Killing of TICKS! Anyone have any “NATURAL” homemade remedies? (Please that means no “frontline” answers!)?

Question by Bragger S: Killing of TICKS! Anyone have any “NATURAL” homemade remedies? (Please that means no “frontline” answers!)?
I’ve heard about vinegar killing other insects…I’ve also heard about mixing 50% dishwashing liquid & 50% water to spray on fleas will this also work for ticks? & what about feeding dogs a moderate amount of garlic in their food does this really repel them? Please supply me with as much “FACTS” you can.
Doug0102 this has nothing to do with “cheapness” you’re a presumptious & UNFUNNY jackass! “fat hamburgers” *sigh…get a life!
Like I said “Doug0102” you’re a prick..all the thumbs down should confirm that for you if there ever any doubt in your mind (although thats hardly likely!).
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Answer by LizzyB
Feeding garlic or brewers yeast is an old wives tale and will not kill or repel fleas or ticks. There aren’t any truly effective home remedies. Other than a fine tooth comb and a pair of tweezers. Get a Preventic collar from your vet. They are very effective in heavily infested areas. Vinegar, Dawn, even flea shampoos usually won’t have any effect on ticks. Dishwashing liquid kills bugs on your house plants or roses or vegetables but not ticks. Nasty little buggers.

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Questions and Answers on Dog Agility Training: Solutions to Common Problems for Improved Agility Performance Reviews

Questions and Answers on Dog Agility Training: Solutions to Common Problems for Improved Agility Performance

The sport of dog agility continues to grow in popularity, with more and more people looking to explore the innate abilities of their pets. Whether they are just starting out with agility or already have some experience with the sport, many dog owners find themselves seeking practical advice on learning the ins and outs of this positive and entertaining activity.
Questions & Answers on Agility Dog Training emphasizes those areas of agility that competitors most often need clarified, such as th

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Animals questions and answers

Animals questions and answers

My Cat Has Had A Stroke. I Am Feeding Her And Giving Her Water….
I am doing what the vet said to do for my cat but I am worried about how often she needs a litter box. Is you cat competent to urinate and defecate on her own? If so I…

11 Year Old Mixed Lab/chow Is Sweating So Much Her Bed Is Soaking…
She is biting herself, we are treating for fleas she also has an oily appearance to her coat. Some dry patchy sore on her hind end. Sounds resembling you should take your pup to the vet to determine the ultimate…

Are These Signs Of Early Pregnancy In My St Bernard?
I had my Akc St Bernard breed the last week of June first of July. The owner of the male never saw them together, since her coming home 3 weeks ago her nipples are protruding out and her mood is different, she bark at people,…

At What Age Can Kittens Be Weaned From Their Mom?
Kittens should be weaned at 6-8 weeks of age. At about 4 weeks of age start offering a kitten food gruel several times a day in insertion to the milk. Vaccinations should start at the time of weaning as well.

Can You Name 5 Things That Has Milk In Them?
A carton A bottle A cow A nursing Mother foods that contain milk such as ice cream. I am not sure the above is what you are looking for. If you mean foods that would cover a lot of nouns as well: Cake cookies ice cream…

Can You Teach Me How To Do Something About His Training?
My 10-Week Old Puppy Goes On The Floor. He Has Forgotten His Pads. Even Though I Just Spent 1/2 Hour Outside.Puppy potty training help. Well you need to know this. Dogs are one of the most sensitive animals termed by man. What I…

Do You Want To See Photo Of Dobsonfly?
3-4 inch flying insect with pincers and antenna Yes sure, I will be glad enough to see it. Rather it will be very informative and amusing for me. Well in fact I was wondering if someone had a photo of a dobsonfly for me…

How Should I Check If She Has Had Babys Or Not In Her Cage?
I Think My Hamster Is Pregnant She HS Lost A Lot Of Weight And Doesn’t Come Out A lot Also When I Held Her And Put Her Back In The Cage She Was Squeaking And Ran Back To Her House !!…

How To Stop My Dog From Peeing On Every Corner Of The Furniture In…
Hi anyone know a trick or secret that will stop my dog from peeing on every corner of the furniture in the house. I’ve tried all kind of stuff. Hopefully i missed something. HELP!THANKS ALL You didn’t say whether…

How To Treat My Dog?
My dog has sores and scabs all over her belly she keeps biting at them I’m guessing because thy itch what could it be and what should i do? It could be fleas,perchance a skin allergy, you need to take your baby to a vet to really find out…

I Have A Dog Who Is Just 2 Months Old,Can I Give Him Rabies Shot…
The earliest you should get a rabies shot is 4 months of age. Some areas give it at 6 months though. The first is good for one year, consequently every shot after that lasts for three. Yes puppies can get rabies vaccine…

Is Animal Testing For Psycology Reasons Good Or Bad?
I am doing a dabate in schoool on animal testing here are the good reasons At lowest possible now someone has sort of taken control of animal testing and they can use machines or computer programs. I suppose that they might enjoy to test it on us…

Is There Anything I Can Do To Ease Her Discomfort ?
My lab/Aussie mix is having ear problems. I have used ear wash and it have helped a little. She is shaking her head and rubbing her ears on the hearth rug. Is there anything I can do to ease her discomfort ? There…

My 10 Week Old Pitbull Puppy Ate Chocolate Silk Pie And Now His Nose…
Chocolate contains theobromine that is toxic to dogs in sufficient quantities. This is a xanthine compound within the same family of caffeine, and theophylline. Xanthines affect the nervous system, cardiovascular system and at a tangent nerves. It has a diuretic…

My Dog Swallowed A Bur, What Should I Do?
A bur is a plant Thant is prickly and sticks to fur!! Don’t worry about it. Dogs eat loads of things when we are not even notice them. A bur is fairly small, hopefully it will pass down. Yes if you notice that your dog…

My English Setter Has Been Vomiting, Had Diarrhea, Weight Loss, Excessive…
At first, I thought this was about a person, sorry. I infer you need to get the pup to the vet to make sure it isn’t cancer, or a tapeworm or something close to that. Hope this helps, good luck to you and…

My German Shepherds Have A Goo Build Up Like Sleep And The Whites…
It sounds like your Shepherd has conjunctivitis (an infection of the cornea or outer surface of the eye). Have your dog examined by a veterinarian to confirm diagnosis, have the eyes stained to put together sure a corneal ulcer is not present,…

My puppy ate six Heartworm pills at once. What do I do?
My puppy eat 6 heart worm pills at once Take him to the vet. This is potentially an extremely dangerous thing for him. You might also want to try to brand him throw up. Good luck.

My Staffy Pre Due Soon But All I Was Told Is She Was Matted In…
Dogs are pregnant 69 days, if your not sure when she was bred give her a week or two more,. When a dog breeds it doesn’t automatically take the first time, so she could hold been hit more than…

We Found Two Kittens…Any Suggestion?
We found two kittens in a shed and their really cold. The shed has been closed for give or take a few 6-7 days and theres no way a cat could have got contained by or out of it. We think their about 2 weeks old. Please bestow us some…

What are the appearance, size and color of the Dachshund dogs?
This dog is varies different from size to size, varying in different sizes and weight. The Dachshunds dogs comes contained by different sizes and colors usually these dogs comes in the combination of two or more colors. There are two types of Dachshund dogs…

What Are The Causes Of Watery Eyes Dogs ?
Runny eyes of the dogs can be due to irritation in the eyes or abnormal tear drainage. Irritation within the eyes can be due to bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and problems in the eyelids and eyelashes. Some breeds of dogs have hairs contained by the…

What Can A Few Seconds Of A Very Hard And Deep Breath Be?
just got a Lhasa Apso on 28 of last month. She be doing just fine until last week when I noticed she started to enjoy a some king of breathing problem, she is fine the whole time when all of sudden she…

What Could This Be And How Do I Treat It?
9 Week Old Lab Puppy With Neon Green Worms In Stool.What could this be and how do i treat it? You could try a dewormer, but I don’t know about this doing the trick. I would at least call a vet to find out…

What Dog Breeds Are Medium Size?
Cocker Spaniels Sheltland sheep dogs (Shelties) Beagles (mini – 13 inches tall – regular 15 inches tall) Bassett Hound (kind of heavy) Miniature Poodle (one size larger then toy but not as big as a standard) 20 – 25 pounds Both kinds of Corgie’s 20 – 30 pounds Australian…

What Is Happening In My Dogs Tummy At 46 Days Of Pregnancy! Any Ideas…
I’m Trying To Learn More About My Dogs Pregnancy After 46 days of canine pregnancy, puppies are still growing. Bones of the puppies are almost complete. At this time you can get x-rays of your dog to know any abnormalities…

What is the temperament of these Dachshund dogs?
These kinds of dogs bear good characters and largely called the sports dogs which are very famous dogs. They are prominent for the chase dogs and commonly use for the chase of rabbits, birds and wounded deer. So these dogs are very intelligent dogs and they are…

Where To Take A Dogs Temperature?
Temperature in dogs can be measured through rectum. Normal rectal temperature in dogs is 100.5-102.5 F. You can use a mercury thermometer. Bring the mercury of thermometer below 94 F. Push the tip of the thermometer surrounded by the rectum up to one inch. Hold the thermometer there for…

Why Does My Dog Seems To Gag And Throw Up In The Middle Of The Night…
Maybe yor dog is sick.take it to see a doctor

Why Does My Dog Throw Up And Then Want To Eat Grass?
Let him eat a little grass, this is natures course of helping them clean their stomach sort of like how we induce vomitting if something makes us completely ill. It is the same way that house cats will on instant attack a house plant,…

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Dog Grooming: 7 Most Frequently Asked Dog Grooming Questions & Its Answers

Dog Grooming: 7 Most Frequently Asked Dog Grooming Questions & Its Answers

Although it’s often overlooked, grooming is an important part of your dog’s health and wellness program. Here are some of the most frequently asked dog grooming questions our experts at are asked by their 600,000 visitors per month:

1. When should I start grooming my dog?

Start regular grooming when you first bring your dog home and make it a part of his or her routine. Purchase a good-quality brush and comb and get your dog used to being handled. Praise your dog when he or she holds still and soon he or she will come to enjoy the extra attention. Some breeds have special grooming needs, so ask your vet or a professional groomer for advice on particular grooming equipment necessary for your particular dog.

2. How often should I brush my dog’s hair?

Routine brushing and combing removes dead hair and dirt and prevents matting, while giving your pet a healthier and shinier coat.

Your dog’s skin and hair coat reflects his or her overall health and nutritional status. Many dogs maintain a healthy skin and hair coat with minimal assistance. Some long-haired or curly-haired breeds require regular brushing. For most dogs, a good brushing once or twice a week will do the trick.

3. How often should I bathe my dog?

Your dog’s need for bathing depends on its breed, the skin type and hair coat. It also depends on the owner’s preference and how dirty your dog gets. Bathing your dog every month or two isn’t unreasonable, but some dogs will need more frequent cleanings. A good rule of thumb is to bathe your pet only when the coat gets dirty or begins to smell “doggy.”

When bathing your dog, make sure to rinse all the soap out of the coat. If there are persistent problems with scratching or flaky skin, he or she may need a special medicated shampoo or have a skin problem that your veterinarian should examine.

4. What skin problems are common among dogs and what should I look for?

Skin problems – including fleas, ticks and mites or allergies and infections – are common among dogs. Most conditions are manageable with early detection and treatment. If you notice excessive scratching, hair loss or flaky skin, contact your veterinarian. If your pet is continuously exposed to fleas and ticks, speak to your veterinarian about products to minimize the parasite’s impact on your dog’s skin. Remember that consistently poor hair coat with lots of skin flaking may indicate a deeper medical problem.

5. I have problems cleaning my dog’s ears. What’s the best way to clean his ears and how often should it be cleaned.

Ears also require cleaning, especially in dogs with oily skin or allergies. This is a delicate task and is probably best left to your vet. However, if your dog is easy to handle (and there is no chance that you will be bitten), you can learn to do this chore yourself. To remove excessive wax and debris from the ears, consider an ear cleaning every two to four weeks. Ask your veterinarian about products you can use at home, and be sure to ask for a demonstration of proper ear cleaning techniques.

6. I have problems keeping my dog still so I can trim its nails. Do you have any nail trimming advice?

While clipping nails is a painless and simple process, it takes practice and patience to master the skill. When you muster enough courage to trim the nails of your dog, you’ll need a good nail clipper, a nail file to rub any sharp edge away and a styptic stick to stop any subsequent bleeding easily.

Ask your vet to show you the correct technique, and then get started by getting your pet used to having his or her paws handled. Once you start using the clippers, go slowly. Try clipping just a few nails in one sitting. Maintain a regular schedule and be persistent. Your pet will eventually develop patience and learn to cooperate.

7. What is the most important thing to include in my dog grooming kit?

The most important thing required in your grooming kit is your own confidence. It will form and take shape within you and grow in time.

So, go ahead and start grooming your dog. If you can overcome your hesitation, beautiful and rewarding experiences are waiting for you. Grooming your dog properly helps to keep him or her healthy while building an important bond between you and your pet.

About the Author:

As Founder of, the definitive web destination for PetCrazy people, Dr. John Rappaport provides you with a library of 8,000+ veterinarian approved articles to keep your dog living longer, stronger, healthier and happier lives. For a wealth of free information including dog grooming tips and information on dog grooming supplies and techniques go to

The answers to your dog health questions answered at last

The answers to your dog health questions answered at last

Dogs have always been and will continue to be one of the most loved animals which have been domesticated by man and because of this many dog health questions have arisen.

There are various aspects of how to keep your dogs healthy, well behaved and contented, and a lot of research has been done in this area, especially because of the close relationship most of us have with our dogs and the close proximity in which we live with them.

Healthy nutrition is not only important to humans but also plays a vital part in maintaining the good health of your dog.

A lot of research has been done regarding healthy diets and eating plans for your dog and you should follow expert advice to ensure your dog remains healthy and happy, and there’s plenty of information on the Internet that will answer many of your dog health questions.

Veterinarians play a vital part in countering any condition which your dog may have but it is certainly still beneficial to any dog lover to have a basic understanding of how they can maintain their dog’s health and give them good nutrition as well as being on the lookout themselves for signs of any ailment they would be able to identify which could afflict their dog.

Apart from the health care of your dog, it is also important to know of the dangers of contracting diseases like rabies from an infected animal and what symptoms to look for especially if you come into contact with a stray dog.

There are many things one should be knowledgeable about when you are a dog owner and these are detailed below.

A disease like Rabies if contracted by a dog can be a danger to public health if not contained. There are also other diseases which can be transmitted from dogs to humans.

Of the most serious of viral diseases are Rabies and Canine Parvovirus and it is advisable to know at least something about them if you come into contact with dogs on a daily basis.

A common problem in the US specifically are diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Hookworm and ringworm are a common occurrence in dogs, but these fungal diseases can be treated easily especially if diagnosed early.

The most obvious way to prevent these from occurring is to deworm them on a regular basis.

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of the importance of dog health care and perhaps answered some of your dog health questions.

I love my dogs and take great care in ensuring that they are always happy and healthy. For the ultimate guide to dog health care and how to keep your dog healthy visit

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What gets on your nerves on Yahoo! Answers?

Question by Que pasa: What gets on your nerves on Yahoo! Answers?
I asked a question about Lightning and accedentally put it in the wrong forum (Dogs). I relized it and put in some additional details about how it was an accedent. And what do ya know, 2 people out of 7 are saying, “I thought this was the dog forum,” and “This is in the wrong catagory.” I hate it when people say those things even when the askers apoligize. It’s like they can’t read! It bugs me so much.

Best answer:

Answer by labfan213
Your situation was exactly what I was going to say! I hate when people don’t answer the question.

Give your answer to this question below!

Q&A: First-time dog owner: Based on my answers to these questions, what are some compatible breeds?

Question by Dan Z: First-time dog owner: Based on my answers to these questions, what are some compatible breeds?
– what is our purpose for this dog? What are we looking for in a dog?
Keep us company. Qualities: playfull; loving; medium size; friendly; compatable with other dogs; easy to train

– who is going to exercise it?
My sister (13)

– what kind of exercise are we going to do?
Walking, running, frisbee, fetch, etc.

– who is going to exercise it if the person above is gone?
My parents

– what kind of training are we going to sign up for?
Potty training, obedience, “puppy play-time”

– who will take the dog to training?
My mom and sister

– do we have a “job” for the dog? What kind of mental activities can we provide?
No normal everyday jobs, only to provide warning barks. They’re not that familiar with mental activities but are willing to learn to provide them.

– what are we NOT looking for in a dog? What will we not tolerate?
biting;destroctive;stubborn;not intelligent;hard at training;not compatible with other dogs

Let me know if there are other questions we should answer.
1. Do you want a nonshedding breed or does it matter?
Doesn’t matter too much. As long as it’s not extreme?

2. Who’s going to be brushing & bathing it?
My sister (she’s going to be the primary caretaker – I’m off at college when Summer ends)

3. Purebred or mixed breed?
Doesn’t matter, but I would think that it’d be better to get a purebred that we know will have an easier temperament.

Best answer:

Answer by the_samurai_lullaby
Try a Bearded Collie. They’re smart, not too energetic, slightly protective of the house, and very friendly.

EDIT: I’ll give you a site for a little more information. I don’t actually own one, so I’m not partial, but I have worked with one before.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!