Gittalong Little Doggie Announces Increase In Sales For Dog Poop Bag Dispensers For Hotels, RV Parks, Apartments & Condo Complexes

California (PRWEB) April 30, 2008

Today at the first Pet Product Conference, Gittalong Little Doggie announced Production and Sales Tripling over the past 6 months for Commercial Grade Poop Bag Dispensers for Hotels, RV Parks and Apartment & Condo Complexes. Gittalong Little Doggie also announced that in just 2 years after its availability, The All-In-One Commando Units were ordered at unprecedented quantities by Hotels and RV Parks Nationwide, which is partly contributed by Gittalong Little Doggies Lifetime Guarantee on their entire Commercial Grade Dog Poop Bag Dispensers. Philip Emery, owner and manufacture of these units was asked why such an influx of orders for such units, Philip Emery truly believes the low price compared to other units on the market today and the lifetime guarantee on all units helps make the ultimate decision for customers to purchase these units. He went on to say that; “dog poop and dog waste is something that Hotels, RV Parks, Condo’s and apartments Complexes that take dogs have to deal with on a daily bases. If you make the price of the Dog Poop Bag Dispenser to high in this economy nobody would buy.”    

“The All- In- One Commando Dog Poop Bag Dispenser is experiencing unprecedented success,” said; Philip Emery, Owner of Gittalong Little Doggie. “It has already surpassed its first year of use with a pickup of sales over the past 6 months as Hotels & RV Parks prepare their properties for the summer on slot.”

Record Rate of Customer Satisfaction

Many customers have already benefited highly from the use of these units on their properties. (Ruth Smitt), Manager of, Greenwood Colorado, RV Park, recently purchased 7 Units after 8 months in use when calling to reorder bags for the units she relayed how happy they were with no longer having to deal with dog waste on their property. She feels that by having the units in strategic locations throughout the park it helps to remind guest to pick up after their dogs.

Discount Pricing On Large Orders

Gittalong Little Doggie also has found that a surge in business can be contributed to their efforts to give discounts to their customers. 10% off of orders is not a rarity at Gittalong Little Doggie. Each month they are always giving some type of discount to their customers if not on the Dog Poop Bag Dispensers, it might be the Dog Poop Bags, Dog Poop Signs or anything they offer to deal with Dog Waste.

Founded in 2005, Gittalong Little Doggie has been growing strongly over the past few years. The company offers a wide range of products and services and has been offering solutions for Dog Poop Pollution for any application of use.


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