Announcing a Brand New Real Estate Investment Software Designed To Help Investors Automate Their Real Estate Business

Announcing a Brand New Real Estate Investment Software Designed To Help Investors Automate Their Real Estate Business

iFlip 2.0

Campbell, NY (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Real estate investing can be a tedious process for any investor if they don’t have the proper systems in place. From finding the deals, to getting them under contract and following through all the way to closing, without a powerful real estate investment software investors can find themselves struggling to keep up.

That’s why the creator and owner of, Cameron Dunlap, is so excited to be releasing iFlip 2.0 today. Dunlap has been a successful real estate investor and teacher for decades and has designed iFlip 2.0 so that all investors could decrease the amount of time spent managing their real estate business while increasing the number of deals done and the amount of profit made. He actively uses iFlip 2.0, so he knows that the system works and covers all of the bases.

When asked why iFlip is so powerful, Cameron stated, “There are so many tools and features in iFlip, from the proprietary deal flow process and unlimited websites to the offer generator and social media syndication, we’ve really added everything an investor needs to automate and profit in their business.”

iFlip 2.0 was designed to help real estate investors automate their business. Investors will be able to manage deals, buyers, lenders, rehabs, sellers, birddogs, contacts, emails, offers, and so much more easily. They can access their websites and account information from any device with a wireless connection and internet browser. This includes tablets and smart phones, too! Not only that, but buyers, sellers, and bird dogs can also view the websites on a smart phone or tablet.

Investors also have the ability to build and customize their own websites to generate leads. The website modules available currently are buyer, seller, bird dog, and lease option. iFlip 2.0 provides the tools to manage all of the leads as well. One can contact, follow-up, schedule tasks, keep track of progress and much more all within the system.

Kendall, a beta tester for iFlip 2.0 system, had this to say about her experience, “With only a few clicks it was easy for me to advertise to potential leads, generate leads, setup autoresponders, send emails, follow-up, set task reminders, generate offers, place advertisements about properties for sale, contact potential buyers, send out direct mailings, and the list goes on. iFlip 2.0 has saved me so much time and money .”

The number of features in iFlip 2.0 and the easy to navigate interface has made this system the most effective real estate investment software platform. The tutorial library and video explanations make it easy to learn how to use the system as well. Not only that, but there are free training on how to market to leads, generate leads, increase website SEO rankings, and more!

iFlip 2.0 has everything an investor needs to manage their real estate business, and it’s only $ 1.95 for a 30-day risk free trial. Visit and get started today.

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Announcing Jo Nunez, 29, Who went from Grunt Worker to Expert Trainer at Golden Meadows Retrievers

Announcing Jo Nunez, 29, Who went from Grunt Worker to Expert Trainer at Golden Meadows Retrievers

9 Golden Retrievers all in a row Intently watching Expert Trainer Jo Nunez

Moorpark, CA (PRWEB) December 03, 2011

Golden Meadows Retrievers is introducing a young man who 6 years ago didn’t know a thing about dogs except they needed to be kept clean and fed. Joe Nunez began working for the Kennel as a general worker cleaning up crates and general exercising and feeding the Golden Retrievers and Vizslas.

Joe being a good hard and dedicated worker had become a right hand help in the running of the dogs making sure all were healthy and getting what they needed. From whelping, artificial inseminations, and newborn CPR, Joe learned everything from the owners of Golden Meadows Retrievers. When the Kennel grew to include a training program Joe was right there.

Joe soaked up every article the owners shared with him, and he seemed to understand it all from the beginning. Within the last few years Joe has become one of Golden Meadows Retrievers’ treasured personnel. And it wasn’t long before things began to stand out to the owners about Joe’s training. It was even a surprise to 27 year old Joe Nunez to discover he had a natural talent for training dogs.

“The Dogs Just love him! He is just like the dog whisperer only with puppies. Our clients already call him the Puppy Whisperer!” -Barbara Hoke, Owner of Golden Meadows Retrievers

Joe had always had a gift according to the owners for helping select from their puppies ones suited for therapy work and who they should include in the training program. Joe is right there besides the owners as they discuss the possible families for each trainee and as the expert trainer on the grounds his opinions are valued and respected.

“Watching the dogs learn new things is the highlight of my day.”- Joe Nunez, Expert trainer at Golden Meadows Retrievers.

Joe doesn’t let all this additional praise go to his head. He loves his job playing with the dogs running with them and working with them is all included. He loves showing off the great things the dogs can do and he runs and keeps the pack healthy and happy.

So a heartfelt congratulation to Joe and his fine hard work training the Golden Retrievers and Vizslas at Golden Meadows Retrievers.

Golden Meadows Kennel is a top flight Golden Retriever and Vizsla breeding and training facility with a number of Golden Retrievers that have become working therapy & service dogs. They show their dogs in both AKC and IABCA conformation shows, and have been breeding top quality Golden Retriever puppies for over 20 years and Vizslas for over 6. All of their Dogs come from excellent pedigrees with champion lines, sweet temperaments and great looks. They also have imported several English Cream or British White Golden Retrievers from Europe.

All of their Golden Retriever and Vizsla puppies are surrounded by attention & love from day one, socializing their pups from birth to help ensure the sweetest addition to your family. Golden Meadows Kennel specializes in matching the right puppy to your home, and professional training is available for any Golden Retriever or Vizsla puppy.

They are located in Southern California, in Central Ventura County. We are about a 1 hour drive from most of Los Angeles County & Orange County, and 45 minutes from Santa Barbara.


Nunez, Joe. Personal Interview. November 29, 2011.

Durbin, Alicia. “Puppy Whisperer”. E-mail to the owner. November 16, 2011.


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Announcing Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits: Help the Animals of NOLA and Treat Your Pet

Announcing Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits: Help the Animals of NOLA and Treat Your Pet

Doylestown, PA (PRWEB) January 21, 2006

During this 150th year of Mardi Gras celebrations in NOLA, there is a bittersweet tinge to the celebrations. The wounds of Hurricane Katrina are still fresh and the needs are still many. In honor of the spirit of NOLA, Baggins’ Best Biscuits, based in Doylestown, Pa, launches a healthy dog treat with a Mardi Gras theme and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Louisiana SPCA.

$ 2 of every bag of Mardi Gras Biscuits sold will be donated to the LA/SPCA, a 117 year old organization that is operating out of temporary space and is having to start from scratch. They rescued 1000’s of pets and worked 16 + hour days in the days following Katrina to rescue as many pets as possible.

Baggins’ Mardi Gras Biscuits are made with all-natural, human quality ingredients, all-natural applesauce, cinnamon, flour, oatmeal, egg and other wholesome ingredients. So make tails wag. Treat your dog to great healthy dog treats and help support the ongoing pet relief efforts in New Orleans. Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits can be ordered online at

This all-natural dog treat is Apple Cinnamon flavored and has three different shaped biscuits. There’s a trumpet (to represent the music of the city), a crown (to represent Rex, King of Carnival) and a fleur de lis ( the symbol of French tradition in the city). These are BIG biscuits! The trumpet and crown are almost 6” across and approx. 2’’wide. The fleur de lis is 3” tall. Yeah, they’re big, but these biscuits are soft enough to break them into smaller pieces for your dog and maybe even share! All in the spirit of Mardi Gras.

Over 8,000 New Orleans pets were rescued by the LA/-SPCA in the days following Katrina. Over 1000 staff and volunteers from around the United States and the World worked 16 + hour days rescuing animals. The shelter lost its building and all its contents and many of the 60+ person staff lost their homes. Luckily, the animals had been evacuated to safety.

Groups like the LA/SPCA with dedicated staff and volunteers were able to save 1000s of animals and reunite many with their humans. But unfortunately, there is still plenty to be done and a lot of bills to be paid. It will cost an estimated $ 6 million dollars to build a new shelter. And then there’s the public veterinary clinic to be reopened, the spay/neuter initiative, and other projects that the LA/SPCA is focusing on for 2006.

“Hurricane Katrina was devastating for our community, for both animals and people, but as we rebuild and recover we have to move from that place of loss to a place that improves the lives of animals for years to come,” says Laura Maloney, Executive Director of the LA/SPCA. “Support from individuals and organizations all over the country are instrumental in helping us recover and rebuild.”

Hurricane or no hurricane, Carnival season is here and was officially kicked off on January 6 with Twelfth Night celebrations. Over the next few weeks, residents will come together to celebrate life. As a former resident of that great city, I understand a small fraction of the bittersweet celebrations that will occur this Carnival season but I also understand the need for continued recovery efforts. So, in honor of the city I love so much and the very real need that is still present throughout the pet community, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits by Baggins’ Best Biscuits.

Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits-

because it’s not just a party ya’ll!

Contact: Jennifer April, Owner/Operator Baggins’ Best Biscuits


Phone: 267-476-1006


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Announcing the Arrival of Their Latest Litter, Insightout Kennel Offers Their Perspective on Establishing a Strong Foundation for Their Dogs

Announcing the Arrival of Their Latest Litter, Insightout Kennel Offers Their Perspective on Establishing a Strong Foundation for Their Dogs

Frankston, Texas (PRWEB) December 09, 2011

Insightout Kennel in Frankston,Texas, has welcomed the arrival of their newest litter of Olde English Bulldogge puppies just in time for the holidays. The puppies will soon be matched with their future homes.

To prepare their puppies for a happy, successful life, the owners of Insightout Kennel state they have adopted their own unique approach. At Insightout, Dave and Bobbye Bolestridge are of the mind that preparing their puppies with a strong start will ensure they have every chance to be healthy and good companions.

“Diet is the key,” said Bobbye. “All of our dogs get the best combination of high quality grain-free commercial dog food, raw meat and bone, fish, fiber, dehydrated fruits and vegetables and dietary supplements.” Dave and Bobbye prepare a combination of raw human-grade chicken for protein and calcium. They include jack mackerel to add Omega 3 to the diet. Chicken gizzards and beef liver are added for additional protein and other essential nutrients. Pumpkin is added for fiber, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables are included for overall nutrition.

All of the ingredients are ground, mixed and frozen monthly. Each dog gets a portion of the raw mixture with each meal plus dietary supplements with probiotics and glucosamine for joint health. Dave said, “The extra effort we take to feed them a well-balanced diet gives the puppies the strong, healthy foundation needed to extend their time with their families as long as possible.”

All Insightout puppies start on this diet. Dave said, “We understand most families will not continue to feed in the extensive manner of Insightout, but this helps us to feel comfortable the puppies are getting a very nutritious beginning for a solid start.” He added, “It all started with Emmett, our English Bulldog mix. Emmett is a wonderful dog, but due to his poor genetics he has had a total hip replacement and two knee replacements. Our goal was to extend Emmett’s life and make him as comfortable and pain-free for as long as possible.”

“Emmett’s multiple, major surgeries motivated me to perform extensive research into nutrition for dogs,” said Bobbye. She explained, “Food determines factors we do not see immediately – like longevity, disease, strength, sight, and so on. We lull ourselves into a lesser standard for our pets and ourselves because we do not immediately see the slow catastrophic results of our eating choices until it is too late. We become so consumed by the symptoms that we rarely connect the dots back to the root of our eating choices.”

“This philosophy became the basis for the food combination used at Insightout Kennel. Although Emmet is now eleven years old and has had numerous surgeries and therapy for his poor genetics, he is still able to go up and down stairs and get around well on his own,” said Dave. He insisted, “Emmett’s success story and the outstanding health and beauty of all Insightout bulldogges and puppies are an excellent barometer to gage the positive effect of our nutritional foundation.”

Dave and Bobbye said they are confident the feeding program utilized at Insightout increases the health and longevity of their canine companions. They also stressed their belief that a commitment to healthy, happy dogs continues even after the puppies have made their way to new homes. Bobbye added, “It’s rewarding and most enjoyable to keep in touch with our puppies’ new families. It also keeps us informed on the success of our program.”

To learn more about Insightout Kennel, visit their website at Learn more about their feeding program at


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Announcing the NW Working Dogs Expo

(PRWEB) May 26, 2007

Come to the NW Working Dogs Expo, June 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby Oregon.

This is a unique one-of-a-kind canine event, sponsored by Nutro and Canadae. Check out our schedule:

Friday night, we are offering a “Conformation Structure And Movement” clinic for working dogs and their owners, as well as conformation judges.

Saturday morning is a conformation show with the National Canine Association. This all-breed show will include a special “Brood Bitch” competition.

The K9 ProSports NW Regional Trials is Saturday afternoon in the rodeo arena. Here you can see protection dogs in the training, personal protection, and patrol divisions, as they compete for their titles. Witness first hand the varying protection styles of the Shepard, Canes Corso, Boerboel, etc.    

Master Trainer Butch Cappel will be on hand to provide seminars on training a personal protection dog. There will also be demonstrations and a chance to work on an agitation line.

Sunday is the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) examination. This well respected temperament test is rarely offered on the West Coast. Come see if your dog can earn his TT title.

Canine Good Citizen testing will also be available throughout the weekend.

A Youth Obedience competition is also scheduled for Saturday. Kids and their dogs can show off what they know. All youth / dog teams will receive a ribbon.

Raffles will be held to benefit rescue.

Admission to the event is just $ 5 dollars per person for spectators. Participants are welcome and you can sign up on line or at the gate. Note: The ATTS has a limited number of slots, so preregistration is advised.

Don’t miss this awesome event. Come out an support the working dog.