Question by Citizen Of The Cosmos: Is claiming that “proud gays cannot be Christians” both unbiblical and anti-Christ?
Have you noticed there is not one recorded instance of prosecution for homosexuality in the whole Bible? In fact, homosexuality doesn’t appear at all except as a mark or a sign of outsiders to the covenant with God. This is beyond belief. Even mostly law-abiding communities have criminals. There must have been homosexual activity going on among the Jews even when they were “in obedience.” Why don’t we see any in the Bible? Because in the Bible, homosexuality is just a slur against foreigners. To give a modern parallel, when Ty Webb tells Lacy Underalls that “your uncle molests collies” in the movie Caddyshack, he’s only saying that he hates her uncle, not that Judge Smails has actually been fornicating with dogs. So in the Old Testament, homosexuality=outsider, not homosexuality=intrinsically wrong. Then in the New Testament, Paul repeats the homosexuality=outsiders rote formula, with a twist. Now outsiders are the ones who don’t trust in the sacrifice/resurrection of Jesus.
But “in Christ there is neither male nor female, slave nor free, Jew nor Gentile” Therefore, if one has accepted Christ, gender isn’t an issue anymore. People who have accepted Christ are by definition insiders, and with gender irrelevant, there is nothing inherently against the natural order anymore about homosexual relations.
The bottom line is that if people are insiders, homosexuality cannot be wrong, because it was only wrong when it was a slur against foreigners as a sign that they weren’t following the covenant. But the covenant with Jesus no longer depends solely on behavior but belief first. Therefore, the difference in covenants means that the old marks of being outside of the covenant no longer apply, except that Paul just repeated the old rote formula, in contradiction to his other writings. The old rote formula should be tossed out as a mark of the old covenant, and proud gays should be accepted as Christians
Concerned from the right: Certainly, ancient tribes with high mortality rates would be concerned about members who didn’t want to have relationships that would lead to reproduction. However, we no longer have that population problem, so it is no longer necessary for every sex act to have the possibility of procreation.

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