Question by 10 Below: It appears that I have stolen someones dog….?
It’s not even 11:00 AM yet and i already have a headache… I was out walking one of my Sibes and some woman just out of nowhere shouted “ay where did you get that dog.” I kept on walking not even caring if she was talking to me or not. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this woman come running towards me. We argued back and forth and she tried to prove to me that this was her dog by calling “her” name. The dog is male btw. She kept calling him “diamond” and he didn’t even bother to acknowledge her. She told me “she probably scared cause you be hitting her.” She tried again to get him to come to her but again nothing. I wasn’t about to argue anymore with her. For goodness sake we are grown mutherf*ckers and here we are arguing over a dog. She walked back toward her house and said she was about to call her boyfriend so he could come get “her” dog. Right…. I continued on with my walk and I made it back home without any problems. The fact that she didn’t even know the dog’s gender was enough to prove to me that she was either wanted to steal the dog or that she was just plain crazy. What do you think?

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Answer by Amie
call the police!!

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