got most of the puppy supplies for our new dog do you think we need anything else we also got some pro biotic powder which was recomended by the breeder for easy digestion.
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Toronto-Based Executive Chef Rodney Kaufman Dishes Up 5 Tricks to Corporate Catering that are Anything But Cookie-Cutter

Toronto-Based Executive Chef Rodney Kaufman Dishes Up 5 Tricks to Corporate Catering that are Anything But Cookie-Cutter

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Toronto, Ontario Canada (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Toronto catering company, Impeccable Taste, specializes in addressing the unique catering requirements of the corporate sector.

A premier events management service provider, Impeccable Taste is specifically focused on executing professional events that meet and exceed the unique needs of its 200+ corporate catering customers in the greater Toronto area.

Rodney Kaufman, President & Executive Chef of Impeccable Taste, says: “We pride ourselves on our anti-cookie-cutter approach and the ability to accommodate last-minute changes. We have no limits when it comes to originality and what we can pull off – we are involved every step of the way and are equipped to cover all of the details.”

In addition to producing unprecedented, tailor-made menus, here are Kaufman’s five tried and true recipes for catering success:

1. The ability to produce detailed 24-hour quotes – We know you’re busy, so we’ll go out of our way to ensure you have one less thing to think about;

2. Flexibility and creativity to accommodate dietary requirements or personal preferences – People are picky nowadays. We’re OK with that;

3. A “We’re here to make you look good to your boss” attitude – In today’s dog-eat-dog world, every impression counts. Stand out by arranging a stellar event;

4. The capacity to adapt to changes on the fly – More guests than expected? We’ve got you covered;

5. Downright unforgettable food – Period.

From specialties like breakfast pizza and Chinese five spice duck crepe wraps, to drinks with flower-petal studded ice cubes and anything one can think of on a skewer, Kaufman has trustworthy tastebuds and an innovative approach to the industry.

In addition to simplifying the entire process of event planning, Kaufman is quickly becoming a game-changer in the corporate catering industry. With its unique colour-coded menu, where entrées are matched with at least two sides and one sweet treat, Impeccable Taste offers completely customizable menus to satisfy even the most discerning palettes.

Catering to private and corporate events in Toronto and the GTA, Impeccable Taste Catering maintains a high standard of service and quality, while adding creativity and out-of-the-box ideas to any event.

Impeccable Taste Catering consistently delivers quality food that looks as good as it tastes. As far as catering services in Toronto, service, quality and presentation, like the name suggests, is impeccable, and each event is custom-tailored to suit the unique needs of each customer. Impeccable Taste Catering works with private individuals, companies and corporations in Toronto and the wider Greater Toronto Area markets. Services include expert event planning and catering for casual lunches, seminars, conferences, product launches, release parties, corporate affairs and weddings, among other social events. Born out of the philosophy that exceptional food must not only be meticulously prepared, but also artfully presented, Impeccable Taste’s service offerings include colourful, eclectic and progressive menu options. Visit for more details.


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Is there anything wrong with the dog food “Taste of the Wild”?

Question by Pretty Maggie Money Eyes: Is there anything wrong with the dog food “Taste of the Wild”?
I found that 5 pound bags are only $ 11. I pay that for 6 pounds of Diamond which does have some grain in it, but Taste of the Wild is grain free according to their bag. I thought it would be much more expensive.

If there is something wrong with this brand, are there any that you recommend that are grain free? I did not see blue buffalo at the store I visited. That’s the other one I’ve read is good.

Best answer:

Answer by KitKat
I heard that TOTW is a pretty good dog food brand from many APBT owners. Blue Buffalo is also good. I wish dog food was that cheap in Ontario (Canada).

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my dog wont do ANYTHING?

Question by g.: my dog wont do ANYTHING?
wednesday night my family got a 6 month old pug. we have a 9 month old too that is pretty much fully trained. the breeder we bought the dog from said it is trained to go outside/not bark and of course, “come!”. when it’s in the crate at night, it whines for 10 minutes before shutting up, but if you open a door, it wakes up and starts all over again. now, it starts barking at people. i have been told to say “no bark” in order to train it, but it’s not working. now the most annoying part is when i take it out 4 times this morning and it will not go to the bathroom. is it because of the snow on the ground? the other pug has no problem with this. i take it inside and try to get it to pee on those training pee pee pad things, but it runs away. at this point i’m praying it’ll just shit on the floor so it will just go!
what should i do to make it go to the bathroom outside, stop barking, etc. ?
thanks for the answers!
as for the gender, it’s a girl.
the crate is right next to that of my other pug’s, if that helps. i was told last night to separate them, this pug came in my room and the other in my sister’s. tonight we’re putting them back together-anyone disagree with this?

as for the scheduling too- we feed both dogs at the same time, and that’s working out well. there is a path shoveled for the dogs to go to the bathroom, and we brought both dogs out together earlier today. my pug still didn’t go. i have to keep bringing her out once an hour because she still hasn’t gone, and i dont want to bring the other out into the cold just to watch my pug sit there and do nothing.

i hope this helps, thanks a lot everyone.

Best answer:

Answer by Sunny-USA
My dog is the same…doesn’t like snow. So shovel a path to an open spot shoveled & walk out with it. It can be frustrating, you just need to find what works without getting so angry. Don’t yell at the dog when it barks. I trained mine at the Shhhh sound to stop. It took awhile to train…but that’s part of having a dog. Patience.

Good luck!

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Did you win anything the last time you gambled?

Question by D-Mag: Did you win anything the last time you gambled?
His stump was punched up
against the front of the machine
and he would lean in close to me when he
pushed the button.
He had shoulder length black hair
greased back into a pony tail
and his face was a deep and dying tan.
He didn’t wear glasses
and you could see the emptiness in his white eyes,
streaked with a dull gray smear.
I figured he was in his fifties
but he acted like he had gone blind only yesterday.
“Was it a pay? Did I win?”
I looked around for his keeper
and saw a woman with a hot
dog cart and cigarettes.
I went for the smokes.
When I lit up he asked me to blow it at him
and I figured it was time to speak.
“Are you with somebody?”
He said he was going to ask me the same thing,
because he didn’t have a clue
if he was with anybody or not.
Then he laughed and tapped the button again.
“Did I win?”
There’s music when you win, I said,
and he said there was music everywhere,
even when you lose,
and I blew smoke at his dirty eyes.
When the hot dog lady came back around
he said he smelled cancer
and I said maybe I have it
and he laughed and smacked his stump.
“We all have cancer” he said.
“Every God damned one of us.”

Best answer:

Answer by Cilla
Quite a story, again reminding me of Jim Shoe.
We all have cancer. A thought that may stay with me for a while.
EDIT: I think you won something – a little perspective maybe?

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“Don’t feed your dog anything but dog food” — Does that even make sense?

Question by Priรciℓℓα ✟: “Don’t feed your dog anything but dog food” — Does that even make sense?
I’ve been told by my vet and dog websites and books not to feed my dog anything but dog food a million times…. but does that advice really even make sense?

Isn’t that advice really coming from the dog food industry?

I mean when you think about it, dog food is a relatively new invention. Dogs are scavengers in the wild, and it used to be that dogs lived off of table scraps. I mean, does it really make sense that dogs can only eat dog food?

Best answer:

Answer by Ista
They can eat more than dog food.

The reason for this advice, is it’s easier to give than: Don’t give your dog: chocolate, onions, grapes, or spicy foods. And the resulting explanations.

Also, they do have nutritional needs, dog food meets those needs. Well, a good dog food does. Simply feeding your dog your leftovers might not. Think about it… do people today eat healthy? Or is it mostly junk food, fastfood, and frozen junk? None of which is good for you, or your dog.

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What kind of Dog do you Own & why? does your dog commincate to you? Did your Dog “save” you from anything?

Question by Betty: What kind of Dog do you Own & why? does your dog commincate to you? Did your Dog “save” you from anything?
We have a Boston Terrier named Dandy . she is 4yrs old.. I have taught her with Hand signals and verbal commands.. her best trick is she can sit back on her hind haunches, and when she shakes your hand from this position she places her other hand over yours gently… it’s so sweet

at times i swear she reads my mind, with just a look she will do as i ask.. it’s really strange.. she hates the word BATH… lol she will jump up in my hubby’s lap looking for escape..

tell me about the Dog or Dogs in your life… past or present.. got a favorite dog tale to share?

Best answer:

Answer by love_ya_kyla_girl_2
I have an Austrailan Shepherd Black Tri, her name is La’Cee. She’s not a dog though, it as if she’s my little sister. I remember one time, when I was chasing La’Cee around the table, i slipt and fell, I skidded my knee on the floor, and skraped my hip on the table. My dog came over and placed her moth on my knee. She was like, tryin’ to make it all better!!

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