Asquine Fazio. In addition to their Blog responsibilities, Raja is also a Certified Therapy Dog and Helen is a guest blogger for Modern Dog and Fido Friendly magazines, as well as, a contributing content writer for Dog Fancy and Dogs Are Ok magazines. She appears regularly as a “Pet Tipster” contributor for and has appeared several times on the national syndicated pet radio show “My Buddy Butch”. Helen has a MA in Art History and a PhD in Comparative Literature.



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